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Visitor Screening Policy

It is the policy of the Supreme Court of Ohio that all visitors to the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center must present photo identification and successfully complete the physical screening process before being admitted to the building.

Upon entering the Moyer Center, visitors will be asked to present a photo identification to receive a visitor pass. Once a visitor pass is issued, visitors shall place all items such as bags, packages and purses through the X-ray machine. Materials are subject to search for prohibited items. Additionally, visitors shall successfully pass through the walk-through magnetometers. To do so, visitors should observe the following tips:

  • Remove all metallic items, such as coins, keys, cell phones and pagers, from pockets and place in the plastic tray.
  • Remove outer garments with a large amount of metal and place them through the X-ray machine.
  • Visitors who unsuccessfully pass through the walk-through magnetometer, are subject to search with a hand-held metal detector.

On high visitor volume days, such as on days on which oral arguments are scheduled, it is recommended visitors arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the appointment.

Items Prohibited in the Ohio Judicial Center include:

  • Any firearm, deadly weapon, dangerous ordnance or explosive device as defined in Revised Code Section 2923.11, or as would by common sense or common usage be used primarily or secondarily as a weapon.
  • Any other instrument that is specially adapted as a weapon.
  • Any switchblade and/or martial arts knife of any length.
  • Any knife or any knife-like instrument of any length the purpose or design of which suggests that it is not merely a normal pocketknife and normally carried.
  • Any straight razor or razor blade.
  • Any drug of abuse or illegal substance.
  • Any consumption or open containers of alcoholic beverages, unless by permit or authorization by Facilities Management Division of the Supreme Court of Ohio.
  • Any incendiary device or firework, including smoke and stink bombs.
  • Any device that operates as a noisemaker.
  • Any type of sound amplifier, except a personal hearing aid that operates without disruption to the Court.

The Supreme Court security officers may exclude any other item or items that caution, good sense or professional experience suggest are inappropriate to the Court environment, whether or not that item is specifically listed.

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