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Touring the Moyer Judicial Center

Nearly 15,000 visitors tour the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center each year. From school-aged children to art-enthusiast adults, the Judicial Center tours highlight the history of the building’s birth in the 1930s and its beautiful Art Deco architecture, as well as the inner workings of the Ohio Supreme Court and the Ohio judicial system.

Volunteers lead scheduled 45-minute tours through the first two floors of the building, which feature architectural art with American Indian, Art Deco and Classic motifs. The tour also includes the Court’s award-winning Visitor Education Center, which showcases a permanent exhibit dedicated to the history of the court system in Ohio and the ever-present role of the law in the everyday lives of Ohioans.

Visitors also may explore the beautiful outdoor sculptures carved into the building’s white Georgia marble, as well as plaza fountains showcasing contemporary sculptures of local artists.

Schedule Tours

To schedule a tour or for more information about the Visitor Education Center or Supreme Court tours, call 614.387.9223 or email

Note: The Moyer Judicial Center is a secure building. All visitors and students in 6th grade and above are subject to security screening. Adults are asked to show photo identification. Detailed screening information may be found on the Court’s website.

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