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September 29, 2023

In League of Women Voters of Ohio v. Ohio Redistricting Comm. (2021-1193, 2021-1198, 2021-1210), the Court denied the petitioners’ request for a scheduling order.

In Disciplinary Counsel v. Horton, the Court reinstated Timothy S. Horton to the practice of law in Ohio.

September 28, 2023

The Court set a briefing schedule for State ex rel. King v. Cuyahoga Cty. Bd. of Elections, beginning with the respondents filing an answer to the complaint by 4 p.m. Friday, Sept. 29, 2023.

State v. Miller

Disciplinary Counsel v. McCloskey

The Court declined to review CitiMortgage, Inc. v. Nyamusevya.

At the request of the parties, the Court stayed State ex rel. Borges v. Ohio Elections Comm. until Nov. 13, 2023, and set a schedule for presentation of evidence and filing of briefs.

September 27, 2023

Wildcat Drilling, L.L.C. v. Discovery Oil & Gas, L.L.C.

State ex rel. Howard v. Watson

In Wildcat Drilling, L.L.C. v. Discovery Oil & Gas, L.L.C., the Court ruled an eastern Ohio oil well owner that paid a $50,000 fine for pollution violations caused by a drilling company could recoup the fine from the driller, which did not know the well owner reached a settlement.

The Court declined to accept State v. McFarland for review.

September 26, 2023

Disciplinary Counsel v. Daniell

State ex rel. Ames v. Portage Cty. Bd. of Commrs.

In Disciplinary Counsel v. Price, the Court issued a fully stayed two-year suspension from the practice of law to William E. Price II of Columbus on the condition that he engage in no further misconduct.

In Disciplinary Counsel v. Daniell, the Court suspended a Columbus attorney for two years, with 18 months stayed, for accepting fees for an adoption case but not following through with the work.

September 25, 2023

In State ex rel. Hildreth v. LaRose, the Court ordered the parties to file responses, if any, by 9 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2023, to allow Danielle Stefaniszyn, Devin Palmer, Skate Buchanan, Charles Palmer, Renee Price, and Julie Cook to intervene as respondents.

In State ex rel. Ames v. LaRose, the Court converted the case from an expedited election matter to an original action seeking a writ of mandamus. The Court ordered the respondents Ohio secretary of state and the Portage County Board of Elections to respond within 21 days of the service of the summons and complaint.

September 22, 2023

In State ex rel. Miller v. Union Cty. Bd. of Elections, the Court ordered the parties to file a response, if any, by noon, Monday, Sept. 25, 2023, to the motion to intervene as respondents by Richard Warner, Mark E. Meyer, Pamela E. Meyer, Lapama’a, L.L.C., Irwin Farms, Ltd., and Highland Realty Development.

In State ex rel. Hildreth v. LaRose, the Court set an expedited briefing schedule for the filing of answers, evidence, and briefs beginning with directing the respondents to file an answer to the complaint by 4 p.m., Monday, Sept. 25, 2023.

At the request of relator Jerome Township Board of Trustees, the Court dismissed State ex rel. Jerome Twp. Bd. of Trustees v. Smarra.

September 21, 2023

State ex rel. Crenshaw v. Cuyahoga Cty. Bd. of Elections

State ex rel. Robinson v. Crawford Cty. Bd. of Elections

In State ex rel. Crenshaw v. Cuyahoga Cty. Bd. Of Elections, the Court denied a writ of mandamus to compel the board of elections to remove candidates for judge and clerk of Cleveland Municipal Court from the November 2023 ballot.

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