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Observing Supreme Court Oral Arguments

When the Supreme Court is in session, visitors, including students, are encouraged to sit in the gallery to observe the proceedings. Written previews of cases being heard are available on the Court’s website and the case schedule and briefs are posted on the Friday prior to Court sessions. Visitors may enter the gallery from the short hallway at the south end of the Courtroom.

While viewing Court proceedings, visitors do so in the grand Courtroom of the Ohio Supreme Court, the building’s most beautiful area. Appointed with walnut and marble, the stately room conveys a sense of purpose and history. It reflects the artistic style of many eras, including Renaissance, Rococo, and Art Deco, and showcases awe-inspiring artwork of five ceiling murals, surrounded by another 15 wall murals, all depicting the history of the Northwest Territory.

In the rear of the Courtroom is the Latin phrase, dum loquor hora fugit, beneath the clock. Roughly translated, the phrase means, “While I speak, time flies,” and is attributed to the Latin poet, Ovid (c. 43 B.C. – 17 A.D.).

Visitors to Court Proceedings

Visitors who wish to view Court proceedings do not need reservations. However, please note that the Moyer Judicial Center is a secure building. Visitors must present photo identification and go through a physical screening process when entering the building.

Teachers interested in having their students observe Court proceedings should make prior arrangements with civic education staff by calling 614.387.9223 or email School tour groups will receive instructions on working with building security.

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