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Judicial Assignment Program

The Ohio Constitution Article IV, Sections 5(A)(3) and 6(C), and the Ohio Revised Code Sections 1901.121 and 1907.141, vest the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with the authority to make temporary assignments of sitting and retired judges to serve in any Ohio court in the absence of a sitting judge due to circumstances that are subject to constitutional, statutory, and rule limitations.

Guidelines for Assignment of Judges 

These guidelines establish consistent standards and expectations in implementing this authority. While the guidelines may impose specific duties upon other persons, the Chief Justice may waive compliance with any guidelines to assist the exercise of that discretion.

These guidelines do not affect the appointment of acting judges pursuant to R.C. 1901.121 or 1907.141.

Webinar Recording

View Feb. 13 Webinar Recording

NOTE: There is no Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit available for watching the webinar recording.


View a summary of frequently asked questions. Questions will be updated as we receive them through the training process.

Additional Information and Resources Related to the Judicial Assignment Program

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