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Adult Guardianship Education

Superintendence Rules 66.06 and 66.07 describe mandatory adult guardianship education, including a one-time fundamentals course and continuing education requirements for each following year. To help meet this requirement, the Supreme Court of Ohio is offering free courses to guardians of adults.

These courses are offered in many communities throughout Ohio and online. Please click below for more information about each offering to find the option that works best for you, or check with your local probate court for other possible court-approved education.

Additional Education and Training Opportunities

Below is a compilation of local, state, and national training opportunities and resources. It is not intended to be a complete list of education, nor a list of education approved by the Supreme Court of Ohio. Prior approval of the appointing court is required in order to satisfy Sup.R. 66.06 and 66.07.

Note: To expand this list of courses and resources, please email any recommendations for other educational resources to

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