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Law Library Services

  1. All patrons will be able to check out five items at a time.
  2. Patrons can check out materials for two weeks in the following areas: bluegreen (texts & treatises); yellow (Federal); brown (ALRs & regional reporters); red (state materials other than Ohio); gray (international); and dark green (bound volumes of legal periodicals). Patrons may renew these items twice, either in person, by telephone or online.
  3. Patrons will not be permitted to check out materials in the following areas: blue (reference); orange (Ohio).
  4. Library Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    Monday - Friday, except holidays
  1. Patrons will be charged 10 cents per page for photocopies and computer printouts. Usage is on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Gather all materials to be photocopied before going to the front desk.
  3. In compliance with the policies of the Auditor of State all copies must be paid for immediately upon completion of copying.
  4. If a patron does not have enough money to pay for the copies, all copies will be held at the front desk until full payment is received.
  5. State employees may receive copies free of charge after having signed-in at the front desk.
  6. All materials must be returned to the book truck located in the photocopy room.
  1. The library will loan materials that are not in high demand. Popular titles and materials used by Court staff will not be loaned.
  2. Books will be loaned for a three-month period, with one renewal.
  3. Photocopies of articles or of sections of texts are available for loan.
  4. Requests for photocopies can be either in written form, email, or made by telephone. Please limit request to five (5) items per request. Patrons will be charged 10 cents per page for copies.
  5. Payment for photocopies must be received by the library before any further materials will be sent.
  1. All patrons must complete an application form and show photo identification.
  2. Patrons must provide a street address.
  3. All library materials are subject to recall when needed by the Court. Therefore, borrowing privileges are restricted to individuals living and/or working in the Columbus metropolitan area.
  4. Chronic late returns of library materials can result in the loss of borrowing privileges.
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