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Vexatious Litigators Under R.C. 2323.52

Section 2323.52 of the Ohio Revised Code establishes a procedure for having common pleas courts declare certain persons to be vexatious litigators. The statute requires the clerk of court that enters a vexatious litigator order to send a copy of the order to the Supreme Court for publication. Pursuant to the statute, the Supreme Court has been sent court orders determining the individuals listed below to be vexatious litigators.

How to use these files
This list includes the name of the person determined to be a vexatious litigator, the court issuing the order the date the order was entered, and a link to the order. Clicking on the following headers will sort the table by the information contained in that column: Name, Court that issued the order, Date of order. Select View Order to view, download, or print the order. You will need the free plug-in Acrobat Reader to access the order.

The following list contains only those orders the Supreme Court has received from the clerks of the courts of appeals and courts of common pleas. Please review the order to determine the specific limitations and restrictions imposed by the issuing court on the person determined to be a vexatious litigator.

For more information
Contact the clerk of the issuing court to determine whether orders have been amended or modified, or for additional information.

Name Court Date Order
Aaron, David Erie County C.P. 02/16/2017 View Order
Ackerman, Gregory T. Montgomery County C.P. 03/03/2020 View Order
Aldrich, Thomas Parker Cuyahoga County C.P. 07/28/2011 View Order
Alston, Angela Cuyahoga County C.P. 05/13/2015 View Order
Alvarez, Nestor Fulton County C.P. 07/21/2010 View Order
Amadasu, Darlington Hamilton County C.P. 11/28/2012 View Order
Anderson, Wilfred L. Cuyahoga County C.P. 03/06/2015 View Order
Arbino, Tom Hamilton County C.P. 09/14/2011 View Order
Armstrong, Shawn Cuyahoga County C.P. 06/21/2017 View Order
Asamoah, Michael Franklin County C.P. 09/13/2022 View Order
Atakpu, Peter J. Montgomery County C.P. 12/12/2023 View Order
Aukerman, Garner Franklin County C.P. 06/27/2016 View Order
Badovick, George Cuyahoga County C.P. 10/25/2011 View Order
Banks, Frederick Mahoning County C.P. 06/18/2015 View Order
Barksdale, Christopher Cuyahoga County C.P. 02/18/2012 View Order
Battle, Billy Morgan County C.P. 01/11/2019 View Order
Baumgartner, Elsebeth M. Ottawa County C.P. 04/05/2004 View Order
Beem, Kimberly R. Licking County C.P. 03/04/2019 View Order
Behnfeldt, Jill Wood County C.P. 02/14/2020 View Order
Bell, Greg A. and Marcia C. Madison County C.P. 03/25/2013 View Order
Benedetti, Steven Summit Co. C.P. 02/28/2018 View Order
Bennett, Leland a.k.a Abengo, Daniel Mahoning Co. C.P. 01/24/2003 View Order
Bey, Fareed Hasan Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 06/15/2015 View Order
Bikkani, Prasad and Vijaya Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 09/25/2009 View Order
Bilder, Rudolph Summit Co. C.P. 11/15/2004 View Order
Blair, Edward E. Huron County C.P. 05/31/2023 View Order
Blassingame, Derrick D. Hamilton Co. C.P. 09/02/2021 View Order
Bloodworth, Ronald Franklin Co. C.P. 10/31/2011 View Order
Borger, Iduna Hamilton Co. C.P. 03/19/2001 View Order
Borkowski, A. J. Fulton Co. C.P. 04/29/2004 View Order
Bottum, Heather Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 10/30/2017 View Order
Bozsik, Steven A. Medina Co. C.P. 03/17/2005 View Order
Bratton, Judith Summit Co. C.P. 05/10/1999 View Order
Brewer, William Montgomery Co. C.P. 03/01/2017 View Order
Briggs, Joel Hamilton Co. C.P. 11/05/1997 View Order
Bristow, Lonny Crawford Co. C.P. 06/01/1998 View Order
Brock, Dennis R. Hocking Co. C.P. 08/26/2014 View Order
Brown, Dashalahn Montgomery County C.P. 08/25/2023 View Order
Buchanan, Michael Hamilton County C.P. 03/02/2023 View Order
Buoscio, Samuel L. Summit Co. C.P. 12/11/2006 View Order
Buschard, Preston Hamilton Co. C.P. 09/21/2006 View Order
Byrd, Houston Jr. Summit County C.P. 08/03/2022 View Order
Caghan, Paul Stark Co. C.P. 02/13/2014 View Order
Calhoun, Rita Cuyahoga Co. C.A. 12/24/2014 View Order
Campbell, Stephen A Franklin County C.P. 01/25/2021 View Order
Carter, Paul Hamilton Co. C.P. 01/25/2011 View Order
Castrataro, Linda Delaware Co. C.P. 05/09/2003 View Order
Catudal, Chance Franklin Co. C.P. 05/13/2015 View Order
Ciccolelli, Kimberly Mahoning Co. C.P. 04/21/2015 View Order
Cioffi, Anthony Jr. Trumbull Co. C.P. 11/13/2011 View Order
Clark, Joseph a.k.a. Lonny Bristow Crawford Co. C.P. 06/16/2020 View Order
Cline, Santana Jade Franklin County C.P. 08/01/2023 View Order
Cody, James Z. Summit Co. C.P. 03/05/2010 View Order
Cohen, Andre Marquis Lorain Co. C.P. 10/23/2019 View Order
Cole, Christopher Lorain Co. C.P. 01/13/2016 View Order
Coleman, Kathy Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 12/27/2010 View Order
Coleman, Robert M. Cuyahoga County C.P. 01/10/2023 View Order
Cominsky, James J. Lake Co. C.P. 12/21/2016 View Order
Cook, Melvin Summit Co. C.P. 07/26/2010 View Order
Copeland, Charles and David Summit Co. C.P. 06/04/2010 View Order
Curry, Carline M. Richland County C.P. 12/01/2022 View Order
Curtis, Richard Brown Co. C.P. 09/11/2018 View Order
Cwik, Andrew Hamilton Co. C.P. 10/31/2016 View Order
Darjee, Dewan Hamilton County C.P. 09/25/2023 View Order
Delp, Bradley Lucas Co. C.P. 12/27/2019 View Order
DeVaughns, Christopher A. Montgomery County C.P. 09/05/2023 View Order
Dinkes, Charjuana L. Summit Co. C.P. Domestic Relations 03/21/2013 View Order
Dixon, William R. Montgomery County C.P. 11/28/2022 View Order
Dobrski, Vincent Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 08/19/2014 View Order
Dunina, Olga Miami Co. C.P. 05/16/2008 View Order
Ealy, Larry E. Montgomery Co. C.P. 12/05/2006 View Order
Easterling, Warren Greene Co. C.P. 07/19/2012 View Order
Easterling, Warren Clinton Co. C.P. 11/15/2012 View Order
Ebbing, Joseph P. Butler Co. C.P. 03/03/2015 View Order
Eichenberger, Raymond L. Franklin County C.P. 01/04/2023 View Order
Fergus, Carol A. Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 04/29/2004 View Order
Fetherolf, Michael Jason Union County C.P. 01/09/2023 View Order
Fontanella, Dominic Mahoning Co. C.P. 06/29/2006 View Order
Fordham, LaTonya Franklin Co. C.P. 07/28/2015 View Order
Foster, Christopher Franklin Co. C.P. 08/22/2017 View Order
Georgeadis, Maria Franklin Co. C.P. 01/21/1999 View Order
Geraci, Matthew A. Hamilton County C.P. 07/13/2020 View Order
Ginsbach, Robert Tuscarawas Co. C.P. 10/03/2018 View Order
Gitler, Pat Lucas Co. C.P. 08/27/2007 View Order
Givens, Carol and Greg Belmont County C.P. 07/20/2023 View Order
Givens, Greg P. Belmont County C.P., General Trial Division 04/20/2023 View Order
Glick, Eldon Wayne Co. C.P. 10/10/2007 View Order
Glick, Simon Wayne Co. C.P. 01/03/2014 View Order
Godale, William Geauga Co. C.P. 01/16/2008 View Order
Godec, Ronald Lake Co. C.P. Juvenile Division 10/05/2009 View Order
Griffin, Levert Summit Co. C.P. 02/23/2009 View Order
Griffin, Mark Richland Co. C.P. 04/20/2015 View Order
Griffitts, Jamie Medina County C.P. 08/29/2022 View Order
Grimm, Robert L. Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 02/09/2012 View Order
Grundstein, Robert Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 04/12/2019 View Order
Guyton, Ernest G., Jr. Lorain Co. C.P. 03/24/2020 View Order
Haddox, Gregory R. Erie Co. C.P. 05/02/2018 View Order
Hall, Don Trumbull Co. C.P. 09/10/2012 View Order
Hall, James Summit County C.P. 01/03/2023 View Order
Hall, Sharon L. Summit Co. C.P. 03/05/2010 View Order
Hanak, Jane and Mark Cuyahoga County C.P. 02/06/2024 View Order
Harmon, Donald A. Mahoning Co. C.P. 04/09/2001 View Order
Harris, Dwayne Richland Co. C.P. 10/27/2011 View Order
Harsh, Robert Warren Co. C.P. 07/12/2013 View Order
Heinz, Timothy J. Portage County C.P. 03/11/2022 View Order
Helfrich, James Licking Co. C.P. 03/04/2011 View Order
Heller, Dawn M. Summit Co. C.P. 10/03/2016 View Order
Helms, Joel Summit County C.P. 07/18/2023 View Order
Henderson, Troy Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 04/17/2015 View Order
Heuckroth, Carl Erie Co. C.P. 08/16/2018 View Order
Ho, Chia-Chi Hamilton County C.P. 01/18/2024 View Order
Hoeffel, Todd J. Henry County C.P., Juvenile Division 06/01/2021 View Order
Horner, William Easton Cuyahoga County C.P. 08/02/2023 View Order
Howard, Gregory T. Lucas Co. C.P. 08/22/2000 View Order
Howard, Gregory T. Franklin Co. C.P. 01/11/2006 View Order
Howard, Jonathan Akron Municipal Court 09/30/2020 View Order
Huber Heights Veterans Club, Inc. Montgomery County C.P. 05/09/2022 View Order
Huelsman, Carl Miami Co. C.P. 07/22/1999 View Order
Hurley, James Clark Co. C.P. 04/22/1999 View Order
Huston, Dwayne Summit County C.P. 08/04/2022 View Order
Ibanez, Regina Franklin Co. C.P. 09/08/2016 View Order
Ingram, Mia Hamilton Co. C.P. 03/16/2007 View Order
Jennings-El, William Hamilton Co. C.P. 04/02/2012 View Order
Jerdine, Anthony Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 01/23/2012 View Order
Jerdine, Darryl Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 01/23/2012 View Order
Johnson, Cindy Athens Co. C.P. 09/18/2008 View Order
Jones, Andrew Warren Co. C.P. 09/11/2018 View Order
Jones, Brandon Michael Allen Co. C.P. 02/02/2021 View Order
Jones, Joshua V. Clermont County C.P. 03/27/2024 View Order
Jones, Joshua V. Clermont County C.P. 02/13/2024 View Order
Karnofel, Delores Trumbull Co. C.P. 10/06/2008 View Order
Kinstle, Nicholas J. Allen Co. C.P. 09/08/2009 View Order
Klosterman, John Hamilton County C.P. 09/14/2023 View Order
Kluge, Kurt Wood Co. C.P. 09/16/1998 View Order
Koleno, George Lorain Co. C.P. 08/31/1999 View Order
Kosanovich, Jean Ottawa Co. C.P. 05/08/1997 View Order
Krlich, Garrick Trumbull County C.P. 07/12/2017 View Order
Lasheen, Wael Cuyahoga C.P. 01/04/2022 View Order
Lasson, Gerald A. Montgomery Co. C.P. 12/07/2006 View Order
Lawton, Norman H. Franklin Co. C.P. 02/02/2017 View Order
Lee, Andre Hamilton Co. C.P. 08/03/2015 View Order
Lemons, Rodney E. Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 12/09/2015 View Order
Lewis, Deborah Hamilton County C.P., Probate 03/05/2024 View Order
Lewis, Sidney Franklin Co. C.P. 05/04/2006 View Order
Lindsay, Wendell R., II Richland County C.P. 01/26/2023 View Order
Link, Wayne Knox Co. C.P. 02/18/2020 View Order
Lisboa, Jose C. Jr. Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 01/04/2013 View Order
Litwinowicz, Christopher Michael Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 04/09/2018 View Order
Lott, Harry William Washington Co. C.P. 08/18/2014 View Order
Lowe, Willard a.k.a. Willie Lowe Adams Co. C.P. 06/07/2013 View Order
Luna, Michael K. Huron Co. C.P. 01/27/2020 View Order
Lutz, Patricia Hamilton Co. C.P. 05/27/2011 View Order
Lynch, Jan Lorain Co. C.P. 01/31/2008 View Order
Lyons, Kevin Lake Co. C.P. 12/15/2010 View Order
Maley, Michele Coxe Kinze Washington Co. C.P. 10/19/2010 View Order
Marin, Mel Trumbull Co. C.P. 02/12/2012 View Order
Marinkovic, Melvin Mahoning Co. C.P. 08/03/2012 View Order
Martin, Robert Wayne Co. Probate Court 07/26/2007 View Order
Martin, Robert Pickaway Co. C.P. 03/01/2011 View Order
May, Morris Hamilton Co. C.P. 07/24/1998 View Order
McCoy, Charles Licking Co. C.P. 08/18/2015 View Order
McDougald, Jerone Franklin County C.P., General Division 11/03/2022 View Order
McGrath, Joseph Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 01/13/2012 View Order
Metzbaum, Terry Shane Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 07/13/2004 View Order
Miller, Jefery Allan Morrow Co. C.P. 08/19/2020 View Order
Miller, Michael Mahoning Co. C.P. 08/11/2017 View Order
Miller, Rosanna Logan Co. C.P. 08/16/2018 View Order
Miller, Selina Franklin Co. C.P. 05/17/2001 View Order
Mobley, Alphonso-Dwayne, Jr. Franklin County C.P. 01/20/2023 View Order
Mootispaw, Rusty Eugene Brown Co. C.P. 12/18/2015 View Order
Musgrove, Tina Montgomery Co. C.P. 10/15/2010 View Order
Neal, Leo Jr. Montgomery Co. C.P. 05/13/2021 View Order
Needham, Donald Warren County C.P. 11/15/2021 View Order
Nemeth, Teri L. Geauga Co. C.P. 12/29/2008 View Order
Newsome, Frank Montgomery Co. C.P. 08/14/2006 View Order
Oliver, Richard James Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 05/30/2019 View Order
Owusu, Afriyie Hamilton County C.P. 06/13/2016 View Order
Pavarini, Philip and Kathryn Krinek Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 07/29/1999 View Order
Payne, Thomas E. Montgomery Co. C.P. 03/12/1999 View Order
Pearce, Richard Ottawa Co. C.P. 05/21/1998 View Order
Perez, William Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 06/24/2016 View Order
Perotti, John Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 08/28/2008 View Order
Perry, Alfonsia Trumbull Co. C.P. 03/14/2017 View Order
Petronzio, Anthony Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 05/01/2017 View Order
Petronzio, Anthony Cuyahoga Co. C.P., Domestic Relations Division 07/16/2021 View Order
Petway, Derrick Lake Co. C.P. 10/04/2007 View Order
Pinkeney Butts, Pamela M. Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 01/27/2017 View Order
Planey, Joseph Mahoning Co. C.P. 03/26/2009 View Order
Pond, David Delaware County C.P. 10/13/2023 View Order
Porterfield, Erick Trumbull County C.P. 07/05/2013 View Order
Pough, Lance Trumbull Co. C.P. 10/03/2016 View Order
Prewitt, Andrew W. Wood Co. C.P. 01/30/2015 View Order
Price, Terrell Lorain Co. C.P. 02/02/2007 View Order
Putman-Albright, Tina Marie Montgomery County C.P. 02/23/2024 View Order
Putman-Albright, Tina Marie Montgomery County C.P. 08/07/2023 View Order
Rhoades, Maurice Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 02/14/2011 View Order
Rickels, Romane Paulding Co. C.P. 02/02/2006 View Order
Rickels, Romane Paulding Co. C.P. 03/31/2005 View Order
Rittner, Daniel L., Sr. Fulton Co. C.P. 08/22/2012 View Order
Rolland, Robin Neil Butler Co. C.P. 03/14/2000 View Order
Rose, Bernard Joseph Montgomery County C.P. 08/17/2023 View Order
Rose, J.R. (a.k.a. Jerry Ray Rose) Butler Co. C.P. 04/23/2012 View Order
Ruitto, Alicia Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 06/24/2016 View Order
Sawchyn, Ivan Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 10/18/2001 View Order
Sayyah, John Clermont Co. C.P. 06/27/2016 View Order
Schutz, Crystal, n.k.a. Crystal Miller Darke Co. C.P. 10/10/2018 View Order
Searcy, Walter Franklin Co. C.P. 07/24/2019 View Order
Shampine, Latefah Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 03/20/2012 View Order
Sherrils, Daries Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 03/19/2015 View Order
Short, James R. Darke Co. C.P. 11/05/2009 View Order
Sizemore, Terrie Ashland Co. C.P. 05/17/2013 View Order
Smith, Barbara Summit Co. C.P. 10/18/2001 View Order
Smith, Ronald Montgomery Co. C.P. 09/22/2020 View Order
Smith, Schuyler Butler Co. C.P. 02/06/2014 View Order
Solon, Sean M. Stark County C.P. 05/18/2022 View Order
Spegall, Deshrayona Hamilton Co. C.P. 09/22/2016 View Order
Spencer, Maria L. Franklin Co. C.P. 10/25/2004 View Order
Spencer, Scott W. Franklin Co. C.P. 10/25/2004 View Order
Spy, Aloha Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 09/28/2015 View Order
Staats, Gary C. Stark Co. C.P. 01/29/2018 View Order
Stephens, Randall G. Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 05/22/2017 View Order
Stephens, Tina Hamilton County C.P. 06/24/2022 View Order
Stewart, Merrilee Franklin Co. Court of Appeals 12/20/2019 View Order
Stout, Mark A. Hardin Co. Court of Appeals 08/29/2017 View Order
Sultaana, Hakeem Cuyahoga Co. Court of Appeals 10/01/2015 View Order
Taylor, Pierre R. Greene County C.P. 12/13/2021 View Order
Taylor, Teresa Jane Wayne Co. C.P. 08/21/2008 View Order
Taylor, Victoria Warren County C.P. 04/13/2022 View Order
TenBroeck, Theodore R., Jr. Summit Co. C.P. 06/14/2013 View Order
Thrower, Albert Summit Co. C.P. 09/22/2003 View Order
Thrower, Raymond Summit Co. C.P. 10/31/2003 View Order
Tillimon, Duane J. Lucas Co. C.P. 06/13/2007 View Order
Tingler, Charles Erie County C.P. 09/16/2022 View Order
Topazio, Michelle Cuyahoga County C.P. Juvenile Division 02/17/2009 View Order
Townes, Stephanie Summit Co. C.P 03/31/2015 View Order
Townes, Timothy Summit Co. C.P. 03/31/2015 View Order
Tracy, Edward Miami Co. C.P. 01/12/2004 View Order
Traver, Frances Hamilton Co. C.P. 02/04/2003 View Order
Trice, Jeffrey Franklin Co. C.P. 08/25/2011 View Order
Triplett, James Franklin Co. C.P. 12/03/2004 View Order
Viola, Anthony Cuyahoga County C.P. 07/21/2023 View Order
Wallace, Linda Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 08/02/2001 View Order
Ward, Roger D. Jackson County C.P. 11/30/2023 View Order
Ward, Shaine Summit Co. C.P. 07/20/2018 View Order
Watkins, Stormy Hamilton Co. C.P. 03/04/2014 View Order
Watley, Rayshan Franklin Co. C.P. 12/15/2008 View Order
Webb, Erin Cuyahoga County C.P. 09/17/2020 View Order
Webb-Lewis, Yvonne D. Franklin Co. C.P. 07/24/2005 View Order
West, Jason Summit County C.P. 02/08/2022 View Order
West, Thomas M. Greene Co. C.P. 04/02/2021 View Order
Westfall, John T. Guernsey Co. C.P. 02/05/2009 View Order
White, Kenneth A. Cuyahoga Co. C.P. 05/13/2013 View Order
Whiteside, Norman V. Franklin Co. C.P. 07/01/2016 View Order
Whitling, Timothy Butler Co. C.P. 09/11/2017 View Order
Whitt, Patsy Sue Greene Co. C.P. 06/06/2005 View Order
Williams, Diana and Edward Summit Co. C.P. 11/03/2009 View Order
Williams, James W.D., IV Madison Co. C.P. 09/30/2019 View Order
Williams, Regina Franklin Co. C.P. 11/04/2004 View Order
Williams, Yvette Hamilton Co. C.P. 08/06/2017 View Order
Wilson, Thomas Lorain Co. C.P. 11/27/2006 View Order
Wilson, William R. Muskingum Co. C.P. 04/20/2021 View Order
Wolfe, Richard and Helen Lorain Co. C.P. 06/16/2017 View Order
Workman, Timothy Scott Auglaize County C.P. 09/06/2022 View Order
Yeager, Ann Carroll Co. C.P. 07/03/2017 View Order
Yisrael, Nathaniya Hamilton County J.C. 03/15/2022 View Order
Zaciek, Mark R. Lucas Co. C.P. 11/05/2013 View Order
Zakaib, George Summit Co. C.P. 09/28/2012 View Order
Ziegler, Irm Lake Co. C.P. 11/19/2015 View Order
Ziegler, Joseph Lake Co. C.P. 11/19/2015 View Order
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