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Vexatious Litigators Under S.Ct.Prac.R. 4.03

Rule 4.03 of the Rules of Practice of the Supreme Court of Ohio provides that if a party to a Supreme Court case habitually, persistently, and without reasonable cause engages in frivolous conduct as defined by that rule, the Supreme Court may find that party to be a vexatious litigator. The following is a list of persons that the Supreme Court has found to be vexatious litigators under the rule. Select the name of the individual to view, download, or print the order. You will need the free plug-in Acrobat Reader to access the order.

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Name Comments Date Order
Anderson, Wilfred L. 09/25/2019 View Order
Asamoah, Michael 06/29/2022 View Order
Baldwin, Yvette Barbara 11/20/2018 View Order
Bikkani, Prasad 02/28/2007 View Order
Bikkani, Prasad 03/05/2007 View Order
Bloodworth, Ronald 12/22/2022 View Order
Bozsik, Steven A. 06/04/2008 View Order
Brock, Dennis 01/17/2013 View Order
Buoscio, Samuel 12/21/2011 View Order
Catudal, Chance Prohibited from continuing or instituting any affidavit-of-disqualification proceedings relating to Catudal v. Catudal, case No. 00DR-004934 without first obtaining leave. 09/11/2013 View Order
Chukwuani, Okwudili

Dr. Chukwuani is prohibited from filing any further affidavits of disqualification relating to Chukwuani v. Chukwuani, case Nos. DR 11 338367 and DR 18 371176, without first obtaining leave.

10/09/2020 View Order
Cole, Aaron A. 12/30/2020 View Order
Cruz, Nicole A. 11/22/2023 View Order
Dates, Carlean 02/22/2023 View Order
Davet, Richard 05/22/2013 View Order
Ealy, Larry 02/18/2009 View Order
Emerson, Joseph 09/06/2023 View Order
Grimm, Robert L. 04/18/2012 View Order
Grundstein, Robert 06/03/2009 View Order
Guess, Bo 08/02/2006 View Order
Harper, Henry N. 04/20/2016 View Order
Harris, Dwayne 04/20/2016 View Order
Helfrich, James Prohibited from filing an affidavit-of-disqualification without first seeking leave 04/26/2013 View Order
Henderson, Paul 01/18/2012 View Order
Hill, Tyrice 09/03/2020 View Order
Howard, Gregory T. 09/24/2004 View Order
Hughley, Kevin 09/16/2009 View Order
Hutchison, Randall Tyler 05/03/2023 View Order
Johnson, Cindy, a.k.a. Cinseree Johnson 02/06/2013 View Order
Johnson, Ronald G. 03/19/2022 View Order
Karnofel, Delores 02/10/2010 View Order
Kinstle, Nicholas 07/24/2013 View Order
Koukios, Evans Prohibited from filing an affidavit-of-disqualification without first seeking leave 07/09/2009 View Order
Lewis, Sydney T. 05/11/2005 View Order
M.A.D. 06/30/2023 View Order
Martin, Robert 05/05/2010 View Order
McCoy, Charles 02/02/2024 View Order
Nyamusevya, Leonard 09/27/2023 View Order
Parker, Deborah Prohibited from filing an affidavit-of-disqualification without first seeking leave 03/04/2010 View Order
Richard, Donald 11/22/2011 View Order
Rickels, Romane 11/29/2006 View Order
Shepherd, Randy 10/23/2013 View Order
Sherrills, Daries Y. 03/31/2008 View Order
Smith, Reverend Mother Regina Junior 10/23/2017 View Order
Staats, Gary 05/22/2019 View Order
Stafford, Joseph G. 11/22/2023 View Order
Starks, Verdell 12/31/2008 View Order
Sultaana, Amirah 01/25/2023 View Order
Sultaana, Hakeem 08/26/2015 View Order
Tauring, Kelley R. 11/22/2023 View Order
Tingler, Charles 03/02/2023 View Order
Torrance, Saint 10/26/2009 View Order
Webb-Lewis, Yvonne 05/11/2005 View Order
Whitacre, Carl 04/05/2023 View Order
Workman, Timothy Scott 10/10/2023 View Order
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