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Government Conflict Resolution Services (GCRS)

Government Conflict Resolution Services (GCRS) is a dispute resolution program designed to assist local and county public officials in resolving and preventing conflicts on a wide variety of topics, such as fiscal, budget, operations management, facilities maintenance, and other organizational issues. GCRS is provided at no cost to public officials and offers mediation, facilitation, and neutral evaluation.

The goal of GCRS is to provide practical, flexible, and confidential assistance to aid public officials in the efficient administration of government. Conflict resolution processes, such as mediation, facilitation, and neutral evaluation are powerful tools that can be used to clarify communications, build stronger working relationships, and reach consensus. Public officials who participate in GCRS may find that involving an impartial third party is an effective way to reach agreements and prevent conflicts from escalating into unproductive and contentious impasses.

Judge Mary Jane Boyle, 8th District Court of Appeals, Cuyahoga County; member, Commission on Dispute Resolution

Terry Donnellon, Attorney; member, Commission on Dispute Resolution

Lenny Eliason, Athens County Commissioner; member, Commission on Dispute Resolution

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