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Foreclosure Mediation Program Model Documents, Resources and Training

To mediate foreclosure cases the Supreme Court of Ohio recommends that mediators complete the foreclosure mediator sign-up form located at: /docs/JCS/disputeResolution/foreclosure/directory/default.asp and have the following training:

  1. Basic Mediation (minimum of 12 hours)
    For Basic Mediation Training dates and locations see “Ohio Basic Mediation Training” on the Dispute Resolution Web site under Events Calendar
  2. Foreclosure Mediation (Basic Mediation is a pre-requisite for mediators)
  3. Uniform Mediation Act: The Role of Professionals in Mediation

Click on the Events Calendar and complete the online registration
Limited availability due to space limitations.

Who Should Attend
These trainings are open to all Ohio professionals engaged in assisting homeowners facing foreclosure including, but not limited to, mediators, housing and financial counselors, attorneys, and court personnel.

There is no cost to attend training provided by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

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