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School Attendance

Peer Mediation
This is an interview with Magistrate Richard Altman explaining how teachers and administrators can use peer mediation, even in a remote setting.

Youth for Justice
Here is the Website for the Youth for Justice program. Additionally, here is an interview with Kate Strickland, the Director of the Ohio Center for Law Related Education, talking about how teachers can use the Youth for Justice program with their classes.

School Attendance and Mediation
This is a Podcast featuring Adonis Bolden, Ph.D., Assistant Principal at Rutherford B. Hayes High School, and April Nelson, staff mediator for the Delaware County Juvenile Court speaking about how mediation can be used to connect with families.

School Attendance Toolkit
Here is a toolkit to assist schools and courts that includes strategies to promote attendance, intervene for excessive absences and respond to habitual truants.

Additionally, the Supreme Court of Ohio in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education and the JAMS Foundation, has developed an app for student problem-solving and attendance tracking. If you would like to receive more information about how the Here! App could be used at your school or court, contact

Student Tools
Here are the Student Tools introduced through the Here!App. They teach students to resolve their own disputes through mediation and collaborative problem solving.

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