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Resource Sharing in Ohio Courts

What is Resource Sharing?
Resource-sharing partnerships allow courts to better serve the community through collaborative programs or projects that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of service provided through the courts. Through sharing the financial burden to provide services, courts can reduce time and cost when duplicative services are eliminated. Sharing of resources range from the publication of innovative fillable-forms for other courts to customize and share with their customers to sharing staff to help with shortterms projects within the county. Other collaborative partnerships bridge service gaps in local communities by connecting area non-profit organizations and government agencies with the courts.

How Does it Work?
Often, resource-sharing partnerships begin due to a peer-to-peer relationship and a recognition of need. Community leaders connect to one another and find mutually beneficial ways to improve the city, county, and state. The Case Management Section of the Supreme Court of Ohio can assist in connecting courts across the state to begin conversations that result in resource-sharing partnerships.

Click here for a full list of statewide projects.

Toledo Municipal Procedural Justice Curriculum

Toledo Municipal Court collaborated with the Center for Court Innovation to develop a full day curriculum on Procedural Justice for all court staff, clerk staff, prosecutors, and public defenders. An invitation to this day long training was made to Lucas County Juvenile Court and Lucas County Common Pleas Court. The Toledo Municipal Court training team is available to assist other courts assemble and train their own training teams.

Cuyahoga County Area Community Service

Referrals from Cleveland Municipal, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, as well as suburban courts in and adjacent to Cuyahoga County are made to a non-profit organization that handles community service placements. Thirty years ago, the Court Community Service organization started as a pilot project funded by the Cleveland Foundation. Today this non-profit is the clearing house for community service referrals by courts.

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