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Caseflow and Operations Management Consulting

  • Assist in the development and revision of case management plans according to Sup. R 5(B)(1)
  • Provide on-site or telephone consultation with the judge, court administrator, clerk or other designee
  • Provide transition planning for caseflow projects by developing plans of action, measuring performance and analyzing productivity
  • Recommend measures and standards for caseflow
  • Identify and recommend resource allocations, staffing needs, and financial needs as it relates to case management endeavors
  • Coordinate consultations by state and nationally recognized court administration experts
  • Provide written information on a variety of case management programs
  • Provide customized, local court training in case management principles and techniques
  • Assist in identifying best practices, such as mediation, drug courts, summary trials and technology methods, for enhancing case management efforts
  • Conduct management reviews and make written recommendations to enhance services
  • Provide on-site training to court staff on the preparation of the Supreme Court Statistical Report
  • Follow up after an employee satisfaction survey
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