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Mentoring Plan

The Mentoring Plan includes core concepts, lawyering skills, and experiences that should be used as learning activities for the mentee and mentor during their meetings. The Mentoring Plan is developed by the mentor and the mentee together during their first meeting by selecting a minimum of nine activities and topics from a list of 40 possibilities. The Mentoring Plan serves as a checklist of activities that the mentee and the mentor are required to complete together by the end of their mentoring term.

The Mentoring Plan provides an introduction for mentees to the following general topics:

  • The Legal Community & the Community at Large
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Ethics
  • Law Practice Management
  • Communication, Advocacy, & Negotiation

Each of the activities and experiences that may be selected as part of an individual Mentoring Plan references a worksheet. Worksheets include questions designed to generate meaningful discussion between a mentor and mentee, citations to the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct, and supplemental legal articles. Use of the worksheets is not mandatory, but participants are strongly encouraged to review them.

Mentoring Agreement

All participants are required to submit a Mentoring Agreement, which defines the parameters of their mentoring relationship and limits potential liability. The mentee and mentor should submit this agreement along with their Mentoring Plan at their first meeting at the start of the mentoring term.

View In-House Mentoring Agreement
(To be used where the mentee and mentor have the same employer)

View Outside Mentoring Agreement
(To be used where the mentee and mentor have different employers)

Certificate of Satisfactory Completion

To receive credit for completing the mentoring program, a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion must be executed by both the mentee and the mentor at the conclusion of the mentoring term. In so doing, the mentee and mentor both certify the following:

  • The mentee has satisfactorily completed the Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring Program;
  • The activities selected in the Mentoring Plan were completed;
  • There was a discussion about substance use and mental health issues;
  • There was a discussion about pro bono service; and
  • There were at least nine hours of mentoring during a minimum of six meetings held in person or by video.

Upon receipt and approval of the Certificate of Satisfactory Completion, mentees and mentors will receive New Lawyers Training, depending on registration status, or CLE credit following the end of their mentoring term on June 30 or Dec. 31.

Download Certificate of Satisfactory Completion

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