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Emeritus Pro Bono Status Registration

The Emeritus Pro Bono Attorney registration status permits Ohio attorneys to provide limited legal services in association with a pro bono organization recognized by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Pro Bono Organizations Recognized Pursuant to Gov.BarR. X, Section 5(H)

To register for emeritus pro bono status, an attorney must submit a Certificate of Registration, an Emeritus Pro Bono Registration Application and Certification, and a Certification of Pro Bono Organization, and a registration fee of $75.

An attorney who satisfies all of the following requirements may register for emeritus pro bono status:

  1. Is admitted to the practice of law in Ohio;
  2. Has engaged in the practice of law, as defined in Gov. Bar R. I, Sec. 9(B), for a minimum of fifteen years;
  3. Is in good standing with the Supreme Court of Ohio;
  4. Has not resigned from the practice of law in Ohio, resigned from the practice of law in Ohio with discipline pending, or permanently retired from the practice of law in Ohio;
  5. Has not voluntarily or involuntarily relinquished the attorney’s license to practice law in another jurisdiction to avoid discipline or as a result of discipline imposed by a relevant authority; and
  6. Has not been disciplined for professional misconduct within the past ten years or been disbarred by another jurisdiction.


To register for Emeritus Pro Bono status, please complete and submit to the Office of Attorney Services the following:

  1. Emeritus Pro Bono Attorney Registration Application and Certification
  2. Certificate of Registration
  3. Payment of Emeritus Pro Bono Status Registration Fee in the amount of $75 (check or money order) payable to the Supreme Court of Ohio
  4. Certification of Pro Bono Organization

Send the required documents and registration fee to:

Office of Attorney Services
Supreme Court of Ohio
65 South Front Street, 5th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431

Expiration of Status

Status as an emeritus pro bono attorney shall automatically expire upon the occurrence of any of the following:

  1. You provide notice that you are withdrawing from emeritus pro bono status.
  2. You cease to be associated with any pro bono organization on record with the Office of Attorney Services.
  3. You register for active or inactive status with the Office of Attorney Services.
  4. The Supreme Court revokes your emeritus pro bono status as provided Gov. Bar R. VI, Sec. 8(I)(2).
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