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Edward Shiloh Matthias

Edward Shiloh Matthias was elected to the Supreme Court of Ohio in 1914, beginning the longest term in Supreme Court history.

He was born in Gilboa, Ohio April 6, 1873 to Albert Coates and Eleanor P. Harris Matthias. He was educated in the public schools of Gilboa and Crawfis College in Putnam County. He received both his bachelor’s and doctor of laws from Ohio Northern University. Matthias served in the Spanish-American War as captain of the Van Wert Company in the Second Ohio Infantry and, for many year, served as both state and national commander of the United Spanish War Veterans.

Matthias was admitted to the bar in Ohio in 1895, after which he practiced law in Van Wert. He served as Van Wert city solicitor for four years and was elected judge of the Court of Common Pleas of the Third Judicial District in 1904 and re-elected in 1910. After his election to the Supreme Court in 1914, he served consecutive terms until his death in 1953. His son, John M. Matthias, was elected in 1954 to complete his father’s unexpired term.

It was estimated that in his years as a jurist, Matthias heard more than 30,000 cases, and as a Supreme Court Justice, he wrote more than 1,000 opinions. These are contained in volumes 91 through 160 of the Ohio State Reports. Thirty-three other Supreme Court judges sat with him on the bench. After Matthias’ death, Chief Justice Weygandt said, “He brought to the court the highest integrity, ability and judicial temperament and deservedly enjoyed the full confidence of his associates, the members of the bar and the people of Ohio.”

Matthias was a Mason and was affiliated with both the Ohio State and American bar associations. He was on the board of trustees of Ohio Northern University and was a member of the Broad Street Presbyterian Church in Columbus and the Delta Theta Phi fraternity.

Matthias married in 1898 to Mary F. Crouch of Warren and had five children. He died Nov. 2, 1953 in an accidental fall at his home while doing some home repairs. He is buried at Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbus.

William Howard Taft

b. April 6, 1873

d. Nov. 2, 1953

82nd Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio

Jan 1, 1915
to Nov 2, 1953

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