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Settlement Agreements

Pursuant to Gov.Bar R. VII § 5b(H), all settlement agreements approved by the Board are required to be recorded for reference. Per Rule VII § 5b(D), upon acceptance of a settlement agreement, the Board dismisses the complaint.  Settlement agreements are not approved by the Supreme Court. Consent decrees approved by the Board pursuant to Rule VII § 5b(D) can be found under Final Reports of the Board. Consent decrees approved by the Court are recorded for reference in the Court’s reported decisions and can be found under Decisions of the Supreme Court.

Disciplinary Counsel v. Paul Carlson, Case No. UPL 20-01

Lorain County Bar Association v. LVNV Funding, et al, Case No. UPL 19-06

Cincinnati Bar Association v. Emily Feliz, Case No. UPL 18-03

Cincinnati Bar Association v. Timothy E. Mehlman dba Global Commercial Business Broker, Case No. UPL 17-05

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Express Lien, Inc., dba ZLIEN, et al., Case No. UPL 15-01

Disciplinary Counsel v. Jeffrey Goodwin, Case No. UPL 14-05

Ohio State Bar Association v. Gary M. Erickson, et al., Case No. UPL 13-07

Cincinnati Bar Assn. v. Raymond G. Wene, et al., Case No. UPL 13-04

Pickaway Cty Bar Assn. v. Arthur Long, Case No. UPL 12-04

Disciplinary Counsel v. Joseph B. Neville, Case No. UPL 10-06

Disciplinary Counsel v. Karen Dawn Bolton, Case No. UPL 10-01

Disciplinary Counsel v. Cheryl J. O'Connor, Case No. UPL 10-03

Disciplinary Counsel v. Anthony Lewis-Jerdine, Case No. UPL 09-01

Disciplinary Counsel v. Mary K. Ehrman, Case No. UPL 08-01

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