August 26, 2014
Justice Kennedy Addresses Members of Carrollton Rotary

Image of Carrollton Rotary Secretary John Childers, Treasurer Karl Schumacher, Past President Jeff Ohler and Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon L. Kennedy

Pictured with Justice Kennedy are (left to right) Carrollton Rotary Secretary John Childers, Treasurer Karl Schumacher, and Past President Jeff Ohler.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon L. Kennedy visited the Carrollton Rotary Club at its meeting held on Tuesday, August 26, 2014, in Carroll County.

Justice Kennedy discussed the Rotarian code of ethics—commonly known as the Rotary Four-Way Test—which guides Rotarians by asking the questions: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? And will it be beneficial to all concerned? Those four questions, she said, exemplified some of the same criteria America’s founding fathers considered when forming a new government.

“In our system of justice, we seek the truth,” Justice Kennedy said. “It’s the role and duty of judges to only rely on credible testimony and evidence. Law enforcement officers rely upon the truth to enforce the law. Prosecutors have a duty to seek the truth. Likewise, the founding fathers were passionate about truth.”

Justice Kennedy encouraged those present to strive to develop the qualities embodied by the Four-Way Test.

“All of us could learn from the Rotarian code of ethics,” she said. “If we use truth to advance fairness for all people, it will build goodwill and better friendships and in the end be beneficial for all of mankind.”

Justice Kennedy is serving her first term on the Supreme Court of Ohio. Prior to joining the Supreme Court, Justice Kennedy served on the Butler County Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Division from 1999 to 2012. Justice Kennedy served as the administrative judge there from 2005 until December 2012. Justice Kennedy began her career in the justice system as a police officer in Hamilton, Ohio. She received her law degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Law.

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