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Case Inquiry Form

When a timely decision or ruling (pursuant to Sup. R. 39, 40) has not occurred in a pending case, parties and attorneys may complete this form for assistance. The staff of the Case Management Section will review this and determine if they may intervene. Staff of the Case Management Section does not engage in the substance of a case, the law or how the law applies to the facts of the case, nor provide legal advice. Case management staff have expertise in the processes and procedures related to case management.

To submit a case inquiry, please fill out the following form.

Your Information
Case Information
Leave blank if unknown

By submitting this form, (1) I confirm my identity as a party or an attorney representing a party to the case detailed above. (2) I attest that the information provided is complete and accurate. (3) I request an inquiry into the status of this case that is currently pending before the court.

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