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The Ohio Statewide System Improvement Program

The Statewide System Improvement Program helps states infuse effective and collaborative local-level practices into a systemic, statewide initiative. SSIP is designed to increase effective service to all families in the child welfare system affected by parental substance use disorders. The project enhances and expands successful local level programs and increases cooperation between state-level court, child welfare, and substance abuse treatment agencies. In 2014, Ohio was one of five states selected by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to receive three-year funding under the Statewide System Improvement Program (SSIP). An additional year of funding was awarded in September of 2016.

Specialized Dockets Standards

The following standards are established to guide courts in the planning and implementation of all specialized dockets. The standards set forth minimum requirements for the certification and operation of all specialized dockets.

While the standards seek to create a minimum level of uniform practices for specialized dockets, they still allow local specialized dockets to innovate and tailor their specialized docket to respond to local needs and resources.

Use the interactive graphic below to learn more. You can also access a complete list of standards, the FDTC Resource Guide 101, or FDTC Resource Guide 201.

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FDTC Standards
FDTC Standards


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