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Information Technology Division

Information technology leaders in Ohio’s judicial system are banding together to share ideas and solve IT challenges.

The Court IT Leaders Forum offers a roundtable for idea and information exchange, along with contact lists and discussion forums for specific IT subjects of interest. The group also serves as a body of potential experts to assist or work with the Commission on Technology and the Courts and other technology related work groups.

The primary IT leader/manager(s) from each Ohio court and clerk of courts office are invited to participate in the group and help establish the topics of focus for the group.

The Supreme Court of Ohio has surveyed and gathered data for years about technology used across the state’s judiciary and offered the information to courts that reach out for guidance.

“Practically any technology you’re considering implementing at a court has been done by someone else,” said Robert Stuart, the Supreme Court’s director of IT who is coordinating the forum.

The Court IT Leaders Forum, which has already drawn over 180 members, opens an online channel for Ohio’s court technology leaders to communicate directly with each other individually or as a group. Participants can pose questions, post answers, and circulate documents.

The Court IT Leaders Forum is similar to the existing associations that connect court leaders in different roles, such as judges, magistrates, clerks of court, court administrators, and court reporters.

The forum gives court IT leaders a collective voice in the court community.

For additional information about the Court IT Leaders Forum, please contact Randall Drum in the Court’s IT Office at

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