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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
Magnum Asset Acquisition, L.L.C. v. Green Energy Technologies, L.L.C. 29789personal jurisdiction—long arm statute—R.C. 2307.382—transacting business—due process—specific jurisdiction—substantial connection—minimum contacts—purposeful availmentTeodosioSummit 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2247
Cusack v. Cusack 21CA011774R.C. 3105.171, Civ. R. 75, jurisdiction, marital property, stock optionsHensalLorain 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2248
State v. Depetro 21CA0053-Mpresentence guilty plea, withdrawal of plea, ineffective assistance of counsel, excessive sentence, R.C. 2929.11, Crim.R. 11SuttonMedina 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2249
A.K. v. G.K. 21CA0011-MCiv.R. 65.1(G)—Civ.R. 65.1(F)—Civ.R. 53(D)TeodosioMedina 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2250
Given v. Whirlaway Corp. 21CA011791workers’ compensation, injury, discernable period of time, jury instructionSuttonLorain 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2251
State v. Gutierrez 21AP0033motion for leave, new trial, Crim.R. 33, unavoidably prevented, newly discovery evidence, ineffective assistance of appellate counsel, abuse of discretionHensalWayne 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2252
In re E.S. 30151Juv.R. 40, R.C. 2151.42(B), change in circumstancesSuttonSummit 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2253
State v. Jackson 30145having weapons while under disability, pro se, motion to suppress, ineffective assistanceHensalSummit 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2254
Meyerson v. Fairlawn 29603, 29788, 29794, 29797planning commission, final site plan, administrative appeal, conditional use permit, mootnessHensalSummit 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2255
Equity Trust Co. v. Nickolich 29933R.C. 1337.04—land contract—R.C. 5313.01(A)—R.C. 5313.06TeodosioSummit 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2256
State v. Pajestka 21CA0012-MOVI, HGN, right to testify, complaint, sufficiency, evidentiary hearingCarrMedina 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2257
Penfield Twp. v. Shrader 21CA011754zoning – conditional use – area variance – cell phone tower – R.C. 2506.03 – hearing – zoning resolution – join – dismiss – mootTeodosioLorain 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2258
Young v. Foley 22CA011840Habeas corpus, Petitioner not entitled to habeas corpus if not eligible for immediate release from prisonPer CuriamLorain 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2259
Young v. Foley 22CA011841Habeas corpus, Statute of Limitations and Speedy Trial claims not cognizable in habeas corpusPer CuriamLorain 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2260
In re A.M. 30215permanent custody, only one first prong ground required, R.C. 2151.414(E)(11), prior involuntary termination of parental rights, best interestCarrSummit 6/29/2022 6/29/2022 2022-Ohio-2230
In re J.R. 30144juvenile, suppression, weapon, public safety exception, Miranda v. ArizonaCarrSummit 6/29/2022 6/29/2022 2022-Ohio-2231
In re K.T. 30235permanent custody – reasonable efforts – forfeited – presume regularityCallahanSummit 6/29/2022 6/29/2022 2022-Ohio-2232
State v. Powers 30025child—subject matter jurisdiction—adult—R.C. 2151.23(I)—bindover—R.C. 2950.01—as-applied—due process—cruel and unusual punishmentCallahanSummit 6/29/2022 6/29/2022 2022-Ohio-2233
State v. Jaeger 20CA0053-Mpostconviction petition, res judicata, State v. MurnahanSuttonMedina 6/27/2022 6/27/2022 2022-Ohio-2183
State v. Knight 20AP0053 & 20AP0050sentencing – contrary to law – record – ineffective assistance –CarrWayne 6/27/2022 6/27/2022 2022-Ohio-2184
In re K.F. 30054juvenile – disposition – temporary custody – placement – manifest weight of the evidence – best interest of the childHensalSummit 6/22/2022 6/22/2022 2022-Ohio-2121
State v. Jones 30036Sufficiency of the evidence, Crim.R. 29, resisting arrest, R.C. 2921.33(A), detain, arrest, lawful arrest, shoplifting, theft, failure to disclose one’s personal information, resist, interfere, recklessly, by force, surveillance, body cam, uncooperative, going limp, deadweight, manifest weight of the evidence, affirmative defense, excessive force, taser, kick, Tennessee v. Garner, Graham v. Connor, reasonablenessTeodosioSummit 6/22/2022 6/22/2022 2022-Ohio-2122
State ex rel. Banks v. Doe 22CA011834Habeas Corpus, R.C. 2969.25(A), R.C. 2969.25(C)Per CuriamLorain 6/21/2022 6/21/2022 2022-Ohio-2084
Harbaugh v. Harbaugh 21CA0041-Mconstructive trust, equity loan, due processHensalMedina 6/21/2022 6/21/2022 2022-Ohio-2085
State v. McManaway 20AP0046domestic violence, household member, R.C. 2919.25(A), jury instructions, defense of other, sufficiency, manifest weight, ineffective assistance of counselHensalWayne 6/21/2022 6/21/2022 2022-Ohio-2086
Ott v. Ott 21AP0023marital home, separate property, marital property, equity, burden, insurance proceeds, vehicles, spousal supportCarrWayne 6/21/2022 6/21/2022 2022-Ohio-2087
State v. Steiner 21CA0045-MR.C. 2909.23 – making terroristic threats – township trustee – bomb – trash service provider – imminent commissionCallahanMedina 6/21/2022 6/21/2022 2022-Ohio-2088
Dorsey v. Henry 29936paternity, child support, fraud, subject matter jurisdiction, genetic testing, R.C. 3119.964, R.C. 2301.03(I)(1)HensalSummit 6/15/2022 6/15/2022 2022-Ohio-2023
State v. Arthur 21CA0075-Mcorrupting another with drugs, R.C. 2925.02(A)(3), sufficiency, manifest weight, plain error, Reagan Tokes LawHensalMedina 6/13/2022 6/13/2022 2022-Ohio-1980
State v. Good 20AP0028, 21AP0011consecutive sentences, State v. Marcum, contrary to law, ineffective assistance of counselSuttonWayne 6/13/2022 6/13/2022 2022-Ohio-1981
State v. Walter 20AP0020domestic violence, sufficiency, manifest weight, slap, choke, credibility, ineffective assistance of counsel, Evid.R. 614(A), Crim.R. 52(A), R.C. 2919.25(A)HensalWayne 6/13/2022 6/13/2022 2022-Ohio-1982
Gustinski v. Pleasant View Health Care Ctr. 29880Civ.R. 15—leave to amend—R.C. 2323.42—reasonable good faith basisTeodosioSummit 6/8/2022 6/8/2022 2022-Ohio-1928
In re C.B. 30150legal custody, best interest, reasonable efforts,CallahanSummit 6/8/2022 6/8/2022 2022-Ohio-1929
State v. Ammons 20CA011605Sufficiency of the evidence, attempted murder, felonious assault, firearm, identity, circumstantial evidence, surveillance footage, tampering with evidence, manifest weight of the evidence, physical evidence, eyewitness testimony, flight instruction, admission or exclusion of evidence, Evid.R. 103(A)(1), not properly preservedTeodosioLorain 6/6/2022 6/6/2022 2022-Ohio-1902
State v. Troyer 21AP0051guilty plea—Crim.R. 32.1—ineffective assistance—direct appeal—recordCallahanWayne 6/6/2022 6/6/2022 2022-Ohio-1903
In re B.D. 30194, 30195, 30196legal custody to relatives – manifest weight of the evidence – preponderance of the evidence – reasonable efforts – duty to evaluate relatives for placement – visitation – abuse of discretion – least restrictive placementCallahanSummit 6/1/2022 6/1/2022 2022-Ohio-1832
State v. Moss 30005murder – felony murder – felonious assault – self-defense – manifest weight – ineffective assistance – prosecutorial misconduct – prior testimony – gunTeodosioSummit 6/1/2022 6/1/2022 2022-Ohio-1833
Estate of Hatcher-Hamilton v. Hamilton 29894will, probate, allowance for support, appraised value, R.C. 2106.10(C), R.C. 2106.01, R.C. 2106.06, R.C. 2106.13HensalSummit 6/1/2022 6/1/2022 2022-Ohio-1834
State v. Brodie 21CA0048-Mcocaine, possession, State v. Gonzales, testing, amountCarrMedina 5/31/2022 5/31/2022 2022-Ohio-1794
In re C.A.B. 21CA011757final appealable order, visitation, temporary order, R.C. 2505.02(B)HensalLorain 5/31/2022 5/31/2022 2022-Ohio-1795
State v. Scott 20CA011693allied offenses, merger, plain error, R.C. 2921.331(B), R.C. 2921.31(A)HensalLorain 5/31/2022 5/31/2022 2022-Ohio-1796
Vitek v. Ward 21CA0004-MCiv.R. 60(B)—reasonable time—motion to vacate void judgmentCallahanMedina 5/31/2022 5/31/2022 2022-Ohio-1797
State v. Cowell 30052manifest injustice, withdrawal of plea, post-sentence, involuntarySuttonSummit 5/25/2022 5/25/2022 2022-Ohio-1742
State v. Horvath 30077rubbish, garbage, accumulation, sufficiency, property maintenanceHensalSummit 5/25/2022 5/25/2022 2022-Ohio-1743
Huston v. Huston 29983Pro se, res judicata, App.R. 23, frivolous, attorney’s feesTeodosioSummit 5/25/2022 5/25/2022 2022-Ohio-1744
State v. Q.M.E. 30146sealing of conviction, R.C. 2953.32, R.C. 2953.31, eligible offender, R.C. 2953.36HensalLorain 5/25/2022 5/25/2022 2022-Ohio-1745
Hinton v. Wiest 22AP0025Relief after judgment, court of appeals jurisdiction, appellate jurisdiction, original jurisdictionPer CuriamWayne 5/23/2022 5/23/2022 2022-Ohio-1699
State v. Martinez 20CA011696sentencing factors, felony sentencing, R.C. 2929.12, attempted murder, R.C. 2953.08HensalLorain 5/23/2022 5/23/2022 2022-Ohio-1700
State v. Tincher 21CA0060-Moperating a vehicle while intoxicated – tip – identified citizen information – 911 call – totality of the circumstances – indicia of reliability – reasonable suspicionHensalMedina 5/23/2022 5/23/2022 2022-Ohio-1701
State v. Gibson 30078speedy trial—reasonable—continuance—plain error—forfeitureCallahanSummit 5/18/2022 5/18/2022 2022-Ohio-1653