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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
In re E.H.-B. 30870permanent custody – reasonable efforts – plain error – R.C. 2151.353 – R.C. 2151.419 – prior involuntary termination of parental rights of a sibling of the childHensalSummit 2/21/2024 2/21/2024 2024-Ohio-649
In re Estate of Banks 21CA011805accounting, executor, distribution in kind, plain error, Civ.R. 53HensalLorain 2/20/2024 2/20/2024 2024-Ohio-623
State v. Nielsen 23CA003-Msufficiency of the evidence, manifest weight, best evidence rule, hearsay rule, R.C. 2903.211.StevensonMedina 2/20/2024 2/20/2024 2024-Ohio-617
In re M.V. 2023CA0058-Mdenial of motion to intervene, arguments raised below and on appeal,SuttonMedina 2/20/2024 2/20/2024 2024-Ohio-618
DeCuzzi v. Mak 23CA0011-Mmotion to enforce settlement agreementSuttonMedina 2/20/2024 2/20/2024 2024-Ohio-619
State v. Herman 30788guilty plea – ineffective assistance – record – plain errorHensalSummit 2/14/2024 2/14/2024 2024-Ohio-541
M.P. v. T.P. 30580domestic violence civil protection order—manifest weight—present fear of harmFlagg LanzingerSummit 2/14/2024 2/14/2024 2024-Ohio-542
State v. Mingo 30588sufficient evidence, manifest weight of the evidence, stipulation, weapons under disability, ineffective assistance of counselStevensonSummit 2/14/2024 2/14/2024 2024-Ohio-543
State v. Prince 30777forfeiture – plain error – post-release controlHensalSummit 2/14/2024 2/14/2024 2024-Ohio-544
State v. Yost 30625rape, child, minor, penetration, mistrial, questioning, abuse of discretionCarrSummit 2/14/2024 2/14/2024 2024-Ohio-545
State v. Ventura 22CA0028-Mabuse of discretion, Crim.R. 29(A), manifest weight, Crim.R. 33(A)StevensonMedina 2/12/2024 2/12/2024 2024-Ohio-498
State v. Parker 2023CA0047-Msuppression, untimely, manifest weight, abuse of discretionSuttonMedina 2/12/2024 2/12/2024 2024-Ohio-500
Garcia v. Matheson 23CA011981motion to compel, motion for protective order, trade secrets, R.C. 1333.61(D)StevensonLorain 2/12/2024 2/12/2024 2024-Ohio-501
In re A.H. 23CA012001permanent custody, prior involuntary termination of parental rights to siblings applies to both prongs of permanent custody test, R.C. 2151.414(E)(11), alternative first-prong findings, best interest,HensalLorain 2/12/2024 2/12/2024 2024-Ohio-502
State v. Howse 22CA011835having weapon under disability – improperly handling firearm in motor vehicle – sufficiency – firearm – operability – manifest weight – credibility – jail call – harmless error – cumulative errorCarrLorain 2/12/2024 2/12/2024 2024-Ohio-503
State v. LaSelle 30695motion to dismiss indictment, Crim.R. 12, general issue, registration requirement, Megan’s LawHensalSummit 2/7/2024 2/7/2024 2024-Ohio-431
In re B.T. 30682.30683adjudication, medical records, fact testimony of treating nurse practitioner, dispositional hearing, R.C. 2151.35(B)(1), 30-day provision not addressed by Supreme CourtStevensonSummit 2/7/2024 2/7/2024 2024-Ohio-432
Kirkland Fin., L.L.C. v. Firestone 30541note – mortgage – validity – magistrate’s decision – objections – findings – signature – authentication -CarrSummit 2/7/2024 2/7/2024 2024-Ohio-433
Duz v. Advance Materials Prods. Inc. 30267statute of limitations, R.C. 1303.16(A), promissory note, note payable at a definite time, attorney feesCarrSummit 1/31/2024 1/31/2024 2024-Ohio-316
1011 E. Aurora Rd., L.L.C. v. Bd. of Zoning & Bldg. Code Appeals 30664zoning, administrative appeal, administrative record, R.C. 2506.03, area variance, setbackCarrSummit 1/31/2024 1/31/2024 2024-Ohio-317
Blackmon v. Akron School Dist. 30717Judgment on the Pleadings, Civ.R. 12(C),Flagg LanzingerSummit 1/31/2024 1/31/2024 2024-Ohio-318
Calhoun v. Ball 30748Civ.R. 53 – record – alternative technologyCarrSummit 1/31/2024 1/31/2024 2024-Ohio-319
Cherry v. Partlow 30753Judgment on the Pleadings, Civ.R. 12(c), legal malpractice, statute of limitationsFlagg LanzingerSummit 1/31/2024 1/31/2024 2024-Ohio-320
State v. Harper 30523involuntary manslaughter – juror misconduct – trial court recordCarrSummit 1/31/2024 1/31/2024 2024-Ohio-321
In re Adoption of M.G.S. 30647R.C. 3107.07 – consent to adoption – more than de minimis contact – abuse of discretion – justifiable cause – manifest weight of the evidenceStevensonSummit 1/31/2024 1/31/2024 2024-Ohio-322
Loewe v. Loewe 30326R.C. 3105.18, retirement age, change of circumstances, abuse of discretion, manifest weight, spousal supportFlagg LanzingerSummit 1/31/2024 1/31/2024 2024-Ohio-323
State v. Smith 30476ineffective assistance of counsel, request for substitute counsel, due process requirements for probation violation hearing, imposition of sentence, waiver, plain error.StevensonSummit 1/31/2024 1/31/2024 2024-Ohio-324
Vitantonio v. Am. Constr. Group, L.L.C. 30522settlement agreement – attorney fees – American Rule – bad faith – contract provisionCarrSummit 1/31/2024 1/31/2024 2024-Ohio-325
State v. Kirkbride 22CA0077-Msexual abuse – rape – less than ten years of age – sufficiency – weight – other acts – delayed disclosure – siblingsFlagg LanzingerMedina 1/29/2024 1/29/2024 2024-Ohio-291
In re Adoption of M.E.W. 30787R.C. 3107.07 – consent to adoption – due process – manifest weight of the evidence – reviewing court – determination in the first instanceFlagg LanzingerSummit 1/24/2024 1/24/2024 2024-Ohio-234
In re E.W. 30802, 30803, 30816permanent custody, best interest,SuttonSummit 1/24/2024 1/24/2024 2024-Ohio-235
State v. Diamond 23CA011955appellate review of aggravated murder sentence, R.C. 2953.08(D)(3).StevensonLorain 1/22/2024 1/22/2024 2024-Ohio-195
Jowiski v. Gustafson-Jowiski 23CA011939qualified domestic relations order, QDRO, divorce decree, contributory, noncontributory, retirement, pension, modificationStevensonLorain 1/22/2024 1/22/2024 2024-Ohio-197
State v. Harris 23CA0012-Mtheft, sufficiency of evidence, manifest weightFlagg LanzingerMedina 1/22/2024 1/22/2024 2024-Ohio-196
State v. Kline 30801methamphetamine – criminal trespassing – railroad tracks – suppression ruling – reasonable suspicion – probable cause – search incident to arrest – res judicataSuttonSummit 1/17/2024 1/17/2024 2024-Ohio-150
Leiby v. Am. Title Solutions, L.L.C. 30728magistrate decision, Civ.R. 53, untimely objectionsHensalSummit 1/17/2024 1/17/2024 2024-Ohio-151
State v. Rinella 30629motion to suppress, probable cause to search, automobile exception to the warrant requirement, Reagan Tokes.StevensonSummit 1/17/2024 1/17/2024 2024-Ohio-152
State v. Black 2023CA0016-Mdomestic violence, objections, plain error, ineffective assistance, other actsHensalMedina 1/16/2024 1/16/2024 2024-Ohio-116
State v. Roberson 23CA011971res judicata – Civ.R. 60(B) – substitute for appeal – courts costs – attorney feesCarrLorain 1/16/2024 1/16/2024 2024-Ohio-118
In re S.L. 23AP0007subject matter jurisdiction of juvenile court, grandparent visitation as ancillary to unmarried parents’ custody case,StevensonWayne 1/16/2024 1/16/2024 2024-Ohio-117
Ying v. Hallam 30256magistrate’s decision, failure to file transcript in trial court, failure to file objectionsCarrSummit 1/10/2024 1/10/2024 2024-Ohio-52
Helms v. Dept. of Neighborhood Assistance 30618Revised Code Chapter 2506—standingHensalSummit 1/10/2024 1/10/2024 2024-Ohio-53
Large v. Ohio Dept. of Ins. 23CA011983insurance agent license, revoked, final order, service, serve, R.C. 119.12, R.C. 119.09, R.C. 3905.061StevensonLorain 1/8/2024 1/8/2024 2024-Ohio-29
State v. Anderson 22CA0031-Mhaving weapons while under disability, traffic stop, possession, firearm, sufficiency, manifest weight, ineffective assistance of counsel, probable cause, automobile exception, motion to suppress, marijuanaFlagg LanzingerMedina 1/8/2024 1/8/2024 2024-Ohio-37
State v. Hosey 30696attempted rape, gross sexual imposition, credibility, sufficiency, manifest weight, harmless error, R.C. 2923.02, R.C. 2907.02(A)(2), R.C. 2907.05(A)(1)Flagg LanzingerSummit 1/3/2024 1/3/2024 2024-Ohio-7