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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
State v. Cutright 20CA3718jurisdiction; R.C. 2505.02; final order; hanging chargeHessRoss 5/3/2021 5/6/2021 2021-Ohio-1582
State v. Wallace 20CA3929motion to seal; abuse of discretion; R.C. 2953.32(C)(1)(e); interests of the applicant; legitimate governmental needsHessScioto 4/27/2021 4/29/2021 2021-Ohio-1481
State v. Inman 19CA27abuse of discretion; R.C. 2929.21, 2929.22WilkinPickaway 4/27/2021 5/4/2021 2021-Ohio-1573
Weinsziehr v. Weinsziehr 20CA1Motion for contempt; award of attorney fees; reasonable hourly rate; reasonable hours; abuse of discretion; R.C. 3109.051(K)WilkinHocking 4/27/2021 5/4/2021 2021-Ohio-1568
State v. Bear 20CA9CRIMINAL-POST CONVICTION RELIEF-RES JUDICATA - An Appellant's irregular motion filed after his conviction and which alleges constitutional claims may be recast as a petition for post-conviction relief; the arguments raised in Appellant's untimely-filed petition for post-conviction relief were time-barred and were further barred by res judicata.SmithGallia 4/26/2021 5/3/2021 2021-Ohio-1539
DeepRock Disposal Solutions, L.L.C. v. Forté Prods., L.L.C. 20CA15Final appealable order; jurisdiction; Civ.R. 54(B); motion to strike; Civ.R. 56(G); Evid.R. 1002; Evid.R. 1004; summary judgment; de novo review; easement by estoppel; trespass; tortious interference with contract; tortious interference with business relationship; civil conspiracy; champerty and maintenance; statute of fraud; receivershipHessWashington 4/21/2021 4/23/2021 2021-Ohio-1436
In re K.M.C. 20CA14CIVIL-JUVENILE COURT-PRESUMPTION OF PATERNITY - Based upon principles of res judicata and the important policy considerations of the Uniform Parentage Act, we find magistrate erred by failing to find Appellee was barred from raising a question as to child's paternity as the issue was previously litigated and agreed upon by Appellee in 2017.SmithWashington 4/19/2021 5/7/2021 2021-Ohio-1612
In re J.M. 20CA11, 20CA12, 20CA13, 20CA14R.C. 2151.35, Juv.R. 34; Juv.R. 16; Juv.R. 29; Loc.Juv.R. 22; R.C. 2151.23; R.C. 2151.353; abused child, R.C. 2951.031, R.C. 2919.22(A); clear and convincing evidence; relevant evidence; abuse of discretion; de novo.WilkinPickaway 4/19/2021 4/22/2021 2021-Ohio-1415
State v. Hatton 19CA34abuse of discretion; motion for leave to file a motion for a new trial, Crim.R.33(B); res judicata; petition for post-conviction relief, R.C. 2953.21, R.C. 2953.23; materially exculpatory evidence, due processWilkinPickaway 4/19/2021 4/22/2021 2021-Ohio-1416
Jones v. Jones 20CA3Divorce–trial court did not abuse its discretion by failing to give husband credit for payments made under temporary orders, by ordering husband to make spousal support payments through child support enforcement agency, by failing to specify how parties should file future tax returns, by declining to find wife in contempt, by deciding not to award husband attorney’s fees, or by not including a requested provision in divorce decree; issues relating to child moot when child is emancipated.AbeleHighland 4/19/2021 4/30/2021 2021-Ohio-1498