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State v. Stevens 2020-P-0043CRIMINAL LAW - forcible rape; kidnapping; aggravated burglary; aggravated robbery; requests to discharge appointed counsel; total breakdown in attorney-client relationship; sufficiency of the evidence; serious physical harm; harm in furtherance of theft offense; manifest weight of the evidence; witness credibility; merger; consecutive sentences.TrappPortage 8/2/2021 8/2/2021 2021-Ohio-2643
Lindsey v. Heinz PortageAPPELLATE REVIEW - Forcible entry and detainer; ouster from premises renders an appeal from a forcible entry and detainer action moot.EklundPortage 8/2/2021 8/2/2021 2021-Ohio-2645
Glover v. Canann 2020-T-0081CIVIL - magistrate's decision; shared parenting plan; child support; deviation; gross income.WrightTrumbull 8/2/2021 8/2/2021 2021-Ohio-2641
State v. Hudson 2020-T-0092CRIMINAL - possession of cocaine, R.C. 2925.11(C); fillers; void; voidable; postconviction relief; timeliness.WrightTrumbull 8/2/2021 8/2/2021 2021-Ohio-2642
Robie v. Maxill, Inc. 2021-T-0007CIVIL - motion to stay pending arbitration; evidentiary hearing; R.C. 2711.02; R.C. 2711.03; unconscionability; ripeness.TrappTrumbull 8/2/2021 8/2/2021 2021-Ohio-2644
Citizens Bank, N.A. v. Estate of Duchene 2020-T-0082CIVIL - mortgage; promissory note; foreclosure; default; notice of acceleration; condition precedent; summary judgment; new argument raised in reply brief.WrightTrumbull 7/26/2021 7/26/2021 2021-Ohio-2547
State v. Willard 2020-T-0040CRIMINAL LAW - guilty pleas; knowing, intelligent, and voluntary; Crim.R. 11(C)(2)(a); maximum penalty involved; consecutive prison terms; restitution; prejudice; police officer overtime; definition of "victim"; R.C. 2929.18(A)(1).TrappTrumbull 7/26/2021 7/26/2021 2021-Ohio-2552
State v. Welz 2020-T-0073CRIMINAL LAW - community control violations; R.C. 2929.19(B)(4); appellant had sufficient notice of possibility of specific prison term where he was notified of the prison term prior to the revocation of community control hearing in which the prison term was imposed; consecutive sentences; R.C. 2929.14(C); consecutive sentence findings on record and incorporated in sentencing entry.TrappTrumbull 7/26/2021 7/26/2021 2021-Ohio-2553
State v. Dent 2020-L-110CRIMINAL LAW - misdemeanor restitution order; abuse of discretion; first-degree misdemeanor theft; federal Dept. of Education is not a victim in this case; unpaid loans are not direct and proximate cause of harm/loss to victim.TrappLake 7/26/2021 7/26/2021 2021-Ohio-2551
State v. Fast 2019-A-0089CRIMINAL LAW - rape; motion to dismiss indictment; statute of limitations; motion in limine; cross-examination; impeach credibility; Evid.R. 611(B); victim's prior drug use; ability to remember; Evid.R. 616(B); relevancy; undue prejudice; sufficiency of the evidence; manifest weight of the evidence; sentencing; amended indictment; Crim.R. 7(D); aggravated felonies; name or identity of the charged offenses.TrappAshtabula 7/26/2021 7/26/2021 2021-Ohio-2548