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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
State ex rel. Miller v. Culotta 2021-L-026EXTRAORDINARY WRITS - mandamus; procedendo; pending pleadings; addressed by court; moot; dismissed.Per CuriamLake 5/10/2021 5/10/2021 2021-Ohio-1633
State v. Martin 2020-P-0084APPELLATE REVIEW - Judgment of conviction must set forth the fact of conviction and the sentence; Crim.R. 32(C).TrappPortage 5/10/2021 5/10/2021 2021-Ohio-1632
State v. Welker 2021-P-0039APPELLATE REVIEW - App.R. 4(A)(1); untimely appeal.RicePortage 5/10/2021 5/10/2021 2021-Ohio-1634
Wu v. Ohio Civ. Rights Comm. 2020-P-0065CIVIL - charge of discrimination; letter of determination upon reconsideration; no probable cause; hearing; preliminary investigation; due process; evidentiary record; Civ.R. 52; abuse of discretion.TrappPortage 5/3/2021 5/3/2021 2021-Ohio-1541
State v. Mallory 2020-T-0070CRIMINAL LAW - plea colloquy; Crim.R. 11(C); right to a jury trial; totality of the record; reasonably intelligible; ineffective assistance of counsel; failure to obtain DNA expert; waiver.TrappTrumbull 5/3/2021 5/3/2021 2021-Ohio-1542
Caldwell v. Niles City Schools 2020-T-0074CIVIL - summary judgment; disability discrimination; R.C. 4112.02(A); adverse employment action; constructive discharge; failure to accommodate; interactive process; good faith effort; resignation.TrappTrumbull 5/3/2021 5/3/2021 2021-Ohio-1543
State v. Weber 2021-L-043APPELLATE REVIEW - denial of motion to dismiss for an Interstate Agreement on Detainers violation; no final appealable order; premature appeal.LynchLake 5/3/2021 5/3/2021 2021-Ohio-1545
State v. Pineda 2020-A-0011, 2020-A-0012CRIMINAL LAW - sufficiency of the evidence; sexual imposition; uncorroborated testimony of the victim; obstructing official business; affirmative acts; purposely; hamper or impede; risk of physical harm; domestic violence; knowingly; manifest weight of the evidence; witness credibility.TrappAshtabula 5/3/2021 5/3/2021 2021-Ohio-1540
State v. Zsigray 2020-A-0044CRIMINAL – purposes of felony sentencing; R.C. 2929.11; seriousness and recidivism factors; R.C. 2929.12; appellate review of felony sentence; 2053.08(G)(2); class two license suspension; R.C. 4510.02(A)(2)LynchAshtabula 4/26/2021 4/26/2021 2021-Ohio-1457
Reo v. Lindstedt 2019-L-136; 2019-L-137PREJUDGMENT INTEREST - R.C. 1343.03(C); good faith effort to settle; abuse of discretion; failure to meet burden of proof.WrightLake 4/26/2021 4/26/2021 2021-Ohio-1455