The Board of Professional Conduct’s on-line docket contains complete information and most documents for cases filed with the Board on or after January 1, 2015. For cases filed prior to January 1, 2015, information is limited to the case name, Board case number, the date filed, the status of the case, and, in some instances links to the Supreme Court docket and disciplinary opinions.
Case NumberCaptionFiledStatusDisposition
2023-010Mahoning County Bar Association v. Macala, Brian John5/31/2023Awaiting Answer 
2023-008Columbus Bar Association v. Christensen, Burgess, et al5/18/2023Awaiting Answer 
2023-007Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Smith, Robert, III4/28/2023Awaiting Answer to Notice of Intent 
2023-006Disciplinary Counsel v. George, Jason Louis3/31/2023Hearing Scheduled 
2023-005Lorain County Bar Association v. Robinson, James Terry3/29/2023Hearing Scheduled 
2023-004Disciplinary Counsel v. Price, William Evan, II3/23/2023Hearing Scheduled 
2023-003Disciplinary Counsel v. Alexander, Christopher Mark3/16/2023Hearing Scheduled 
2023-002Disciplinary Counsel v. Perrico, Daniel Edward2/24/2023Hearing Scheduled 
2023-001Disciplinary Counsel v. Hartley, Aaron Paul2/15/2023Hearing Scheduled 
2022-052Disciplinary Counsel v. Pilla, Mary Lee12/29/2022Stay-Pending Resignation 
2022-051Disciplinary Counsel v. Billingsley, Lon'Cherie' Darchelle12/28/2022Hearing Scheduled 
2022-050Disciplinary Counsel v. VanBibber, Jack Herchel12/15/2022Hearing Scheduled 
2022-049Disciplinary Counsel v. Ranke, Carolyn Kaye12/2/2022Phone Conference Scheduled 
2022-048Disciplinary Counsel v. Taylor, John12/2/2022Awaiting Panel Report 
2022-047Cincinnati Bar Association v. Stenson, David Edmund12/6/2022Hearing Scheduled 
2022-046Disciplinary Counsel v. Blakeslee, Jack Allen11/22/2022Awaiting Panel Report 
2022-045Disciplinary Counsel v. Grendell, Timothy Joseph11/10/2022Hearing Scheduled 
2022-044Toledo Bar Association v. Miller Driftmyer, Sarah Ann11/1/2022Awaiting Panel Report 
2022-043Disciplinary Counsel v. Bell, Joseph Michael10/28/2022Awaiting Panel Report 
2022-042Disciplinary Counsel v. Stone, Adam Charles10/18/2022ClosedClosed - Resignation with Discipline Pending Accepted by Court
2022-041Disciplinary Counsel v. Daniell, Ric10/3/2022Before the Supreme Court 
2022-040Disciplinary Counsel v. Goodman, Amber Renee9/8/2022Awaiting Panel Report 
2022-039Disciplinary Counsel v. Adams, Dennis Lee9/2/2022Awaiting Panel Report 
2022-038Disciplinary Counsel v. McCloskey, Hugh Peter, Jr.8/30/2022Before the Supreme Court 
2022-037Disciplinary Counsel v. Hunter, Tracie M.8/31/2022Before the Supreme Court