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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
Gorski v. Gorski 30935Civ. R. 53(D)(3)(a)(iii) - Objections to magistrate decision – notice of time to file objections.StevensonSummit 6/12/2024 6/12/2024 2024-Ohio-2247
Bressi v. Thompson 30445Res judicata, collateral estoppel, R.C. 2323.51, abuse of discretionSuttonSummit 6/12/2024 6/12/2024 2024-Ohio-2244
In re Adoption of S.G.L. 30485petition for adoption – consent not required – R.C. 3107.07(A) – failure to provide support and maintenance – lack of justifiable cause – abuse of discretion – manifest weight of the evidence – clear and convincing evidence – burden of proof – moot – lookback periodFlagg LanzingerSummit 6/12/2024 6/12/2024 2024-Ohio-2248
State v. Ross 30810OVI, sufficiency of the evidence, manifest weight of the evidenceStevensonSummit 6/12/2024 6/12/2024 2024-Ohio-2251
In re I.B. 30712 & 30716permanent custody, best interest,SuttonSummit 6/12/2024 6/12/2024 2024-Ohio-2249
Gilbert v. Mollis 30889settlement agreement, approved, unilateral, amendment, clear, unambiguousStevensonSummit 6/12/2024 6/12/2024 2024-Ohio-2246
Martin v. ManorCare Health Servs., L.L.C. 30866nursing home, arbitration, R.C. 2711.23, unconscionabilitySuttonSummit 6/12/2024 6/12/2024 2024-Ohio-2250
State v. Campbell 30603sufficiency, manifest weight, tampering with evidence, aggravated robbery, murder, aggravated murder, theft, R.C. 2911.01, R.C. 2921.12Flagg LanzingerSummit 6/12/2024 6/12/2024 2024-Ohio-2245
State v. Fazio 23CA011954, 23CA012042, 23CA012043, 23CA012044, 23CA012045, 23CA012046consecutive sentences, necessitySuttonLorain 6/10/2024 6/10/2024 2024-Ohio-2207
State v. Mastrobuono 30827writ of execution – praecipe – creditor – debtor – defrauding creditors – jury trial – waiver – open court –CarrSummit 6/5/2024 6/5/2024 2024-Ohio-2154
Askew v. Summit Cty. 30710motion to dismiss, abuse of discretion, statute of limitations, misnomer, misidentification, Civ.R. 15(C)Flagg LanzingerSummit 6/5/2024 6/5/2024 2024-Ohio-2151
State v. Wells 30549continuance – right to counsel – murder – felony murder – felonious assault – manifest weight of the evidence –CarrSummit 6/5/2024 6/5/2024 2024-Ohio-2155
In re R.D. 30911legal custody, dependent child, modification of legal custody, R.C. 2151.42(B), adjudication of child is an implicit finding of parental unsuitability, best interest, case plan compliance is not dispositiveStevensonSummit 6/5/2024 6/5/2024 2024-Ohio-2153
Barberton v. Woodarski 30659resisting arrest – failure to disclose personal information – trespass – I.D. – hearsay – misdemeanor arrest – Dollar General – after hoursHensalSummit 6/5/2024 6/5/2024 2024-Ohio-2156
In re E.C.-A. 30932, 30934permanent custody, prior involuntary termination of parental rights, R.C. 2151.414(E)(11),SuttonSummit 6/5/2024 6/5/2024 2024-Ohio-2152
Petty v. Lorain 23CA011995Civ.R. 12(B)(6), Open Meetings Act, Sunshine Law, R.C. 121.22StevensonLorain 6/3/2024 6/3/2024 2024-Ohio-2110
DiDonato v. Roig 23CA012057Civ.R. 59(A)(4), Civ.R. 59(A)(6), motion for a new trial, abuse of discretionSuttonLorain 6/3/2024 6/3/2024 2024-Ohio-2109
State v. Khalfani 30330App.R. 26(B)(2) - application to reopen appeal - sufficiency of the evidence - judicial bias - post-arrest silenceStevensonSummit 5/29/2024 5/29/2024 2024-Ohio-2049
State v. McCarley 30922Civ.R. 60(B)(5), reasonable time, unexplained delayCarrSummit 5/29/2024 5/29/2024 2024-Ohio-2050
State v. Jackson 30607murder – felonious assault – firearm specification – subject matter jurisdiction – probable cause – bindover – maximum penalty – Crim.R. 11 – substantially complyStevensonSummit 5/29/2024 5/29/2024 2024-Ohio-2048
Hissner v. Toler 30920transcript, App.R. 9SuttonSummit 5/29/2024 5/29/2024 2024-Ohio-2047
State ex rel. Hale v. Spatny 24CA012116Habeas Corpus, R.C. 2969.25(C)Per CuriamLorain 5/28/2024 5/28/2024 2024-Ohio-2025
State v. Quintile 2023CA0046-MR.C. 2923.16(B), R.C. 2923.16(F)(5), improper handling, concealed handgun, motor vehicle, ineffective assistance of counsel, Second Amendment, de novo, BruenFlagg LanzingerMedina 5/28/2024 5/28/2024 2024-Ohio-2026
State v. Glaspy 2023CA0054-Mdriving under suspension, continuance, ineffective assistance, manifest weight, notice, sufficiencyCarrMedina 5/28/2024 5/28/2024 2024-Ohio-2024
In re C.M. 30665, 30666legal custody – protective supervision – manifest weight of the evidence – preponderance of the evidence – burden of proofCarrSummit 5/22/2024 5/22/2024 2024-Ohio-1966
State v. Manning 30985no contest plea – post-sentence motion to withdraw – manifest injustice – abuse of discretion – firearms disability – waiver of counselSuttonSummit 5/22/2024 5/22/2024 2024-Ohio-1964
State v. Suggs 30896, 30897aiding and abetting – improperly discharging a firearm – improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle – rifle – sufficiency – manifest weight – admission of evidence – flight instruction – ineffective assistance of counsel – material prejudiceFlagg LanzingerSummit 5/22/2024 5/22/2024 2024-Ohio-1961
In re D.B. 30806, 30807legal custody – manifest weight of the evidence – preponderance of the evidence – six-month extension of temporary custody – best interest of the children – reasonable effortsHensalSummit 5/22/2024 5/22/2024 2024-Ohio-1965
Peterson v. Black 31118Habeas Corpus, Jurisdiction, R.C. 2725.02, R.C. 2725.03, Petition filed in right district but wrong countyPer CuriamSummit 5/22/2024 5/22/2024 2024-Ohio-1963
State v. Wheelock 2023CA0055-Msufficiency of the evidence, R.C. 2907.03(A)(2), manifest weight, Evid.R. 901(A), sentencingSuttonMedina 5/20/2024 5/20/2024 2024-Ohio-1913
King v. Black 24CA012076Habeas corpus, Civ.R. 12(B)(6), due process violation, mandamus provides remedyPer CuriamLorain 5/20/2024 5/20/2024 2024-Ohio-1917
State v. Williams 2023CA0070-MTraf.R. 11(C) – Traf.R. 11(F) – waiver – timelinessHensalMedina 5/20/2024 5/20/2024 2024-Ohio-1912
In re D.J. 30970, 30971, 30972permanent custody – clear and convincing evidence – sufficiency of the evidence – manifest weight of the evidence – best interest of the children – need for a legally secure permanent placement – R.C. 2151.414(D)(1)(d)StevensonSummit 5/15/2024 5/15/2024 2024-Ohio-1876
State v. Paul 30504Crim.R. 29, sufficiency, manifest weight, motion to suppress, ineffective assistance of counsel, motion for mistrial, Crim.R. 24, R.C. 2945.29, admissibility of evidenceSuttonSummit 5/15/2024 5/15/2024 2024-Ohio-1874
Kehoe v. Aronson 30577abuse of process, summary judgmentSuttonSummit 5/15/2024 5/15/2024 2024-Ohio-1875
State v. Dolcini 22CA0056-Mmotion to dismiss, freedom of speech, First Amendment, litteringHensalMedina 5/13/2024 5/13/2024 2024-Ohio-1843
Gifford v. Gifford 22CA011901parenting coordinator fees, void, voidable, jurisdiction, inconsistent, hearingCarrLorain 5/13/2024 5/13/2024 2024-Ohio-1844
Poulos v. Poulos 30592marital property, separate property, inter vivos gift, final appealable orderSuttonSummit 5/8/2024 5/8/2024 2024-Ohio-1769
State v. Huffman 23CA0016 & 23CA0017manifest weight of the evidence, sufficiency of the evidence, aggravated menacing, violating a protection order.StevensonWayne 5/6/2024 5/6/2024 2024-Ohio-1723
State v. Altomare 21CA011827suppression – access to counsel – sufficiency – possession – manifest weight – identityHensalLorain 5/6/2024 5/6/2024 2024-Ohio-1721
Estate of Davidson 23CA011964Civ.R. 53(D)(4)(b), Civ.R. 53(D)(4)(d), App.R. 9(A), App.R. 9(B)(1), App.R. 9(B)(3), incomplete record, transcript, objections, magistrate’s decisionStevensonLorain 5/6/2024 5/6/2024 2024-Ohio-1722
State v. Leon 2023CA0069-Mde novo, IILC, intervention in lieu of convictionFlagg LanzingerMedina 5/6/2024 5/6/2024 2024-Ohio-1724
State v. Yoho 22AP0059R.C. 2907.09(B)(4) – public indecency – knowingly expose – sufficiency – weight of the evidence – plain errorFlagg LanzingerWayne 5/6/2024 5/6/2024 2024-Ohio-1725
Gomez v. Summa Physicians, Inc. 30749wrongful death; statute of limitationsCarrSummit 5/1/2024 5/1/2024 2024-Ohio-1674
In re M.H. 30892, 30893adjudication, dependency, R.C. 2151.04(C)SuttonSummit 5/1/2024 5/1/2024 2024-Ohio-1675
State v. Omenai 30702sufficiency, manifest weight, inconsistent verdictsSuttonSummit 4/24/2024 4/24/2024 2024-Ohio-1571
State v. Rankin 20790sentencing, R.C. 2929.13, community control, R.C. 2953.08HensalSummit 4/24/2024 4/24/2024 2024-Ohio-1570
Holmes v. Summit Cty. Sheriff 30884Prohibition, dismissal, Civ.R. 12(B)(6), incomprehensible complaintPer CuriamSummit 4/24/2024 4/24/2024 2024-Ohio-1572
State v. Blackburn 23CA012000sentencing – consecutive sentences – record – contrary to law –CarrLorain 4/22/2024 4/22/2024 2024-Ohio-1524
Gault v. Medina Cty. Court of Common Pleas Clerk 2023 CA 0035-MCiv.R. 12(B) judgment on the pleadings; statutory interpretation; no ambiguity; de novo; question of law.RobbMedina 4/22/2024 4/22/2024 2024-Ohio-1530