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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
State v. Dennis CT2021-0050Withdraw guilty plea before sentencingGwinMuskingum 7/1/2022 7/1/2022 2022-Ohio-2320
Keene v. Duke 2021-CA-0052Civil protection orderGwinRichland 7/1/2022 7/1/2022 2022-Ohio-2321
State v. Bolduc 2021 CA 00098Request for new appointed counsel; insufficient recitation on no contest pleaE. WiseLicking 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2303
State v. Adan 2021 CA 00099VenueHoffmanLicking 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2304
State v. Sullens CT2021-0068Sentence within the statutory range - Trial Court considered the R.C. 2929.11 and R.C. 2929.12 factorHoffmanMuskingum 6/30/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2305
State v. Stewart 21-CA-00014Denial of motion to suppress; protective sweepE. WisePerry 6/29/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2306
Dover Chem. Corp. v. Dover 2021 AP 07 0016statutory immunity, Civ.R. 12(B)(6), unjust enrichment, negligent misrepresentation, defamationDelaneyTuscarawas 6/29/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2307
Brehm v. Brehm 2021 AP 09 0024Modification of shared parenting decree; change of circumstances must be demonstratedHoffmanTuscarawas 6/29/2022 6/30/2022 2022-Ohio-2308
State v. Williams 2021CA00081Child witness, competencyDelaneyStark 6/29/2022 6/29/2022 2022-Ohio-2245
State v. McBride 21-COA-024Denial of motion to seal recordBaldwinAshland 6/29/2022 6/29/2022 2022-Ohio-2240
State v. Eastman 21 CAA 05 0024Fifth amendment/Sixth amendment/Custodial interrogation/Unambiguous request forBaldwinDelaware 6/29/2022 6/29/2022 2022-Ohio-2241
State v. Hartfield 2021CA30Rape/sexual battery - sufficiency/manifest weight; jury unanimity, Reagan Tokes, mergerE. WiseLicking 6/29/2022 6/29/2022 2022-Ohio-2243
State v. McConnell CT2021-0062Presentence motion to withdraw guilty pleaJ. WiseMuskingum 6/28/2022 6/29/2022 2022-Ohio-2244
State v. Weger 2021 CA 00062Ineffective Assistance of Counsel - Pro Se Defendant - Sufficiency of Evidence - Child Endangering R.C. 2919.22HoffmanLicking 6/27/2022 6/27/2022 2022-Ohio-2204
State v. Crowthers CT-2021-0066 & CT-2021-0067SentencingE. WiseMuskingum 6/27/2022 6/27/2022 2022-Ohio-2206
Mansfield v. Feagin 2021 CA 0064Pro se appeal on MM - lack of due process; Crim. R. 11; ineffective counsel; speedy trialE. WiseRichland 6/27/2022 6/27/2022 2022-Ohio-2207
State v. Eddy 21 CA 104Revocation of community controlJ. WiseLicking 6/24/2022 6/24/2022 2022-Ohio-2176
State v. Mills 2020 CA 10Reagan Tokes ActE. WiseCoshocton 6/23/2022 6/24/2022 2022-Ohio-2175
McKinley Dev. Leasing Co., Ltd. v. Westfield Ins. Co. 2021 CA 00142Insurance coverage re: COVID 19J. WiseStark 6/22/2022 6/22/2022 2022-Ohio-2128
G.P. v. L.P. 2021 CA 0011, 2021 CA 0013, 2021 CA 0014ContemptE. WiseMorrow 6/22/2022 6/23/2022 2022-Ohio-2156
State v. Davis 21-COA-017Appeal of sentence after community control violationBaldwinAshland 6/21/2022 6/22/2022 2022-Ohio-2123
In re G.K. 21 CAF 01 0006DelinquencyJ. WiseDelaware 6/21/2022 6/22/2022 2022-Ohio-2124
Ball v. New Era Golf BT Inc. 22 CAE 02 0014summary judgment, golf course, negligence, duty of careDelaneyDelaware 6/21/2022 6/22/2022 2022-Ohio-2125
State v. Benson 22CA00005Denial of motion for access to public records.BaldwinGuernsey 6/21/2022 6/22/2022 2022-Ohio-2126
State v. Musolff CT2021-0048Crim.R. 11 Colloquy - Reagan Tokes - Consecutive SentencesHoffmanMuskingum 6/21/2022 6/27/2022 2022-Ohio-2205
Boli v. Huntington Natl. Bank 2021CA00113Summary judgment, statute of limitationsDelaneyStark 6/17/2022 6/22/2022 2022-Ohio-2127
State v. Miller 2021CA0031Criminal trespass/Manifest weight and sufficiencyBaldwinCoshocton 6/16/2022 6/16/2022 2022-Ohio-2049
State v. Rice 21 CAA 10 0050Anders briefBaldwinDelaware 6/16/2022 6/16/2022 2022-Ohio-2050
State v. Brazo 2021 CA 0016Remand - Reagan Tokes ActJ. WiseLicking 6/16/2022 6/17/2022 2022-Ohio-2066
State v. Link 21CA0059Request for new counsel, jointly-recommended sentenceDelaneyLicking 6/16/2022 6/17/2022 2022-Ohio-2067
State v. Lyall CT2021-0047IAC - Stipulation to Allied OffensesHoffmanMuskingum 6/14/2022 6/14/2022 2022-Ohio-2016
State v. Hernandez 21-COA-018Identity Fraud - Post-Release Control ConditionsHoffmanAshland 6/14/2022 6/15/2022 2022-Ohio-2028
State v. Kiser 21-COA 013Assault of Police officer; Sufficiency/WeightGwinAshland 6/14/2022 6/14/2022 2022-Ohio-2012
State v. Beck 21-COA-022 & 21-COA-023Jailtime CreditGwinAshland 6/14/2022 6/14/2022 2022-Ohio-2013
State v. Lanham 2022 CA 0003Post conviction reliefJ. WiseCoshocton 6/13/2022 6/14/2022 2022-Ohio-2014
State v. Smith 2021 CA 0095Petition for Post-Conviction Relief, Res Judicata, Two-Issue RuleHoffmanLicking 6/13/2022 6/14/2022 2022-Ohio-2015
State v. Williams 2021CA0003Constitutionality of Reagan Tokes Act/Ineffective assistance of counselBaldwinCoshocton 6/13/2022 6/13/2022 2022-Ohio-2002
In re E.S. 21CAF080041Rape, withdrawal of consentDelaneyDelaware 6/13/2022 6/13/2022 2022-Ohio-2003
State v. Cochran 2019 CA 00122Constitutionality of Reagan Tokes act/Ineffective assistance of counselBaldwinLicking 6/13/2022 6/13/2022 2022-Ohio-2004
State v. Gillum 2021 CA 00063Defective indictment; sufficiency and weight of the evidenceGwinLicking 6/13/2022 6/13/2022 2022-Ohio-2005
State v. Shaffer CT2021-0023SentencingGwinMuskingum 6/13/2022 6/13/2022 2022-Ohio-2006
State v. Harper 21CA000019Agg. Murder - Murder - Manifest Weight/Sufficiency of Evidence - Self Defense - Lesser Included Offense Instructions - Sentence for Agg MurderHoffmanGuernsey 6/10/2022 6/10/2022 2022-Ohio-1966
State v. Palmer 2021 AP 08 0019identification, sufficiency and manifest weight of the evidence, prosecutorial misconduct, ineffective assistance of counsel, R.C. 4511.19(A)(1)(a)DelaneyTuscarawas 6/10/2022 6/10/2022 2022-Ohio-1968
In re S.G. 2021CA00136; 2021CA00137PC - Reasonable Efforts - Finding of Abandonment - Denial Motion for Extension of TCHoffmanStark 6/9/2022 6/10/2022 2022-Ohio-1967
State v. Slye CT2020-0051Constitutionality of Reagan Tokes ActBaldwinMuskingum 6/8/2022 6/9/2022 2022-Ohio-1933
State v. Evans CT2021-0037, CT2021-0038, CT2021-0039, CT2021-0040Appeal of consecutive sentences/Ineffective assistance of counselBaldwinMuskingum 6/8/2022 6/9/2022 2022-Ohio-1934
In re G.B. 2022 CA 0004Permanent CustodyE. WiseRichland 6/7/2022 6/7/2022 2022-Ohio-1919
Clapper v. Little Sandy Creek Ruritan Club, Inc. 2021 CA 00095Immunity; summary judgmentJ. WiseStark 6/6/2022 6/7/2022 2022-Ohio-1920
Blevins v. Figueroa CT2021-0049R.C. 3109.051(G)/Relocation/Best interest/Abuse of discretionBaldwinMuskingum 6/6/2022 6/6/2022 2022-Ohio-1907
Gundel v. Whalen Lawn & Landscaping, L.L.C. 2021CA00128Summary judgment/R.C. 4723.01/4723.74/4723.741/Employer/EmployeeBaldwinStark 6/6/2022 6/6/2022 2022-Ohio-1908