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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
State v. Hale 2022 CA 00043Reasonable Articulable Suspicion - Officer's Search of HandbagHoffmanLicking 3/30/2023 3/30/2023 2023-Ohio-1057
State v. Laney 2022 CA 0044Domestic Violence - Sufficient Evidence Appellant and Victim were "Household or Family Members"HoffmanRichland 3/30/2023 3/30/2023 2023-Ohio-1058
Home Preferred Home Care, Ltd. v. Hiscox Ins. Co. 2022CA00122No duty to defend on misappropriation of trade secrets complaint.KingStark 3/30/2023 3/30/2023 2023-Ohio-1059
In re E.S. 2022 CA 0064Permanent CustodyGwinRichland 3/28/2023 3/28/2023 2023-Ohio-1009
Guernsey Cty. Community Dev. Corp. v. Speedy 22-CA-18Lack of Final Appealable OrderKingGuernsey 3/28/2023 3/29/2023 2023-Ohio-1026
State v. Cook 22CA00009Manifest weight & sufficiency, rape, Reagan TokesDelaneyKnox 3/27/2023 3/27/2023 2023-Ohio-994
State v. Rudder 2022CA00027SuppressionKingFairfield 3/27/2023 3/27/2023 2023-Ohio-993
State v. Speelman 22-COA-016 & 22-COA-017motion to suppress, plain smell, marijuanaDelaneyAshland 3/24/2023 3/27/2023 2023-Ohio-992
State v. Poudel 2022 CA 00071Miranda - Suppression - Credibility of WitnessesHoffmanLicking 3/24/2023 3/27/2023 2023-Ohio-995
In re L.H. 2022 CA 00094 & 2022 CA 00095Permanent Custody - Father Incarcerated - RC 2151.414(E)(10) - No Communication with Children for Greater than 90 daysHoffmanLicking 3/23/2023 3/23/2023 2023-Ohio-952
State v. Curtis CT2022-0071Presentence Investigation Report - Post-Sentence Request to ReviewHoffmanMuskingum 3/23/2023 3/23/2023 2023-Ohio-953
State v. Hayes CT2022-0021Ineffective assistance of counsel for failure to request jury instruction on lesser included offense of simple assault and sentence enhancement/Sufficiency of evidence/Denial of due process for trial court’s failure to sua sponte instruct on lesser included offense of misdemeanor assault and peace officer specificationBaldwinMuskingum 3/23/2023 3/28/2023 2023-Ohio-1008
State v. Smart 2022 AP 06 0018Consecutive Sentencing - Rebuttable Presumption of Community ControlHoffmanTuscarawas 3/23/2023 3/23/2023 2023-Ohio-955
State v. Potts 2022 CA 00045Crim.R. 16(L), admissibility of evidence, Evid.R. 609, manifest weight, cumulative errorDelaneyStark 3/22/2023 3/23/2023 2023-Ohio-954
State v. Ocanas 2022 CA 00047Identity; 911 call; hearsayJ. WiseLicking 3/22/2023 3/23/2023 2023-Ohio-951
Jariwala v. Patel 22CA0000010Summary judgment; Damages; Interpretation of operating agreementBaldwinGuernsey 3/22/2023 3/23/2023 2023-Ohio-950
Almasoodi v. J. Harris Constr. Inc. 22 CAE 06 0053Civ.R. 11, R.C. 2323.51DelaneyDelaware 3/21/2023 3/21/2023 2023-Ohio-895
Burch v. Ohio Farmers Ins. Co. 22 CAE 04 0029savings statute, Civ.R. 12(B), retroactive, employment law uniformity actDelaneyDelaware 3/21/2023 3/22/2023 2023-Ohio-912
State v. Paoletti 2022CA00050Gross Sexual Imposition, Manifest WeightKingLicking 3/21/2023 3/22/2023 2023-Ohio-913
State v. Barnes 2022 CA 00070Felonious assault; prosecutorial misconductJ. WiseStark 3/21/2023 3/21/2023 2023-Ohio-897
State v. Palmer CT2022-0044Sentencing, Ineffective AssistanceKingMuskingum 3/20/2023 3/21/2023 2023-Ohio-896
State v. Stevens 2022CA0017Warrantless Search - Fourth Amendment - Air Surveillance by Drone - No Contest Plea - Open Fields DoctrineHoffmanCoshocton 3/17/2023 3/20/2023 2023-Ohio-889
Berry-Silverman v. Silverman 21 CAF 12 0065Civ.R. 53J. WiseDelaware 3/16/2023 3/16/2023 2023-Ohio-824
TS Tech USA Corp. v. Pataskala 21CA0097Mandamus, Civ.R. 12(B)(6) dismissalDelaneyLicking 3/16/2023 3/16/2023 2023-Ohio-826
Whittington v. Hill 22CA0104Auto accident; App.R. 16J. WiseLicking 3/16/2023 3/16/2023 2023-Ohio-835
State v. McClure CT2022-0048Knowing, intelligent and voluntary plea of guiltyGwinMuskingum 3/16/2023 3/16/2023 2023-Ohio-827
State v. McClure CT2022-0049Knowing, intelligent and voluntary plea of guiltyGwinMuskingum 3/16/2023 3/16/2023 2023-Ohio-828
State v. Cruz 2022CA00049Speedy trial, time waiverDelaneyStark 3/16/2023 3/16/2023 2023-Ohio-833
State v. Tingler 2022 CA00084Manifest Weight; Sufficiency of EvidenceGwinStark 3/16/2023 3/16/2023 2023-Ohio-834
State v. Robinson 22 CA 15 & 22 CA 16Crim.R. 11J. WiseKnox 3/15/2023 3/16/2023 2023-Ohio-825
State v. Carter CT2022-0029Consecutive sentencesGwinMuskingum 3/15/2023 3/16/2023 2023-Ohio-829
State v. Wilson CT2022-0042OVI; Sufficient indicia of intoxication; Chemical test not conducted within three hour window; Error in sentencingBaldwinMuskingum 3/15/2023 3/16/2023 2023-Ohio-830
State v. Cruz 2022CA00055 & 2022CA00056SuppressionKingStark 3/14/2023 3/15/2023 2023-Ohio-794
State v. Mets 2022 CA 21Field sobriety tests; relevanceJ. WiseFairfield 3/8/2023 3/8/2023 2023-Ohio-710
State v. Emery 22-COA-026Anders briefBaldwinAshland 3/7/2023 3/8/2023 2023-Ohio-709
In re M.G. 2022CA00112, 2022CA00113 & 2022CA00114Father's appealGwinStark 3/7/2023 3/7/2023 2023-Ohio-695
In re M.G. 2022CA00131, 2022CA00132 & 2022CA00133Mother's appealGwinStark 3/7/2023 3/7/2023 2023-Ohio-696
Poland v. Ohio Parole Bd. 22 CA 0065Civ.R. 12(B)(6)J. WiseRichland 3/7/2023 3/7/2023 2023-Ohio-694
State v. Butler 2022 AP 05 0013Withdraw guilty plea after sentencingGwinTuscarawas 3/7/2023 3/7/2023 2023-Ohio-697
State v. Mayle CT2022-0034Prosecutor misconduct; Plain error; Bench trialBaldwinMuskingum 3/6/2023 3/6/2023 2023-Ohio-684
State v. Smith 2022 CA 00031Sufficiency of evidence; Manifest weight; Ineffective assistance of counsel; Free speechBaldwinLicking 3/6/2023 3/6/2023 2023-Ohio-683
State v. McConnell CT2022-0025Complicity; jury instructionsJ. WiseMuskingum 3/3/2023 3/3/2023 2023-Ohio-654
In re R.G.M. CT2022-0046 & CT2022-0047Legal custody; due process right to cross examine witnessJ. WiseMuskingum 3/3/2023 3/6/2023 2023-Ohio-685
State v. Hearns 22 CAC 06 0051OVI - Guilty Plea - Ineffective Assistance of CounselHoffmanDelaware 3/3/2023 3/3/2023 2023-Ohio-653
In re T.H.C. 2022 AP 09 0031 & 2022 AP 09 0032Permanent Custody - Trial Court's findings Children could not and should not be returned to Mother was not against the manifest weight of the evidence - Best Interest finding was not against the manifest weight of the evidenceHoffmanTuscarawas 3/3/2023 3/6/2023 2023-Ohio-687
State v. Dickinson 2022 CA 00035Arson; criminal mischiefJ. WiseStark 3/3/2023 3/6/2023 2023-Ohio-686
State v. Tatum 22 CAA 04 0027AndersJ. WiseDelaware 3/1/2023 3/2/2023 2023-Ohio-629
State v. Smith CT2022-0041Plea; disproportionate sentenceJ. WiseMuskingum 3/1/2023 3/2/2023 2023-Ohio-598
State v. Spencer 2021 CA 00085speedy trial, sufficiency and manifest weight of the evidence, forgery, mistrialDelaneyLicking 2/28/2023 3/2/2023 2023-Ohio-596
State v. Teagarden 22CA0105State's appeal, voidable judgment, res judicataDelaneyLicking 2/28/2023 3/2/2023 2023-Ohio-597