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State ex rel. Steinle v. Dewey (Slip Opinion) 2015-1533Mandamus-Civ.R. 56(D)-Extent of trial court's duty to issue findings of fact when denying motion for summary judgment in part-Mandamus is not a substitute for an appeal-Court of appeals' dismissal of complaint affirmed.Per CuriamSlip Opinion No. 2016-Ohio-5549 8/30/2016 8/30/2016 2016-Ohio-5549
State ex rel. Marmaduke v. Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund (Slip Opinion) 2015-1278Writ of mandamus-Disability benefit-Some evidence in the record supported decision of pension fund and its board-Judgment affirmed.Per CuriamSlip Opinion No. 2016-Ohio-5550 8/30/2016 8/30/2016 2016-Ohio-5550
State ex rel. Keith v. Gaul (Slip Opinion) 2015-1483Writ of mandamus-Ruling sought on motion for leave to file a delayed motion for new trial-Mandamus will not issue to compel a vain act-Judgment affirmed.Per CuriamSlip Opinion No. 2016-Ohio-5566 8/30/2016 8/30/2016 2016-Ohio-5566
State v. Thomas (Slip Opinion) 2015-0473Criminal law-2011 Am.Sub.H.B. No. 86-R.C. 1.58(B)-R.C. 1.52(A)-Defendant, who was convicted and sentenced in 2014 for offenses committed in 1993, is entitled to the benefit of the shorter potential sentences under the law in effect at the time of sentencing.French, J.Slip Opinion No. 2016-Ohio-5567 8/30/2016 8/30/2016 2016-Ohio-5567
08/30/2016 Case Announcements  Merit decisions with opinions-Motion and procedural rulings.   8/30/2016 8/30/2016 2016-Ohio-5577
Carter v. Reese (Slip Opinion) 2015-0108Tort law-Limitation on liability-"Good Samaritan" statute-R.C. 2305.23 applies to any person who administers emergency care at scene of emergency, not just health care professionals-"Administering emergency care" means giving medical and nonmedical care.O'Donnell, J.Slip Opinion No. 2016-Ohio-5569 8/30/2016 8/30/2016 2016-Ohio-5569
08/29/2016 Case Announcements  Official versions released-Motion and procedural rulings.   8/29/2016 8/29/2016 2016-Ohio-5548
In re Resignation of Stevens 2016-1030Attorneys at law-Resignation with disciplinary action pending-Gov.Bar R. VI(7)(C).   8/26/2016 8/26/2016 2016-Ohio-5528
08/26/2016 Case Announcements  Motion and procedural rulings-Disciplinary cases.   8/26/2016 8/26/2016 2016-Ohio-5529
State v. Hand (Slip Opinion) 2014-1814R.C. 2901.08(A) violates the Due Process Clauses of Article I, Section 16 of the Ohio Constitution and the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution because it is fundamentally unfair to treat a juvenile adjudication as a previous conviction that enhances either the degree of or the sentence for a subsequent offense committed as an adult-A juvenile adjudication cannot be used to increase a sentence beyond a statutory maximum or mandatory minimum.Lanzinger, J.Slip Opinion No. 2016-Ohio-5504 8/25/2016 8/25/2016 2016-Ohio-5504