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State v. Dickershield CA2020-07-075Defendant appeals domestic violence conviction. Cohabitation. State presented credible evidence that victim was family or household member. State presented credible evidence that the defendant caused and attempted to cause physical harm.ByrneButler 6/7/2021 6/7/2021 2021-Ohio-1912
Spitzer v. Frisch's Restaurants, Inc. CA2020-12-128The trial court did not err by granting summary judgment to appellees, a local restaurant chain, where appellant failed to identify what caused her to slip and fall in a restaurant that was owned and operated by appellees, as well as to introduce evidence demonstrating that appellees were responsible for placing or creating the hazard that caused appellant to fall, that appellees had actual notice of the hazard and failed to give appellant adequate notice of the hazard's presence, or that the hazard had existed for a sufficient length of time to warrant the imposition of constructive notice on appellees.S. PowellButler 6/7/2021 6/7/2021 2021-Ohio-1913
State v. Hartnady CA2020-07-040Appellant's convictions were supported by sufficient evidence where the state presented evidence that appellant failed to provide his pigs adequate shelter from the sun and failed to provide his donkeys and a miniature horse adequate food and water. PiperClermont 6/7/2021 6/7/2021 2021-Ohio-1914
State ex rel. Hicks v. McBride CA2021-02-004Respondent is entitled to dismissal under Civ.R. 12(B)(6) where relator could not state a claim for which relief could be granted because the trial court had jurisdiction to order the attorney fees be paid. PiperClermont 6/1/2021 6/1/2021 2021-Ohio-1855
State v. Moore CA2020-09-016Appellant's conviction for domestic violence in violation of R.C. 2919.25(A) was supported by sufficient evidence and was not against the manifest weight of the evidence where the evidence established beyond a reasonable doubt that appellant had not acted in self-defense when he caused physical harm to the victim, the mother of his then two-month-old child, by choking the victim and elbowing and punching the victim in the face multiple times during an altercation while appellant and the victim were in the victim's vehicle.S. PowellFayette 6/1/2021 6/1/2021 2021-Ohio-1856
In re L.D.M. CA2020-07-078The juvenile court did not err in denying mother's Civ.R. 60 motion for relief from a judgment adopting the child enforcement support agency's recommendation to terminate father's child support obligation upon the parties' disabled child's 18th birthday.M. PowellButler 6/1/2021 6/1/2021 2021-Ohio-1853
State v. Jones CA2020-11-121Anders no error.Per CuriamButler 6/1/2021 6/1/2021 2021-Ohio-1854
Bowling v. Bowling CA2020-02-014Father appeals domestic relations court decision resolving various issues between Father and Mother arising from parties' shared parenting plan (SPP). Issues involved Father's request for reimbursement for the children's expenses and Father's allegations that Mother violated an agreed order regarding communication with the children during Father's parenting time. SPP provided that parties share equally in costs of the children's extracurricular activities if they agreed to activity prior to enrollment. Father unilaterally enrolled the children in competitive cheer. Facts belied Father's claim that he believed that the parties had an agreement regarding sharing the costs of competitive cheer. Court's calculation of e expenses supported by the record. Father failed to articulate specific expense he claimed inaccurate. Court did not abuse discretion in not finding Mother in contempt for "excessively" contacting children. Parties' agreed order did not define "excessive"; only required parties to "reduce" communications with the children.HendricksonWarren 6/1/2021 6/1/2021 2021-Ohio-1857
In re Y.R. CA2020-09-057Mother appeals juvenile court decisions adjudicating child dependent and continuing temporary custody with children services. Adjudication of dependency supported by evidence. Mother relapsed on methamphetamine while acting as sole caregiver. Temporary custody with the agency finding upheld. Mother claimed sobriety but had not appeared for drug screen and had not signed releases authorizing the agency to verify her claimed progress. Agency failed to timely file case plan for reunification. However, Mother could not demonstrate prejudice. ByrneWarren 6/1/2021 6/1/2021 2021-Ohio-1858
In re Estate of Weitzel CA2021-01-001Probate court did not err in denying decedent's children's motion to bar spousal elections and granting surviving spouse's motion for an extension of time to make the spousal elections.M. PowellWarren 6/1/2021 6/1/2021 2021-Ohio-1859