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State v. Dixon 2021-P-0114CRIMINAL - Sentencing; R.C. 2929.11; R.C. 2929.12 seriousness and recidivism factors; R.C. 2953.08(G) does not provide a basis to modify or vacate sentences not supported by the record under R.C. 2929.11 or 2929.12; Consecutive sentences; R.C. 2929.14(C)(4); Ineffective assistance of Counsel; Reagan Tokes Law; appellant not prejudiced by failure to object to imposition of indefinite sentence under constitutional Regan Tokes Law; nunc pro tunc; Crim.R. 36; clerical mistake; sentencing entry.EklundPortage 11/21/2022 11/21/2022 2022-Ohio-4158
State v. Victor 2021-A-0046CRIMINAL - Rape; Gross Sexual Imposition; manifest weight of the evidence; sufficiency of the evidence; credibility; date of sexual conduct not an element of rape; sexual purpose; merger; allied offenses; multiple acts; consecutive sentences; supported by the recordLynchAshtabula 11/21/2022 11/21/2022 2022-Ohio-4159
State v. Shannon 2021-T-0049CRIMINAL - manifest weight of the evidence; sufficiency of the evidence; Domestic Violence; Felonious Assault; Intimidation of a Witness; credibility of witness; serious physical harm; intimidation; prosecutorial misconduct; misleading the jury; Reagan Tokes; void-for-vagueness; separation of powers; right to trial by jury; due process; parole revocationLynchTrumbull 11/21/2022 11/21/2022 2022-Ohio-4160
Nosse v. Kirtland 2022-L-032CIVIL - administrative appeal; R.C. 121.22; termination of fire chief; open meetings; public hearing; executive session; quasi-judicial proceedings; conduct off-duty; just cause; R.C. 733.35; misfeasance, malfeasance, and misconduct in office; drunkennessLynchLake 11/21/2022 11/21/2022 2022-Ohio-4161
McMullen v. Wyatt 2022-P-0023CIVIL - adverse possession; objections to magistrate's decision; transcript of hearing; Civ.R. 53(D)(3)(b); weight of the evidence; permissive use; clear and convincing evidenceLynchPortage 11/21/2022 11/21/2022 2022-Ohio-4162
State ex rel. Mansfield v. Falkowski 2022-L-073Complaint dismissed.Per CuriamLake 11/21/2022 11/21/2022 2022-Ohio-4163
State v. Ely 2021-A-0028CRIMINAL LAW - OVI; Traf.R. 10; petty offenses; effect of the plea of guilty; Crim.R. 11(E); where actual innocence not asserted, defendant entering guilty plea presumed to understand that he has completely admitted his guilt.WrightTrumbull 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4039
State v. Puleo 2021-L-131CONTEMPT - direct contempt; criminal contempt; R.C. 2705.01; imminent threat to the administration of justice.WrightLake 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4040
State v. Rose 2022-A-0040CRIMINAL - Post-Conviction Relief; R.C. 2953.02; abuse of discretion; dismissal of petition for post-conviction relief without hearing.EklundAshtabula 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4041
Briggs v. Turoczi 2022-G-0005CIVIL - Civ.R. 12(C) motion for judgment on the pleadings; failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted; R.C. 2305.113; medical claim; derivative claim; affidavit of merit; standing; R.C. 5101.63; breach of duty to report abuse of an adult; elder abuse; definition of "adult".WrightGeauga 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4042
Cty. Risk Sharing Auth., Inc. v. State 2022-G-0013CIVIL - Summary Judgment; R.C. 940.07; State defense and indemnification of soil and water conservation districts; R.C. Chapter 2744; R.C. 2744.07; R.C. 2744.08; R.C. 2744.081; soil and water conservation district may contract to obtain insurance, which takes precedence for indemnification over State's obligations; Illusory contract; United States Constitution, Article One, Section 10; Civ.R. 12(E); motion for more definite statement; motion to compel discovery; trial court has discretion to regulate discovery.EklundGeauga 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4043
Ziegler v. Tameris 2022-L-042CIVIL - civil stalking protection order; menacing by stalking; neighbor dispute; pattern of conduct; mental distress; sufficient evidence.WrightLake 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4044
Rootstown Twp Bd. of Trustees v. Helmlin 2022-P-0010ZONING - injunction; Civ.R. 53(D)(3)(b)(iv); plain error; R.C. 519.99; anticipatory contempt.WrightPortage 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4045
State v. Reyes 2022-P-0018CRIMINAL LAW - sex offender classification; retroactive application; Megan's Law; motion to reclassify; Adam Walsh Act; voidable error; collateral attack; res judicata.WrightPortage 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4046
State v. Malachin 2022-T-0002CRIMINAL - Rape; R.C. 2907.02(A)(1)(c); Ineffective assistance of counsel; Crim.R. 16(K); Expert witnesses; defendant was not prejudiced by use of substantially the same reworked lab report turned over less than 21 days before trial when original expert was unavailable; cross-examination of expert; trial strategy; Sufficiency of the evidence; Manifest weight of the evidence; R.C. 2967.271; Reagan Tokes Law is not unconstitutional on its face.EklundTrumbull 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4047
State v. Pierce 2022-T-0011CRIMINAL LAW - postsentence motion to withdraw guilty plea; Crim.R. 32.1; denied without hearing; manifest injustice standard; credibility of affidavits; Calhoun factors; no duty to issue findings of fact and conclusions of law.WrightTrumbull 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4048
In re Z.A.D. 2022-T-0052JUVENILE - Juv.R. 40(D); motion to modify parenting time; motion for contempt of court; failure to object to magistrate's decision; failure to move to set aside magistrate's order; plain error; forfeited on appeal.WrightTrumbull 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4049
State v. Schaade 2021-A-0037CRIMINAL LAW - gross sexual imposition; jury trial; ineffective assistance of counsel; failure to call witnesses; trial tactics; different outcome; maximum sentence; consideration and application of R.C. 2929.11 and 2929.12.TrappAshtabula 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4050
State v. Wagner 2021-L-101CRIMINAL - Felonious Assault; Discharge of a Firearm on or Near Prohibited Premises; Improperly Handling Firearms in a Motor Vehicle; "Stand Your Ground" law; duty to retreat; self-defense; jury instruction; R.C. 2901.09; retroactive; prospective; substantive law; ex post factoLynchLake 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4051
State v. Lefkowitz 2021-T-0054CRIMINAL LAW - felony sentencing; trial court considered R.C. 2929.14(C) at the sentencing hearing and in the sentencing judgment entry in sentencing the appellant to consecutive sentences; the trial court is no longer required to make findings on the record to support imposition of maximum sentences.TrappTrumbull 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4052
State ex rel. Yost v. Orlando 2022-A-0003, 2022-A-0013CIVIL - water pollution control laws; civil penalty; magistrate's decision; failure to file transcript; Civ.R. 53(D)(3)(b)(iii); motion to vacate; Civ.R. 60(B)(1); excusable neglect; failure to obtain counsel; "do-over"; oral hearing; failure to allege operative facts; motion for a new trial; Civ.R. 59(A)(8); newly discovered evidence; event occurring after trial.TrappAshtabula 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4053
State v. Kessler Scott 2022-L-018CRIMINAL LAW - sufficient evidence of joint possession, drugs were readily accessible in the center console of the vehicle, appellant admitted to using them and stored the drugs in his container; the manifest weight of the evidence supports the verdict; jury instruction on flight was supported by the evidence, appellant fled a traffic stop on foot, whether the appellant's flight was evidence of consciousness of guilt was for the jury to decide.TrappLake 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4054
Kaydo v. Kaydo 2022-L-021CIVIL - domestic relations; divorce; subject matter jurisdiction; Ohio residency; R.C. 3105.03; uncontested factual allegations; plain error; marital or separate property; inter vivos gift; manifest weight of the evidence; failure to object; Civ.R. 53(D)(3)(b).TrappLake 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4055
Antonious v. Selvaggio 2022-L-047CIVIL - summary judgment; foreclosure of tax certificates; failure to send written notice of certificate sales; R.C. 5721.33(K); not an issue of "material fact."TrappLake 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4056
Kent v. Lusane 2022-P-0011CRIMINAL LAW - failure to yield; minor misdemeanor; dash and body camera video; due process; failure to preserve material exculpatory evidence; destruction of potentially useful evidence in bad faith; service of discovery; Crim.R. 49(B); Civ.R. 5(B); sufficiency of the evidence; contributory negligence; manifest weight of the evidence; witness credibility.TrappPortage 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4057
State v. Hersey 2022-P-0022CRIMINAL - Sexual Battery; Gross Sexual Imposition; merger; single scheme; allied offenses; single sentence; sex offender classification; punitive in nature; election of offense; plain errorLynchPortage 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4058
Coppa v. Doherty 2022-P-0045ORIGINAL ACTION - mandamus; affidavit of prior civil actions; R.C. 2969.25(A)Per CuriamPortage 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4059
State v. Watters 2022-T-0015CRIMINAL - Anders; Aggravated Possession of Methamphetamine; R.C. 2925.11(A); contrary to law; R.C. 2953.08(G)(2); sufficiency and manifest weight of the evidence; probable cause; inventory searchLynchTrumbull 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4060
State v. March-Natali 2022-T-0022CRIMINAL - aggravated menacing; R.C. 2903.21(A); right to self-representation; prejudicial joinder; Crim.R. 14; ineffective assistance of counsel; separation of witnesses; impeachment; exculpatory evidence; manifest weight of the evidence; threat of physical harmLynchTrumbull 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4061
State v. Williams 2022-T-0043CRIMINAL LAW - misdemeanor sentencing; sentence is within statutory range; nothing to suggest sentence is contrary to law or that trial court abused its discretion by imposing a jail sentence after reviewing the appellant's extensive criminal history.TrappTrumbull 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4062
State v. Stychno 2022-T-0086APPELLATE REVIEW - Appeal dismissed; no judgment entry attached to the notice of appeal; Loc.R. 3(C)(2); App.R. 4(A); App.R. 5(A).LynchTrumbull 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 2022-Ohio-4063
State v. Woods 2021-L-044CRIMINAL - Senate Bill 201; The Reagan Tokes Act; ripeness; constitutional challenges; indefinite sentencing.EklundLake 11/7/2022 11/7/2022 2022-Ohio-3970
State v. Collins 2021-L-109CRIMINAL - Sentencing; Trial court has discretion to continue sentencing date; Trial court inquired into defendant's ability to understand proceeding at plea hearing; State did not commit misconduct by failing to turn over victim impact letters which neither the State nor defendant had access to; Crim.R. 16; Victim impact statements; R.C. 2947.051; R.C. 2930.14(A); Lake County Local Rule 8.06; Plain error; Crim.R. 52(B); trial court did not improperly rely on new information from victim impact statements without disclosing contents to defendant; Ineffective assistance of counsel; R.C. 2967.271; Reagan Tokes Law is not unconstitutional on its face.EklundLake 11/7/2022 11/7/2022 2022-Ohio-3971
State v. Lawson 2021-L-133CRIMINAL - Manifest weight of the evidence; sufficient evidence; gross sexual imposition, R.C. 2907.05(A)(4); R.C. 2907.05(A)(1); sexual contact; a lack of corroborating eyewitness testimony is not a basis for reversal alone; force or threat of force.EklundLake 11/7/2022 11/7/2022 2022-Ohio-3972
State v. Cortez 2022-A-0019 & 2022-A-0020CRIMINAL - Sentencing; R.C. 2929.14(C); Consecutive sentencing; Breach of plea agreement; Plain error; Crim.R. 52(B); Defendant breached a plea agreement by twice failing to appear for sentencing, the State was within its rights to change recommendation from concurrent sentences to consecutive sentences.EklundAshtabula 11/7/2022 11/7/2022 2022-Ohio-3973
State v. Mueller 2022-T-0026CRIMINAL LAW - SENTENCING - R.C. 2929.11 and 2929.12; appellate court not permitted to independently weigh evidence and substitute its judgment for trial court.WrightTrumbull 11/7/2022 11/7/2022 2022-Ohio-3974
State v. Walker 2022-T-0035CRIMINAL - Crim.R. 25(B); a party waives any objection to the transfer of judges by failing to raise that issue on the record before the action is taken; a sentencing court must merely state that it has considered the factors under R.C. 2929.11 and R.C. 2929.12.EklundTrumbull 11/7/2022 11/7/2022 2022-Ohio-3975
Concord Real Estate Invest., L.L.C. v. Concord Twp. Joint Economic Dev. Dist. 2021-L-001CIVIL - joint economic development district; summary judgment; income tax exemption; R.C. 715.72(Q); owner; business operating within the district; R.C. 715.72(A)(7)LynchLake 11/7/2022 11/7/2022 2022-Ohio-3976
State v. Abdullah 2021-L-051CRIMINAL - manifest weight of the evidence; sufficiency of the evidence; Rape; Felonious Assault; Kidnapping; merger; evidence of penetration; credibility of witness; inconsistent testimony; physical evidence; purpose to inflict serious physical harm; consecutive sentence; harm to the victim; Reagan Tokes; void-for-vagueness; separation of powers; right to trial by jury; due process; parole revocationLynchLake 11/7/2022 11/7/2022 2022-Ohio-3977
State v. Jones 2021-P-0098CRIMINAL LAW - sufficiency of the evidence, reckless homicide, perversely disregarded known risks dry firing handgun in close proximity, tampering with evidence, sufficient evidence appellant removed all traces of himself from the scene; prosecutorial misconduct, legitimately questioned witness in effort to bolster his credibility, failed to demonstrate improper or prejudice, remark regarding appellant's post-arrest silence and lack of curative instruction by trial court was troubling, however any error was harmless given the overwhelming evidence of appellant's guilt; hearsay rule does not apply to out of court statement when it is used to explain subsequent actions of witness.TrappPortage 11/7/2022 11/7/2022 2022-Ohio-3978
State v. Habeeb-Ullah 2021-P-0102CRIMINAL LAW - Gross Sexual Imposition; sufficiency of the evidence; delayed disclosure; sexual contact does not require skin to skin contact; manifest weight of the evidence; a reasonable juror could find the victim's testimony credible despite being disclosed when she was angry; res judicata barred appellant from raising issue with the trial court's decision to exclude testimony; affirmed.RicePortage 11/7/2022 11/7/2022 2022-Ohio-3979
State v. Little 2022-P-0051APPELLATE REVIEW - R.C. 2505.02; no final appealable order; no disposition of underlying criminal action; no conviction or sentence.EklundPortage 11/7/2022 11/7/2022 2022-Ohio-3980
Terrell v. Morgan Furniture 2022-T-0033CIVIL LAW - small claims; failed to prove breach of contract claim by a preponderance of the evidence; failed to file transcript or agreed upon statement pursuant to App.R. 9 on appeal, thus, we presume regularity below and affirm.TrappTrumbull 11/7/2022 11/7/2022 2022-Ohio-3981
State v. Mills 2022-A-0006CRIMINAL - Manifest weight of the evidence; a jury may consider circumstantial evidence; consecutive sentences; findings mandated by R.C. 2929.14(C)(4) must be made at the sentencing hearing and in the sentencing entry.EklundAshtabula 10/31/2022 10/31/2022 2022-Ohio-3866
In re E.M. 2022-T-0057CIVIL - Termination of parental rights; motion to extend temporary custody; best interest of the child; R.C. 2151.414(B)(1).EklundTrumbull 10/31/2022 10/31/2022 2022-Ohio-3867
State ex rel. O'Brien v. Nosich 2022-T-0049ORIGINAL ACTION - petition for writ of prohibition; patent and unambiguous lack of jurisdiction; adequate remedy at law; subject matter jurisdiction; continuing jurisdiction; nunc pro tuncPer CuriamTrumbull 10/31/2022 10/31/2022 2022-Ohio-3868
State v. Stevens 2021-L-105CRIMINAL - R.C. 2929.12(C)(4); mitigating factors; consecutive sentences; R.C. 2953.08(G)(2); Reagan Tokes Law.EklundLake 10/24/2022 10/24/2022 2022-Ohio-3781
Krueger v. Krueger 2022-G-0022 & 2022-G-0028APPEALS DISMISSED - motion to recuse magistrate denied; R.C. 2505.02(B)(2); does not affect a substantial right; matters pending; no final, appealable order; motion to extend discovery; no order of discovery of a privileged matter; interlocutory; no final, appealable order.TrappGeauga 10/24/2022 10/24/2022 2022-Ohio-3782
Younker v. Mook 2021-A-0042civil protection order; Civ.R. 65.1(F); objections to magistrate's grant of protection order; failure to file objections; Civ.R. 65.1(G); failure to file transcript; record on appeal; dismissalLynchAshtabula 10/17/2022 10/17/2022 2022-Ohio-3699
Homestead Interiors, Inc. v. Hines 2021-G-0024CIVIL - Trial court's adoption of magistrate's decision denying party's counterclaim alleging violations of the Consumer Sales Practices Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, damage to personal property, and breach of express and implied warranties of merchantability was not erroneous; counterclaimant failed to prove his counterclaim when he submitted only one photo and personal testimony as evidence; counterclaimant was required to submit expert testimony to refute plaintiff's claim that the carpet color deviation from the sample carpet was within industry standards; trial court erred in entering judgment for attorney fees against consumer under R.C. 1345.09(F) without finding that defendant's counterclaim was baseless or made in bad faith; affirmed in part, reversed in part, remanded.RiceGeauga 10/17/2022 10/17/2022 2022-Ohio-3700