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State v. Aponte 15AP-945Convictions affirmed; defendant did not demonstrate that the state solicited false testimony from the victim so as to violate her due process rights because she did not prove that the victim's testimony was false; for the same reasons, trial counsel was not ineffective for not questioning the victim about her comment.KlattFranklin 10/13/2016 10/13/2016 2016-Ohio-7309
State v. Nichter 15AP-886Because the record clearly and convincingly fails to support the trial court's finding that a sanction other than a prison term would not demean the seriousness of the offense, the trial court committed reversible error in granting appellee's motion for judicial release. Judgment reversed and cause remanded for the trial court to redetermine whether the factors indicating that appellee's conduct in committing identity fraud was less serious than conduct normally constituting the offense outweigh factors indicating that appellee's conduct was more serious than conduct normally constituting the offense.SadlerFranklin 10/11/2016 10/11/2016 2016-Ohio-7268
State v. Anderson 15AP-924Motion to suppress properly denied; based on the totality of the circumstances, police officer had reasonable suspicion to believe that defendant was engaged in criminal activity and that he could be armed.KlattFranklin 10/11/2016 10/11/2016 2016-Ohio-7269
State ex rel. Goff v. Indus. Comm. 15AP-1016Industrial Commission did not abuse its discretion in denying relator's motion for temporary total disability compensation where the record provided some evidence that relator had abandoned the workforce and thus had no wages to replace. Writ of mandamus denied.SadlerFranklin 10/11/2016 10/11/2016 2016-Ohio-7270
State v. Easley 16AP-9 & 16AP-10Convictions affirmed; juvenile court's decision to relinquish jurisdiction over defendant to common pleas court was not an abuse of discretion, as the trial court properly and thoughtfully considered all of the appropriate factors before making its decision.KlattFranklin 10/11/2016 10/11/2016 2016-Ohio-7271
Woods Cove III, L.L.C. v. Huntington Natl. Bank 14AP-784The trial court erred in not reviewing appellant's timely filed memorandum contra prior to granting appellee's motion for summary judgment. Judgment reversed.Dorrian, P.J.Franklin 9/30/2016 9/30/2016 2016-Ohio-7124
State v. Howard 15AP-444We affirmed appellant's convictions finding there was sufficient evidence and the judgment was not against the manifest weight of the evidence. Further, appellant did not demonstrate that the trial court committed plain error in its jury instruction regarding bulk amount.HortonFranklin 9/30/2016 9/30/2016 2016-Ohio-7125
State v. Bluhm 15AP-938Defendant's convictions for aggravated vehicular homicide, aggravated vehicular assault, and OVI were supported by the manifest weight of the evidence. Defendant received effective assistance of trial counsel. Trial court erred in sentencing defendant to consecutive terms without making the findings required by R.C.2929.14(C)(4). Remanded for resentencing.DorrianFranklin 9/30/2016 9/30/2016 2016-Ohio-7126
State v. Madison 15AP-994 & 15AP-995Trial court's imposition of maximum sentences upheld; cause remanded for limited purpose of issuing nunc pro tunc entries that incorporate statutory findings for consecutive sentences.BrownFranklin 9/30/2016 9/30/2016 2016-Ohio-7127
State ex rel. Kindred Healthcare Operating, Inc. v. Indus. Comm. 15AP-1106Writ of mandamus denied.BrownFranklin 9/30/2016 9/30/2016 2016-Ohio-7128