Military Spouse Attorneys Admission: Online Documents and Documents for Download

Links to Online Application Materials Notice
1. Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio -- Rule I. Admission to the Practice of Law These documents contain important information you must read before completing your application.
2. Instructions for Military Spouse Attorneys Admission Refer back to the instructions page for help completing the application.
3. Definitions of Essential Eligibility Requirements for the Practice of Law
4. Decisions Issued by the Supreme Court of Ohio that Relate to Character and Fitness
5. National Conference of Bar Examiners -- Fee Schedule
6. Applicant’s Character Questionnaire
To be completed by applicant
After completing the NCBE’s electronic Character Questionnaire, be sure to print out and include an original hardcopy of the Questionnaire and a copy of the Questionnaire with your application.
Documents for Download Notice
7. Certification of Admission by Bar Examination To be completed by the admissions authority from the jurisdiction from which the applicant seeks admission.
8. Affidavit of Applicant To be completed by the applicant.
9. Request for Military Spouse Admission To be completed by the applicant.
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