November 21, 2013
Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger Presents Public Speaking Tips at OWBA Program

Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger today presented a session on effective public-speaking skills to the Ohio Women’s Bar Foundation Leadership Institute at the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center.

Justice Lanzinger’s presentation titled: “10 Principles for Successful Public Speaking,” focused on the specific skills that attorneys need to assist clients and persuade judges and juries.

“Attorneys speak in a variety of situations,” Justice Lanzinger said. “They must talk to clients, judges, juries, and opposing counsel in the context of litigation, but they also have the opportunity to speak before community groups and in other professional settings. Sometimes they are required to speak to the media. My presentation offers ideas for communicating in all of these situations.”

Each attorney delivered a short speech after Justice Lanzinger’s presentation. She and other panel members then offered each lawyer advice on improving her speaking techniques.

Now serving her second six-year term on the Supreme Court, Justice Lanzinger is the only person ever elected to every level of Ohio’s judiciary. As the 150th justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, she previously served on the Sixth District Court of Appeals for Ohio, the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas and the Toledo Municipal Court. Her varied judicial experience allows her a unique perspective of the state court system. She continues to teach lawyers and judges in professional education programs.

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