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Summit Materials

Keynote Address: Pretrial Justice in America - Cherise Fanno Burdeen
Presentation Slides (Burdeen)
Legal and Evidence-Based Pretrial Justice - Tim Schnacke
Legal and Evidence-Based Best Practices Justice Links
A Brief History of Bail
Presentation Slides (Schnacke)
Pretrial Risk Assessment and Racial Bias - Michael R. Jones
Pretrial Risk Assessment Tools: A Primer for Judges, Prosecutors, and Defense Attorneys
Questions About Pretrial Assessment
The Use of Pretrial "Risk Assessment" Instruments: A Shared Statement of Civil Rights Concerns
Presentation Slides (Jones)
Ohio's Pretrial Justice System - Hon. Reginald Routson & Hon. Stephen McIntosh
Presentation Slides (Routson-McIntosh)
Proposed Changes to Criminal Rule 46
Session 1: Pretrial Assessment and Decision Framework Overview
Presentation Slides
Sample Release Conditions Matrix
Session 2: Checking In - Using Data to Assess Your Pretrial Program's Effectiveness
Presentation Slides (Matthews)
Session 3: Panel Discussion: Resourcing an Effective Pretrial Justice System
Presentation Slides (Daniels)
Presentation Slides (Defibaugh)
Presentation Slides (Kochera)
Session 4: Reducing Jail and Protecting Victims - Katie Crank & Hon. James Cawthon
Presentation Slides (Crank-Cawthon)
Session 5: Risk-Need-Responsivity in Pretrial Decision Making - Amanda Levering
Presentation Slides (Levering)
A Guide to Pretrial Supervised Release
Team Time & Panel Discussion
Sample Pretrial Questions
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