The Office of Disciplinary Counsel investigates allegations of ethical misconduct against attorneys and judges.

Please understand that this office has no jurisdiction over and will not become involved in the legal merits of any case. The disciplinary process will not affect court decisions made in your case. In addition, Disciplinary Counsel cannot give legal advice.

Once received, please allow up to 90 days to review and respond to your grievance. During that time, we will advise you if we dismiss your grievance or open the matter for investigation. We may or may not contact you by mail or telephone to provide additional information. We will only respond to inquiries from the person(s) who completed the form.

Online filing is available for grievances against Ohio judges and attorneys

Filing online reduces errors and provides the following benefits:

  • Assurance that you have completed all and only the necessary portions of the form
  • Immediate acknowledgement that your grievance has been submitted
  • Ability to use Google Translate to your language

If you prefer to send your grievance form by mail, or you wish to file a grievance against an individual or entity that has engaged in the unauthorized practice of law (“UPL”), please use our mail-in form in one of the following languages:

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The Rules of the Supreme Court of Ohio require that investigations be confidential. You are required to keep confidential the fact that you are filing this grievance. Only the attorney/judge against whom you are filing your grievance may waive confidentiality. In filing a grievance against your attorney, you are waiving the attorney-client privilege.

The attorney or judge against whom you are filing your grievance is entitled to receive a copy of your grievance and may be asked to respond to your allegations. Your grievance may result in your attorney withdrawing from your case. Disciplinary Counsel cannot prevent an attorney from withdrawing from representation.

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