The Contemporary Art of the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center

View a PDF Catalog of the Moyer Judicial Center's Contemporary Artists and Contributors.

M. Katherine Hurley, Red Hay Wagon, 2006 Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson, Church Quilters on Water Street, 2000-2007 Malcolm Cochran, Words of Justice, 2006 Debra Dawson, Marblehead Ohio Wetlands, 2005 Caroline L. Ransom, Thomas Welles Bartley, 1900 Author unknown, Carte de la Partie de l'Amerique Septentrionale qui comprend les Possessions Anglaises, undated Andrew F. Scott, Gavel, 2008 Photographer unknown, Carroll County Courthouse, 1911

In 2003, the Supreme Court of Ohio moved into the Ohio Judicial Center, a beautifully restored, historic and architectural treasure on the Scioto riverfront in Columbus that features an impressive collection of original art throughout its interior and exterior. This art includes murals, relief sculptures, and mosaics depicting scenes and people from Ohio history, important Ohio industries and other subjects.

Since moving into the Moyer Judicial Center, the Court has acquired a large collection of new public art that is on display for visitors to enjoy. Many of these works are by prominent Ohio artists and depict Ohio subjects, from Hocking Hills landscapes to former Supreme Court Justices to county courthouses.

Art Events and Installations

March 2009: Tuskegee Airmen Series by Delaware artist Robert E. Tanner Sr.

Ohio Judicial Center Adds Tuskegee Airmen Paintings to Art Collection

View the Tuskegee Airmen Portrait Series Brochure

June 2008: Reception to honor the various artists and benefactors who have contributed to the Court's art collection

Event Highlights Art Collection at Ohio Judicial Center

Requires Adobe Flash Player. View sound bites from Andrew Scott, artist/sculptor, about his installation, Gavel, in the Moyer Judicial Center south reflecting pool.

Requires Adobe Flash Player. View video from the June 3, 2008 event celebrating the Moyer Judicial Center's contemporary artists and contributors.

May 2008: Artist Lunch Event with Aminah Robinson and Nicholas Hill

Requires Adobe Flash Player. View the video from this event.

To schedule a tour of the collection, please phone 614.387.9223.

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