Ohio's Pride: Art in the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center

The title of this series, Ohio’s Pride, comes from the phrase used to describe the Moyer Judicial Center when it first opened in 1933 as the Ohio State Office Building. Artwork throughout the building celebrates Ohio’s rich history, the achievements of its citizens, and the dignity of its cultural and manufactured resources.

The following lesson plans are free, align with Ohio’s Learning Standards, and are meant to employ the building’s historical resources to engage students across Ohio.

Transportation and Technology in Ohio

Educators will use original murals painted by Ohio artist H.H. Wessel on display in the Moyer Judicial Center to lead students through activities and discussions exploring technological innovations and transportation in Ohio.

Educators should email OhiosPride@sc.ohio.gov with their name and school/organization to request access to the lesson plan.*

* If you do not receive an email response within one hour, please call the Civic Education Office at 614.387.9223 during weekday business hours.