Supreme Court of Ohio and Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center Office Directory

Below is a directory of phone numbers to various Supreme Court of Ohio and Moyer Judicial Center offices. If you're not sure which office is best suited for your inquiry, check the comprehensive list of offices and phone numbers.

The Supreme Court of Ohio
General Information 614.387.9000
Administrative Director 614.387.9500
Attorney Registration 614.387.9320
Attorney Services 614.387.9320
Bar Admissions 614.387.9340
Continuing Legal Education 614.387.9320
Clerk 614.387.9530
Court Security 614.387.9900
Court Services 614.387.9400
Facilities Management 614.387.9300
Fiscal Resources 614.387.9480
Human Resources 614.387.9470
Information Technology 614.387.9600
Judicial College 614.387.9445
Judicial Services 614.387.9445
Law Library (circulation) 614.387.9680
Legal Resources 614.387.9560
Legal & Policy Affairs 614.387.9510
Public Information Office: News Media & Public Records 614.387.9250
Reporter 614.387.9580
The Moyer Judicial Center
Board of Professional Conduct 614.387.9370
Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection 614.387.9390
Ohio Court of Claims 614.387.9800
Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission 614.387.9305
Ohio Judicial Conference 614.387.9750