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Speed-Camera Controversy Continues Long After Village’s Enforcement Ends

Congressional Map Ruled Unconstitutional

New Ohio Legislative District Maps Unconstitutional

Ohio’s New U.S. Congressional Districts Challenged as Unconstitutional

Court Rejects Group’s Effort to Block ‘Vax-a-Million’ Lottery

Attorney Who Attempted to Cover Up Sex with Clients Suspended

New Legislative Districts Drawn by Commission at Center of Multiple Lawsuits

Fortified Mailbox Owners Not Responsible for Pickup Driver’s Paralyzing Injuries

Attorney Suspended for Disparaging Justices and Judges

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Hamilton County Caseworkers Can Move Forward

Columbus Lawyer Suspended for Mishandling Client Matters

Attorney Who Mishandled Six Client Matters Suspended for Two Years

Dayton Attorney Suspended for Lying about Failing to Appeal Client’s Conviction

Imprisoned Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Warrantless Arrest Did Not Violate Rights

Seneca County Judge Suspended for Jailing Spectator over Drug Test Refusal

Free-Speech Rights Contested after Police Officer Sues Protestors

Violent-Offender Registration Duties Can Be Imposed Retroactively

Second Indefinite Suspension Imposed on Attorney Who Neglected Clients

Court to Hear Six Appeals at Two-Day Off-Site Session in Akron

Ohio’s Execution Protocol Valid without Going through Rulemaking

Regulator Improperly Granted Approval for FirstEnergy-Affiliate to Operate

Death Penalty Affirmed for Lawrence County Man Who Confessed to Murders

Insurance Doesn’t Cover Nightclub’s Sewer Damage

Closed Online School Cannot Challenge Order to Repay State $60 Million

Mom’s Cocaine Conviction Vacated for State’s Failure to Establish Venue

Two School Districts Battle Over Development’s Tax Revenues

Man Who Scheduled Fistfight and Shot Rival Can Be Retried for Aggravated Murder

Hospital Executive Unable to Serve as Expert Witness

Hamilton County Natural Gas Pipeline Project Approved

Suspended Columbus Attorney Caught Practicing Law Now Disbarred

Cincinnati Billboard Tax Violates the First Amendment

Court Had No Obligation to Determine if Couple’s Attorney Had Conflict of Interest

Crime Victim Seeks Reimbursement of Lost Wages

Opioid Distributor Turns to Insurance Company for Protection against Government Lawsuits

Assisting Inmate’s Attempt to Oust Prosecutor Brings UPL Charge

Law Change Supports Market-Rate Leases for Tax Values

Ottawa County Judge Sanctioned over Facebook

Political Rival Can Access Confidential Letter to Auditor

Retired Cincinnati-Area Lawyer Fined for Unauthorized Practice of Law

First District: Pawnshop Owes Theft Victim for Deconstructing Stolen Jewelry

Death Sentence Vacated over Advisement of Defendant Rights

Deadline Extensions Implemented During Coronavirus Crisis Apply to Tax Appeals

County’s Use of Cursory Meetings Questioned

Error in Modifying Divorce Decree Does Not Make Pension-Division Order Void

Two Attorneys Suspended for Mishandling Client Cases

Death Sentence Upheld for Man Who Suffocated Victim

Hamilton County Lawyer Suspended after Paralegal Embezzled from Office

Cleveland Heights Lawyer Caught in Sting Operation Indefinitely Suspended

OSU Airport Entitled to Retain Tax-Exempt Status

State Can Pursue Volkswagen for Emission-Control Tampering Scandal

Elyria Attorney Suspended for Overbilling County for Court-Appointed Work

Stop of Driver Based on Shout of ‘That Lady is Drunk’ Permitted

Execution Protocol Established by State Prison System on Trial

Teachers, Staff Must Have Peace Officer Training or Experience to be Armed at School

Driver Seeks Damages After Collision with Fortified Rural Mailbox Left Him Paralyzed

Prison System’s Withholding of Execution Records Approved, but Penalized for Delays

30 Years Later, Prosecutors Can Seek Murder Charge for Cleveland Playground Shooting

Hamilton County Judicial Candidate Reprimanded for False Statements

Community School Group Entitled to Additional Funds for ‘Quality Schools’

Twelfth District: Lawmaker’s Attempt to Jail Governor for COVID Orders Rejected

Botanical Garden Dustup Rooted in 139-Year-Old Deed

Grandmother Pursues Right to Sue Caseworkers for Toddler’s Death

Attorney Who Struck Police Cruiser While Intoxicated Receives Stayed Suspension

Former Ohio Attorney Receives Additional Suspension for Abandoning Clients

Township Must Release Legal Bill in Public Records Case

Court Disbars Attorney Who Sexually Abused Students as Teacher

Country Club Fights to Keep Leasing Ancient Earthworks Site Used for Golf Course

Trooper’s Right to Act on Shout of ‘That Lady is Drunk’ Contested

Lawyer’s Suspension Extended due to Michigan Disbarment

Lorain County Attorney Receives Third Suspension

Lawyer Jailed for Client Theft Permanently Disbarred

Court Accepts One, Rejects Three Requests to Practice Law

Mineral Rights Preserved by Reference to Specific, Identifiable Reservation

State Must Act on Medical Marijuana Cultivator’s Request to Grow More Product

Cleveland Woman Fined for the Unauthorized Practice of Law

ECOT Continues Appeals of $60 Million Refund Order

NE Ohio Woman Fined $10,000 for Unauthorized Practice of Law

Medina County Attorney Suspended for Neglecting Client Matters

Teen Sentenced to 141 Years Drops Appeal due to New Law

Defense Challenges Marsy’s Law ‘Right’ of Accuser to Sit with Prosecutor

Controversy Ensues over Skills Needed When Schools Arm Their Staffs

Law Against Carrying Gun while Intoxicated Ruled Constitutional

Time Limit for Medical Malpractice Cases Prevents Claims against Spine Surgeon

Driving on Outer Edge Line Not Traffic Violation

Newspaper Notice Allowed after Reasonable Search for Unknown Oil and Gas Rights Owners

Death Penalty Overturned for Portage County Man Who Killed College Student

Doctor’s Revised Will Written on Index Card Rejected

Sufficient Evidence from Drug House Proved Pattern of Corrupt Activity

Doctor’s Admission to Medical Board Can Be Used in Criminal Case

Flower Shop’s Use of Competitor’s Name on Website Not Deceptive Sales Practice

Death Penalty Upheld for Man Who Killed Two Women in Ashland

Father Entitled to Records Involving Son’s Student Sex Conviction

Regulator Must Reconsider Authority to Oversee Utility Resellers

Patient Can Pursue Hospital Suit for Alleged Abuse by Uncharged Doctor

Association Directors Not Immune from Lawsuit

Teen’s Sex Crimes Confession to Caseworker Can Be Used in Court

Attorney Disbarred for Practicing under Suspension

Court Must Consider Two State Laws on Oil and Gas Rights

Video of Judge Shooting Must Be Released By Jefferson County

Court of Claims: State Health Department Must Release Hospital Records

School Not Required to Release Records of Deceased Dayton Shooter

Legislature Can Centralize Local Business Taxes, Court Rules

Reemployed Retirees Can Pursue Legal Claim for Health Insurance Subsidies

Judge Authorized to Impose One-Year Prison Term for Failure to Complete Treatment Programs

Court Upholds Heroin Dealer’s Conviction for Death of User

Attorney Fees Denied for Wendy’s Owner Who Won Licking County Highway Access Dispute

Stolen Property Values Can Be Combined to Increase Theft Charge Regardless of Victim’s Status

Court Clarifies Process for Terminating Shared-Parent Plans

State Cannot Challenge Erroneous Prison Sentence 18 Years Later

Toledo-Area Lawyer’s False and Inflammatory Accusations Leads to Suspension

Amazon Not Liable for Teen’s Death from Pure Caffeine Powder

Court Need Not Instruct Jury to Consider Lesser Charge in Child Murder Case

Lucas County Judge Sanctioned for Interfering in Another Judge’s Case

Death Penalty Upheld for Kentucky Man Who Killed Ex-Girlfriend on Ohio Highway

Court Clarifies Rule on Admissibility of ‘Other-Acts’ Evidence

Utility Regulator Lacked Jurisdiction to Consider Meter-Reading Error

Put-in-Bay’s Tax on Rental Vehicles Constitutional

Jail-Time Credit Not Awarded for Time under House Arrest

Lawyer Suspended after Accusing Court of Scheming against Her

Workers Cannot Claim Invasion of Privacy after Direct-Observation Urine Tests

County Commissioners Can Proceed with Hospital Trustee Removal Effort

Malpractice Case Commenced Too Late to Sue Retired Anesthesiologist, Medical Providers

Court Suspends Cincinnati Attorney Who Failed to Comply with Federal Court Rules

Court Affirms Death Resentencing in Teen Murders

Appeals Court Directed to Determine Validity of Man’s Request to Represent Himself

Franklin County Judge Reprimanded for Drunken Driving Conviction

Law Directing Drivers to Stay in Lanes Arrives at Supreme Court

Court Confirms Postrelease Control Sanction Can Be Challenged Only on Direct Appeal

Conviction Not Required to Pursue Civil Lawsuit Based on Criminal Acts

Fugitive Doctor Challenges Former Patients’ Right to Sue

New Trial Based on Juror’s Letter Expressing Regret Denied

Immigrant Charged with Sex Crimes Cannot Withdraw Plea Based on Faulty Legal Advice

Death Penalty Affirmed for the Murderer of Disabled Youngstown Woman

Death Penalty Affirmed for East Cleveland Killer Who Killed Three Women

Father-Son Attorneys Suspended for Trial Antics, Disparaging Judge on Facebook

Mercedes Owner Cannot Sue Company after Not Properly Opting Out of Class-Action Lawsuit

Noncriminal Violations of Community Control Can Lead to Extended Prison Sentences

Prosecutor and News Media Debate Release of Video from Judge Shooting

Courts Not Required to Consider Defendant’s Ability to Pay When Weighing Court Costs

County Not Obligated to Pay Judge’s Legal Fees for Courtroom Control Dispute

Educators Resist Lawsuit Arising from Kindergarten Bullying Incident

Class Action Improper to Challenge Recouping Medicaid Money from Personal-Injury Lawsuits

Court Approves Annexation of Central State University Land Via Bike Trail

City Blocked from Using Traffic-Camera Violations Appeals Process

Columbus Attorney Convicted for Child Pornography Possession Indefinitely Suspended

Spouse’s Mental Health Records May Be Revealed in Child Custody, Spousal Support Cases

Court Upholds Woman’s Life Sentence for Conspiring to Kill Informant

Lorain Attorney Indefinitely Suspended for Neglecting Several Clients

Repeat-Offender Penalty Cannot Be Imposed for Earlier Sex Crime

Mansfield Attorney Suspended for Dodging Malpractice Settlement Payment

Court’s Ban on Future Social Media Postings about Relatives Unconstitutional

Lucas County Judge Publicly Reprimanded for Attempting to Scuttle Drunken-Driving Charge

Paralegal Who Lied about Working Under Attorney’s Supervision Fined $5,000

Laser Speed-Detector Results Admissible Without Expert Witness Verification

Tug of War over Ohio’s Oil and Gas Riches Rolls on

Portage County Attorney Suspended for Illegally Thwarting Client’s Prosecution

Error in Jury Selection Did Not Automatically Require a New Trial

Searchers for ‘Red Flags’ in Shooter’s School Records Challenge Claim that Privacy Laws Block Release

‘Senior Paralegal’ Engaged in Unauthorized Practice of Law

Adult Registration as Sex Offender Based on Juvenile Court Orders Constitutional

Middletown Lawyer Who Asked Client for Painkillers Indefinitely Suspended

Failure to Properly Impose Postrelease Control Renders Sentence Voidable But Not Void

Cleveland-Area Lawyer Indefinitely Suspended for Role in Investment Scam

Takeover of Academically Distressed School Districts Ruled Constitutional

Toledo Lawyer Suspended, Must Pay Clients $30,000 for Neglecting Cases

Attorney Who Owned Mobile Phone Business Suspended for Tax Fraud

New Owners of Old Auto Parts Maker Entitled to New Unemployment Tax Rate

Auto Policy Can Be Cancelled If Policyholder Misstated Information When Applying

Cities Attack State Takeover of Municipal Taxes as Violation of Home Rule Powers

Mason Attorney Suspended for Neglecting Client Matters

Single Insurance Policy Does Not Have to Cover Damages Occurring Over Several Years

Akron Attorney Suspended after Soliciting Sex from Undercover Officer Posing as Minor

Rape Shield Blocks Questions about Accuser’s Nonconsensual Sexual Activity

Family Wants Amazon to Pay for its Role in Sale of Dangerous Product that Killed Teen Athlete

Court Suspends Lawyer Convicted for Illegally Taking More than $128,000 from Client

Event Barn’s Mandatory Homegrown Wine Purchases Exempts It from Zoning Restrictions

Childrens Service Agency Can Seek Permanent Custody of Children after 12 Months of Care

Juvenile Court Lost Right to Send Serious Youthful Offender to Adult Prison

Court Orders New Trial for Cuyahoga County Woman Charged with Assaulting Police Officer

Portage County Judge Reprimanded for Drunken Driving Conviction

Father Seeks Records in Adult Son’s Sex-Offense Case Involving Student

Expert Witnesses Must Hand Over Written Reports at Least 21 Days before Testifying

Summit County Court Improperly Enhanced Attorney-Fee Award

Creditor Cannot Use Indemnification Law to Collect Judgments Won against Police Officers

Motorist Can Leave Accident Scene after Spending Reasonable Time Waiting for Police

Cincinnati Lawyer Indefinitely Suspended for Neglecting Client Matters

Juvenile Court’s 90-Day Limit to Conduct Supervision or Custody Hearings Is Mandatory

Being Members of Same Family Cannot Be Sole Ground for Impaired-Consent Rape Charge

Part-Time Sylvania Prosecutor Suspended for Lying to Judge

Payment for Deposition Transcripts Cannot Be Recouped as Court Costs

Former Delaware County Judge Receives Two-Year Suspension

Pickaway County Township Can Only Restrict, Not Prohibit, Gravel Mining Operation

Trial Courts Can Resentence Defendants After Portions of Sentences Are Overturned

Woman with Long History of Large Debt and Legal Entanglements Can Take Bar Exam in 2020

Law Enforcement Can Obtain Wiretap Warrants in County Where Cell Phone Is Used

Health Center, Patient Clash Over Need to Pursue Sexual Assault Claim Against Doctor Before Suing Hospital

Racially Biased Juror Leads to New Trial for Hamilton County Man Sentenced to Death

Minimal Payment of Child Support Does Not Retain Right to Stop Adoption

Court Suspends Lawyer Who Repeatedly Violated Protection Order, Failed Drug Tests

Prosecutor Can Appeal Manslaughter Conviction Overturned by Trial Court

Search Recovering Teacher’s Recording of Girls Undressing at School Ruled Lawful

Adult May Prove ‘Reasonable Parental Discipline” to Avoid Child-Injury Conviction

Constitutionality of Law Prohibiting Firearm Use While Intoxicated Challenged

Logan County Lawyer Reprimanded for Seeking to Represent Jailed Woman

Wrongful Termination Claim Not Allowed in Case Involving Unemployment Reporting Dispute

Interstate Pipeline’s Transactions Occurring Solely within the State Can Be Taxed

Lawyer Turned Local Police Chief in Mahoning County Receives Stayed Suspension

Court Approves More than Doubling of New Albany Apartment Complex Value to $34.5 Million

Cleveland’s Claim of Workers’ Compensation Belongs in Court of Claims

Stalking Protection Order’s Ban on Internet Posting Draws Freedom of Speech Protest

Debt Settlement Company Fined $1,000 for the Unauthorized Practice of Law

Two Cuyahoga County Lawyers Suspend for Attempting to Collect Excessive Fee

Court Upholds Extension of Ohio Power Rate Plan

Company and Employees Battle over Drug-Testing Method

Additional Sanctions Placed on Previously Suspended Mahoning County Prosecutor Candidate

Dayton Attorney Suspended for Failing to Follow Through on Client Matters

Insurers Not Obligated to Help Lawyers Get Paid When Cases Settle Out of Court

State Must Compensate Licking County Restaurant Owner for Cutting Off Highway Access

Supreme Court Hears Offender’s Court Costs Issue

Court Suspends Two Lawyers for Neglecting Client Matters

Attorney Convicted of Forgery and Theft Indefinitely Suspended

Attorney Who Tried to Funnel Elderly Clients’ Money to Wife and Boy Scouts Suspended

Misstatements During Sentencing Not Grounds for Withdrawing Plea Eight Years Later

Siblings Must Prove Columbus TV Station Defamed Them as ‘Robbers’

Dog’s History of Biting Can Be Used to Convict Owner of Crime

Parents Fight for Juvenile Court Resolutions within 90 Days

Akron Attorney Who Aided Clients’ Tax Evasion Suspended

Oil and Gas Lease Disputes Subject to 21-Year Statute of Limitations

Five-Year, Instead of Three-Year, Prison Sentence Applies to Certain Illegal Drug Makers

Banks Entitled to Restitution for Forged Checks

Court Directed to Reconsider How It Reduced Woman’s Prison Sentence from 65 to 15 Years

Township Cannot Be Sued based on Hiring and Supervision of Officer Who Injured Motorist

Cleveland Lawyer Convicted of Money Laundering Indefinitely Suspended

Pittsburgh Attorney Suspended after Misleading Disciplinary Investigators

New Hearing Ordered for Akron Man Given Death Penalty for Murdering Girlfriend’s Parent

Federal Court Asks Supreme Court for Guidance on Law Allowing Civil Lawsuits based on Criminal Acts

Columbus Attorney Suspended for Violating Rules While on Probation

Cincinnati Attorney Sanctioned for Assisting a Suspended Attorney’s Unauthorized Law Practice

Law School Graduate’s Latest Request for Admission to Practice Denied

Appeals Court Exceeded Its Authority in Portage County Surface Mining Case

Double Jeopardy Protections Do Not Bar Prosecuting Man Who Changed Story about Son’s Death

Disbarment, Suspension Issued for Attorneys Engaged in Unauthorized Practice

Court Sanctions Attorney Who Accepted Firearms in lieu of Law Firm’s Payments

Arrest Started with Stop of Black SUV Registered as White SUV Was Constitutional

Trial Courts Can Waive Previously Imposed Court Cos

Williams County Hosts Supreme Court for Session with High School Students

Regulators Lack Authority to Impose Cost-Recovery Cap on Utilities’ Energy Efficiency Plan

Former Franklin County Judge Suspended for Sexual and Campaign Misconduct

Convicted Man Cannot Use Recent Ohio Supreme Court Decision to Challenge His Sentence

Cincinnati Must Pay Newspaper’s Legal Bill for Withholding Arrest Videos

Toledo Area Attorney Suspended for Filing False Tax Returns

Court Upholds Statute Eliminating Residency Quotas in Cleveland’s Public Construction Contracts

Court Suspends Attorney Arrested after Being Intoxicated at Trial

Grocer Not Responsible for Motorized Cart Collision that Injured Shopper

State Challenges $4.5 Million Judgment to Cleveland for Workers’ Compensation Overcharges

Municipal Bond Buyers Do Not Automatically Acquire Right to Sue

Out-of-State Lawyer to Pay $25,000 for Illegally Practicing in Ohio

Court Extends Suspension for Lakewood Lawyer Who Practiced While Suspended

State Workers Can Be Fired during Probationary Period at Employer’s Discretion

Judge Cannot Impose Community Controls to be Served After Prison Sentence

Public Bodies Cannot Use Secret Ballots to Take Official Action

Former Lorain County Judge Suspended from Practicing Law

Constitutionality of Adult Offenses Based on Juvenile Actions Challenged

Court Suspends Westlake Attorney for Threatening Client to Collect Excessive Fee

Law Limits Time to File Breach-of-Contract Lawsuits for Faulty Construction

Common Pleas Court Can Consider Challenge to High School Sports’ Competitive Balance Rule

Tenth District: Police Properly Arrested Intoxicated Man at Dog Day Care; OVI Charges Reinstated

Eighth District: Court Must Consider New Trial after “Newly Discovered” Photos and Other Evidence Disappeared

Pawnshop Seeks Immunity after Owner of Stolen Jewelry Sues When Goods Were Sold

Attorney Suspended for Purposely Underpaying Another Lawyer His Share of Fees

Cuyahoga County Not Immune from Lawsuit Filed by Fired Employee

Right to Contest Adoption Survives When Court Relieves Parent of Paying Child Support

Modification of Wind Farm Permit Not Subject to Stricter Location Standards

First Energy Electric Grid Modernization Charge Improperly Imposed

Lorain Attorney Suspended for Losing Client’s Settlement Check

Township Claims Immunity for Police Crash During Pursuit

Greater Cincinnati Attorney Disbarred after Practicing While Suspended

Trumbull County Woman’s Speedy-Trial Rights Not Violated by Documentation Deficiencies

Attorney General Must Take Action in Columbus Mosque Dispute

Florida Attorney Convicted of Health Care Fraud Suspended

Court Must Reconsider Guilty Plea Withdrawal by Immigrant Facing Deportation

News Outlet Argues for Prompt Release of Police Bodycam Videos, Which Show Taser Use

Cuyahoga County Man’s Wrongful Imprisonment Claim Can Continue

Probate Judge Blocked From Taking Control of Greene County Courtroom

Search of Man Walking Near Where Gunshots Heard Was Constitutional

Judge Cannot Block Cleveland Fire Department’s Shift-Change Order

Cincinnati Asks Court to Declare No ‘Free Bite’ Rule for Dangerous Dogs

Right to Sue TV Station for Faulty Hoverboard Theft Report Heard at Off-Site Court Session

Ruling Lets Stand Order to Pay Lump-Sum Payments to Workers Who Lost Limbs, Organs

Former Belmont County Judge Failed to Supervise Embezzling Private Practice Employee

Ashland Attorney Suspended for Having Sex with Client, Soliciting Prostitution

Court-Cost-Only Judgment Cannot Be Appealed

Mahoning Probate Judge Publicly Reprimanded for Presiding Over Ex-Client Cases

Court Rejects Bid for Juvenile Hearing by Man in Mid-20s

Question Raised about Whether Prior Nonconsensual Sex Can Be Addressed in Rape Trials

Wayne Township Residents Can Contest Zoning Change at Ballot Box

City Might Owe Township Tax Payments, But Court Will Not Order It

Former Scioto County Judge Suspended for Attempt to Influence Daughter’s Speeding Ticket

Local Government Rights to Hire, Sue, and Claim Immunity Come Before Supreme Court

Disability Compensation Can Be Denied if Injured Worker Refuses Additional Exams

In Death Penalty Appeal, Cincinnati Man Claims Jurors Revealed Racial Bias

Franklin County Judge Receives One-Year Stayed Suspension

Legality of Police Searches at Issue in Cases Before Supreme Court

Stepfather and Father Debate Support Obligations in Adoption Case

Attorney Who Neglected Immigration Matter Suspended

Board Must Reconsider Change to Wind Farm Construction Plan

Court Upholds Death Penalty for Brunswick Man Who Killed Mother

Court Suspends Two Ohio Attorneys

Court Sanctions Two Men for Unauthorized Practice of Law

State Law Limits Request for Court Cost Modifications

Customers Too Disconnected from Cell Service Provider to File Class-Action Lawsuit

Suspended Attorney Failed to Notify, Serve Clients While in He Was in Jail

Former Mahoning County Auditor Suspended for Role in Oakhill Scandal

Specific References in Deed Sufficient to Preserve Oil and Gas Rights

Nursing Home Barred from Seeking Outstanding Bill Payment from Surviving Spouse

California Lawyer Fined for Unauthorized Practice of Law

Supreme Court Decides 10 Cases Based on Earlier Ruling About Juvenile Offenses

Latest Appeal by Man Sent to Death Row in 1985 Rejected

Clerk Must Produce Court Record, But Faces No Fine

Court-Appointed Counsel Representing Indigent Defendant Suspended for Sex with Client

Court Approves Ohio Power Company Rate Plan

Reds Score Tax Exemption for Bobbleheads, Giveaways

No Due Process Violation for Defendant Required to Prove ‘Blackout’ Defense

Northern Ohio Gasoline Distributor’s Tax Refund Claim Rejected

Trial Judge’s Inspection of Secret Grand Jury Proceedings Cannot Be Immediately Appealed

Football Player’s Widow Can Pursue Head Injury Lawsuit Against Notre Dame, NCAA

Board of Tax Appeals Must Review School District’s Appraisal of Thistledown Racino

Court Orders the Board of Tax Appeals to Reexamine Several Property Tax Cases

Bar Exam Application Denied for Student Caught Cheating on Law School Test

Columbus Landlord Not Authorized to File Eviction Cases

Lawyer Suspended for Plagiarizing, Having Sex with Client

Ohio Bar Applicant Not Engaged in Unauthorized Practice of Law

Steubenville Attorney Suspended After Federal Fraud Conviction

Trumbull County Attorney Permanently Disbarred

Attorney Suspended After Being Caught on Tape Coaching Client to Lie

Death Row Inmate’s Request for DNA Testing of Evidence Rejected

Insurance Policy Does Not Cover Defective Work That Damaged University’s Luxury Hotel

Court Rejects as Moot a Challenge to Power Company’s Prior Rate Plan

Police Search that Uncovered Marijuana-Infused Candy Legal

Cincinnati Attorney Suspended after Missing Deadline to File Client’s 25-Year Prison Sentence

Attorney Who Skimmed Client Money, Lied to Investigators Disbarred

Columbus Attorney Who Accepted Excessive Fee Suspended

Columbus Attorney Suspended for Fight Surrounding Bike Crash

Court Rejects Tax Valuation of Westerville Bank Property

Cincinnati Attorney Indefinitely Suspended for Neglecting Clients

License Required to Broker Oil-and-Gas Leases in Ohio

Second Death Sentence Upheld For 1994 Murder

Cincinnati Newspaper May Inspect Pike County Autopsy Reports

Former Top Mahoning County Official’s Law License Suspended

Fifth District: No Probable Cause for Stop of Dusty Rental Vehicle

Columbus Attorney Disbarred, Ordered to Pay $312,000 in Restitution

Juvenile Offenses Can Be Used to Convict Adult of Illegal Firearm Possession

Attorney Suspended for Draining Funds During Disputed Bankruptcy

Court Affirmed Adult-Court Conviction for Teen Who Participated in Trafficker’s Murder

Ponzi Scheme Victims Cannot Sue Brokers Who Sent Funds to Perpetrator

Court Blocks Trial Judge Order to Grant Jury Resentencing in Cleveland Death Penalty Case

State Can Measure E-School Attendance with Student Participation Data

Court Dismisses Violations Against Attorney who Represented Man He Never Met

Court Suspends Lawyer for Profanity-Laced Abuse of Paralegal

Dayton Area Lawyer Suspended for Failing to Follow Through with Matter

Court Denies Company’s Tax Exemption for Natural Gas Use

Grocery’s Store Tax Value Excludes Parking Lot It Does Not Own

Hospital Maintains 2004 Civil Lawsuit Damage Caps Apply to Defamation Cases

Zanesville Attorney Suspended for Having Sex with Client in Courthouse

Dayton Area Attorney Receives Stayed Suspension

Cleveland Attorney Disbarred

Widow Was Sued for Husband’s Nursing Home Bill Under Law Describing Spousal Obligations

Lawsuit Over Workers’ Compensation Fees Must Move to Court of Claims

Door Tag Notification of Disconnected Gas Service Adequate for Vacant Property

Court Rejects Appointment of Adult Guardian Without Competency Hearing

Cuyahoga County Lawyer Suspended After Settlement Dispute

Butler County Church Exempt from Township Infrastructure Payments

City Must File Separate Case to Block Funding Deductions for Collecting Traffic Camera Fines

Prosecutor Opposes New Trial Granted to Man Sentenced to Death for 1984 Murder

Social Worker Acting Pursuant to Statute Not an Agent of Law Enforcement

Columbus Employment Agency Owes $3.5 Million in Unpaid Workers’ Compensation Premiums

Court Considers State Tax on Bobblehead Giveaways

City Not Liable for Accident Caused by Shrubs Blocking View of Stop Sign

Equipment Used to Crush ‘Slag Mountain’ Entitled to Tax Exemption

Cleveland Attorney Suspended for Lying to Police after Car Wreck

Board of Tax Appeals Must Revisit Marietta Lowe’s Home Center Property Tax Valuation

Court Affirms Death Sentence for Teen’s Murderer

Court Upholds Denial of Tax Credits for Heavy Vehicle Maker

Four Cases Scheduled for Oral Arguments

Probate Court Must Consider Domestic Court Proceedings Before Granting Adoption

‘Spoliation of Evidence” Claims Require Proof that Evidence Destroyed

Supreme Court Considers Whether Those Who Arrange Oil and Gas Leases Need Real Estate Licenses

Child’s Adoption Vacated after Court Finds Custody Still Disputed in West Virginia

Court Clarifies Standard of Review by Courts Hearing Arbitration Appeals

Court Affirms Death Penalty for Youngstown Man

Injured Worker Must Let State Seek Recovery from Insurance Settlement

Ohio Death Penalty Sentencing Process Ruled Constitutional

Statewide Dispute Over Traffic Cameras Continues

Football Player Sues College, NCAA for Chronic Brain Injury Decades Later

First District: City’s “Toy-Vehicle Ordinance” Ruled Constitutional

Tenth District: University of Toledo May Be Liable for Football Player’s Summer Training Stunt Fall

Supreme Court Rejects Property Tax Reductions in Two Franklin County Cases

Man’s Concurrent Prison and Community Control Sentences on Separate Offenses Not Improper

Death Row Inmate’s Appeal Earns Access to DNA Test Result

Constitutionality Considered of State Law Banning Adults with Certain Juvenile Offenses from Possessing Firearms

Court Upholds Death Sentences of Man Who Used Craigslist to Lure Victims

Theory That Brake Dust Led to Asbestos-Related Death Does Not Meet Ohio Law

Court Affirms Erie County Man’s Death Sentence

Wayne County Landowners Can Challenge Ownership of Abandoned Railroad Line Property

Online School Challenges State’s Calculation of Student Funding

Court Affirms State’s Revocation of Toledo Clinic’s License

Clinic Lacked Standing to Challenge Budget Bill’s Constitutionality

Court Rejects Constitutional Challenges in Two Cases Heard on Same Day

Lawyer Suspended for Demanding Settlements for Nonexistent Clients While Under Suspension

Power Company Does Not Have to Return $43 Million to Customers for Renewable Energy Purchases

Trooper’s Search of Detained Suspect’s Purse Unconstitutional

Juvenile Court’s Application of Law Designed to Protect Trafficked Children Questioned

Punitive Damages Not Recoverable in Contract Breach, Supreme Court Rules

Supreme Court Issues Opinions in Four Cases

Ohio Declines to Recognize ‘Implied Covenant to Explore Further’ in Oil and Gas Leases

Former Judge Who Assaulted Wife Indefinitely Suspended

NASCAR Tax Dispute Circles Back to Tax Appeals Board

Court Rules Former Attorney, Two Companies Engaged in Unauthorized Practice of Law

Lawyer Who Excessively Billed Clients Suspended

Pike County May Withhold Portions of Autopsy Reports from Press

Red-Light Camera Cases Sent Back to Lower Courts

Two Ohio Attorneys Suspended

Landowners Can Challenge Increased Property Tax Value Placed on Woodlands

Akron Securities Attorney Suspended

Court Issues Suspensions to Three Attorneys

Sidney Man Engaged in Unauthorized Practice of Law

Former Niles Law Director Suspended

County Must Turn Over Girl’s Autopsy Records to Father Who Killed Her

Attorney Who Charged Excessive Fee Indefinitely Suspended

Man Claims Death Sentence Unfair Because He Was Only Accomplice

Woman Questions Trial Court’s Appointment of Guardian for Her During Divorce

Separate Parole Violation Penalties Ruled Constitutional

Substitute Custodian Not Regular School Employee

Marion Must Accept Limestone Mining Company’s Annexation Request

Statute Requiring Disclosure of HIV Positive Status to Sexual Partners Is Constitutional

Juvenile Court Can Dismiss Sexual Crimes Committed by Young Children

Court Can Move Forward on Charter School Land Dispute

Court Hears Asbestos-Related Lawsuit Then Travels to Marietta for Off-Site Court

Evidence Can Be Used When Police with Warrant Improperly Enter Premises

Court to Mark 30th Anniversary of Off-Site Court Program in Marietta

Court Blocks Transfer of Disbarred Attorney’s Assets

Court Overturns Lake County Death Sentence

Law Aimed at Reducing Workers’ Compensation Appeal Time Constitutional

Court Resolves Appellate Conflict Regarding Sealing of Court Records

State Must Prove Charter School Building Operators Intended to Profit from Lease Deals

Township Can Contest Use of Spent Lime to Fill Quarry in Local Court

Court Had Authority to Return Akron Police Officer to Prison for Wife’s Murder

Fracking, Death Sentence, Abortion Rights Examined in One-Day Session

Court Rejects Additional Workers’ Compensation Awards

Guardian Ad Litem Must Be Appointed for Juveniles if Parents Are Deceased

Death Penalty for Warren Murder Affirmed

Admissions of Fault when Coupled with Apologies Cannot Be Used in Lawsuits

Psychological Harm Can Be Considered in Kidnapping Sentence

Strip Club Not Liable for Auto Accident Injuries Caused by Intoxicated Dancer

Court Examines State Law Mandating Transfer Agreements with Hospitals

Eighth District: Court Acts to End Cleveland Driver’s Long Legal Journey

Court of Claims: State Pays Marion Man $70,000 After Lawn Mower Threw Rock at his Face

Twelfth District: Former Coroner Owes $7,500 in Attorney Fees to Sheriff Employees Accused of Inmate’s Murder

Third District: University of Findlay Can Continue Suit for Massive Grass Damage

Sixth District: Sentence Vacated When Cop and Dash Camera Conflict

Fifth District: Expulsion Confirmed for Student Member of School Shooting Messaging Group

Fired Adult-Services Worker Had to Disclose Sealed Conviction

Court Affirms Sentences for Crimes Committed by Juvenile

Restrictions to Use of Red-Light Cameras Ruled Unconstitutional

Death Penalty Upheld for 1991 Murder Near Ohio-Indiana Border

First District: Cincinnati Neighbors’ Battle Over Bamboo and Buffett Ends in Draw

Attorney Who Misappropriated $363,000 Permanently Disbarred

Two Attorneys Sanctioned for Fee-Related Misconduct

No Rights Warnings Required to Question Intoxicated Driver in Police Vehicle Front Seat

Presumed Father Not Required to Support Birth Mother to Maintain Right to Contest Adoption

Mandatory Sentences for Juveniles Constitutional

Attorney Suspended for Misleading Advertising of Affiliation with Supreme Court Justice

Second District: Deputy Not Reckless when Wrecked Car Towed with Injured Man Inside

Board of Elections Directed to Place Law Director Candidate on Ballot

Third District: Video Footage of Man’s Garage from Utility Pole Didn’t Violate His Privacy Rights

Board Must Reconsider Fitness Center’s Property Value

Columbus Lawyer with Multiple Convictions Indefinitely Suspended

Lawyer Who Misled Investigators About Past Insurance Crime Has License Revoked

Attorney Convicted of Child Pornography Charges Suspended

Auditor Appropriately Lowered Carmax Tax Value by $1.1 Million

Fifth District: Housekeeper Didn’t Need Prosecutor’s Approval to Receive Drug Treatment

Only Woman on Ohio Death Row

Attorney Linked to State Treasurer Scheme Disbarred

Dialysis Centers Due Partial Tax Exemption

Man on Death Row Seeks DNA Tests of Evidence from 1990 Murders in Portage County

Oil and Gas Lease Did Not Terminate for Unpaid Royalties

Ohio Supreme Court Hears HIV Case

Law Student Who Refused to Provide Information Blocked from Bar Exam

Toledo Area Lawyer Permanently Disbarred

Record-Sealing Case One of Seven to Be Heard by Supreme Court

Court Affirms Death Penalty in Trumbull County Killing

Court Reverses Itself — Approves State’s Mandatory Bindover for Older Juveniles

Terms of Postrelease Control Need Not Be Repeated Verbatim in Sentencing Entry

Plea Deal Barred Attempted Ethnic Intimidation Prosecution

Cincinnati Attorney Who Impersonated Colleague Disbarred

Injured Worker Must Appeal to Higher Court to Regain Preexisting Condition Benefits

Unless Prohibited by Contract, Arbitrator Free to Set Penalty for Workplace Rule Violation

‘Significant Acts of Dishonesty” Lead to Indefinite Suspension of Columbus Attorney

Book Bag Search that Led to Discovery of Gun at School Was Permissible

Convicted for Solicitation, Former Municipal Court Judge Suspended from Practice of Law

Can Youth Be Charged with Sex Crime when Both Participants Are Under Age 13?

Kidnapping and Sexual Assault by Cab Driver Intersect on Issue of Harm

Estate Claim Must Be Presented Directly to Court-Appointed Representatives

Allegations that Judge’s Harsher Sentence Is Vindictive Must Be Supported with Evidence

ODOT Loses $800,000 Toledo Bridge Painting Case

East Cleveland Court Can Hear Dereliction-of-Duty Cases Against Five Cleveland Police Supervisors

Some Records Relating to Former County Executive Ordered Released

Sixth District: Raise Damages for Ex-Wife’s Facebook Falsehoods

Death-Row Inmate Contests Ohio’s Jurisdiction in His Murder Trial

Court of Claims: Two Men Exonerated for Murder Granted $1.45 Million Each for Wrongful Imprisonment

Court Requires Thorough Explanation of Senior Housing Complexes’ Tax Values

Former Medina City Prosecutor Receives One-Year Stayed Suspension

County’s Reappraisal of Cincinnati Coca-Cola Plant Stands

Tax Commissioner Has No Duty to Calculate Tax Rates for Multicounty Levy Presented to Voters in Only One County

Bullets in Book Bag Lead to Controversial Student Search

Attorney Convicted of Bribery Conspiracy Indefinitely Suspended

Barberton Attorney Suspended for Two Years

Ten Cases Slated for February Court Session

Red-Light Camera Dispute Scheduled for Argument at Supreme Court

Ohio Supreme Court Announces Multiple Decisions

Supreme Court Rules City of Findlay Not Immune in Stop Sign Accident Case

Civil Lawsuits Can Be Based on Most Criminal Acts

Most Criminal Investigation Records Become Public When Trial Concludes

Officers Immune From Damages Bystander Suffered During High-Speed Chase

Synthetic Drugs Criminalized When Carryout Owner Sold Them

Prosecutors Must Prove Actual Cocaine Weight in Possession Cases

‘Prior Calculation and Design’ is More than Purposeful Killing

Mandatory Transfer of Juveniles to Adult Courts Is Unconstitutional

‘Functional Life Sentences’ for Juvenile Nonhomicide Offenders Unconstitutional

Post-Conviction DNA Testing Appeals Process Unconstitutional

Delayed Release of Body-Cam Video from Cincinnati Police Shooting Was Reasonable

Ohio Supreme Court Disciplines Three Attorneys

Community-Control-Revocation Hearings Include Right to Allocution

Court Affirms Death Penalty in Akron Double Homicide

Damage Caps Constitutional When Applied to Sexual Assault of Minor

Attempted Acts of Violence Not Eligible for Expungement

Court Upholds Conviction and Death Penalty for Medina County Murder

Workers’ Comp Concurrent Award Not Authorized by Law

Court Affirms Death Penalty for Cleveland Serial Killer

Failed Judicial Candidate Receives Suspension For False Campaign Statements

Discovery Orders Challenged Under Attorney-Client Privilege May Be Reviewed Immediately on Appeal

Law Enforcement Dash-Cam Videos Are Public Records Subject to Redaction

Two Ohio Attorneys With Felony Convictions Suspended

Cincinnati Area Attorney Suspended for Two Years

Immigrant Can Withdraw Admission of Guilt to Avoid Deportation

Ohio Can Impose Commercial Activity Tax on Online Retailers

Report Using Driver’s Account of No-Contact Hit-and-Run Accident Can Be Used for Claim

Court Blocks Hamilton County Judge from Consolidating Hundreds of Malpractice Cases

Court Refuses to Consider Demolition Permit for Historic Cincinnati Record Company

Court Corrects Sentence Involving Allied Offenses

Captain America Filming Shielded from Takings Claim

Siblings Who Mismanaged Funds of Former Cleveland Mayor’s Spouse Suspended for One Year

No Civil Claim for Negligent Misidentification in Ohio

Court Orders New Sentence in Juvenile Rape Case

Company Cannot Change Method of Filing Tax Return to Obtain Refund

Natural Gas Royalty Payments Based on Lease Terms

Montgomery County Agency Cannot Contest State Board Ruling in Franklin County

Court Rules in 14 Rape Cases Based on Earlier Decisions

PUCO Must Explain Reasons for Permitting Duke Energy’s Sale of Competitive Services

Court Affirms Disputed Reduction in Apartment Complex’s Tax Value

State’s Tax Credit Reduction Was On Time; Now Tax Board Must Decide Amount

Court Rules Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Must Be Filed Within Four Years of Injury

Probate Court Can Consider Adoption Over Objections of Children Services Agency With Custody

Juvenile Must Receive Credit for Days Held in Confinement Pending Trial

Attorney Convicted of Sexual Battery Receives Two-Year Suspension

Court of Claims: Former Firefighter Who Helped in New York City After 9/11 Not Victim of Crime

Cleveland Attorney Permanently Disbarred

Proving Crime of Photographing Nude Children Without Consent Differs from Possessing Child Nudity

Board of Tax Appeals Must Consider Madison County Auto-Part Maker's Objections

Tenth District: School Teacher’s Conviction for Showing Obscene Movie Upheld

Court of Claims: Ohio State University Settles Doctor’s Age Discrimination Suit

Seventh District: Pedestrian vs. Driver Rules-of-the-Road Case Turned Back to Trial Court

Belmont County Surface Owners Not Entitled to Mineral Rights Under Their Properties

Dormant Mineral Act Did Not Automatically Transfer Rights to Surface Owners

Noble County Mineral Rights Holder Properly Preserved Oil and Gas Rights

Court Decides 14 Fracking-Related Cases

Retrial for 2002 Murder Indictment Does Not Violate Man’s Constitutional Rights

Former Cuyahoga County Official Receives One-Year Stayed Suspension

Court Denies Damages in Records Dispute

Death Penalty Affirmed for Man Convicted of Two Cincinnati-Area Murders

Youngstown Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Court Upholds Amendments to Champaign County Wind Farm Permit

Meigs County Charter Issue Must Be Placed on Ballot

Court of Claims: Broken Basketball Seat Lawsuit Blocked

Three Attorneys Publicly Reprimanded

Amendment Would Clarify Lawyers’ Responsibilities In Providing Services to Medical Marijuana Clients

Hubbard Attorney Permanently Disbarred

Offender Convicted Nearly 20 Years After Crime Entitled to Shorter Prison Term

Good Samaritan Protection Applies to More Than Health Care Professionals

Using Juvenile Offense to Enhance Adult Crime Prison Sentence is Unconstitutional

Court Affirms Man’s Second Death Penalty Sentence

Supreme Court Affirms Death Sentence for Killer of Mother and Two Children

Court Releases Eight Opinions Consistent With Earlier Juvenile Sex-Offender Decision

Township Trustees Illegally Replaced Member on Military Leave

Court to Review When Synthetic Drugs Were Made Illegal

Supreme Court to Consider Constitutionality of Oil and Gas Law

Tenth District: Non-Incumbent Candidates No Longer Have to Use “For” to Alert Voters They Don’t Hold the Office

Court of Claims Approves $2 Million Settlement for Columbus Construction Contractor

Peace Officer Sexual Battery Statute Ruled Unconstitutional

Appeals Court Failed to Accurately Assess if 20-Year Delay in Rape Charge Violated Due Process

Dayton Area “Sabbath Rest” Destination Denied Tax Exemption

Westerville Attorney Suspended

Electric Company Not Liable for Injuries When Deer Hit Motorcyclist Who Hit Pole

Court of Claims approves two OSU Medical Center settlements

Springfield Schools Must Release Student Data as Public Records

Community-School Property Manager Denied Tax Exemption

Court Releases 26 Opinions Consistent With Two Earlier Decisions

Court of Claims: Settlements Approved in Two Medical Lawsuits Against Ohio State and University of Cincinnati

Sixth District: Damages Award of $2.76 Million for Trike Crash Supported by Evidence

Court of Claims: Lottery Commission’s Termination of Former Seven Hills Mayor Upheld

Supreme Court to Consider Two Death-Penalty Appeals

Standing to File a Foreclosure Requires Injury to Both Note and Mortgage, Court Rules

Cincinnati Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Ninth District Directs Trial Court to Review Mental Capacity for Ward Who Changed Will

Court Resolves How Federal Debt Collection and State Consumer Sales Laws Impact Debt-Buyers and Collection Lawyers

Former Cleveland Attorney Suspended for One Year

Tax Commissioner Must Refund Nearly $360,000 Income-Tax Penalty

Lima Attorney Receives One-Year Suspension

Two Attorneys Suspended from Practice of Law

Juveniles Entitled to Double-Jeopardy Protections

Dayton Attorney Receives 18-Month Suspension

Court to Decide if Police Dashcams, Bodycams Are Public Records

Death-Row Inmate Objects to Appeals Process for DNA Testing Requests

Court Rejects Murder Conviction Appeal

Sex-Offender Registration Termination Not Available for Pre-2008 Offenses

Medicaid Specialist Admits to Unauthorized Practice of Law

Details of Legal Work Done by Outside Firm for City Not Public Record

Abuse and Molestation Exclusion Precludes Insurance Coverage for Church’s Child Abuse Incident

Meeting Filing Deadline Rules Only Requirement for Court to Consider Unemployment Compensation Appeal

Prosecuting Attorneys Represent the State in Community Control Violation Hearings

Attorney Practicing in Ohio Before Formally Admitted Now Denied Admission

Local Governments Not Protected by State Constitution’s Prohibition of Retroactive Laws

Court of Claims: Former Bowling Green Football Player Settles Concussion Claim for $712,500

A Public Body’s Prearranged Discussion by E-mail Violates Ohio’s Open Meetings Act

Law Presuming Juvenile’s Statement in Police Custody Was Voluntary Ruled Unconstitutional

Willoughby Attorney Involved in Calabrese Conviction Receives Stayed Suspension

Judge Can Impose Jointly Recommended Consecutive Sentences Without Independent Review

Court to Decide if Business Tax Can Be Imposed on Out-of-State E-Commerce Companies

Court Approves AEP’s 2012 Rate Plan and Charge for Ensuring Reliability of Electricity in Competitive Marketplace

West Chester Attorney Receives Two-Year Suspension

Two Ohio Attorneys Indefinitely Suspended

Death Sentence Affirmed for Man Who Robbed and Killed Convenience Store Clerk

Death Penalty Affirmed for Maple Heights Man Who Killed Grandparents

Witness’s Compelled Statement After Invoking Fifth Amendment Did Not Impact Trial Outcome

State Can Be Held Liable for Injuries Caused by Negligent Park Employees

County Not Liable For Accident Where Teen Driver Hit Unusually High Pavement Edge Drop

Contemporary Christian Music Radio Station Entitled to ‘House of Worship’ Tax Exemption

Second District: Strip Club Not Liable for Injuries Caused by Stripper in Auto Accident

Certificate for Company’s Second Wind Farm in Champaign County Approved

Court to Decide if Police Can Deny Investigation Records Until Convict Exhausts Appeals

Court of Claims: Longest Serving Wrongfully Imprisoned Man to Receive Additional $2.65 Million

Third District: Woman Accused of Forcing 10-Year-Old Boy to Kill His Father Gets New Trial

Cleveland Murderer’s Death Penalty Appeal Reaches Supreme Court

Seventh District: Man Forced Out of Jail Five Years Ago Doesn’t Have to Return

Citizen Has Standing to Challenge Constitutionality of Ohio Casino Gambling

Homeowners Not Entitled to $250 For Fannie Mae’s Missing Recording Deadlines

Patient Medical Records Data Not Confined to What Is Kept by Medical Records Department

Specification for repeat OVI Convictions Constitutional

Twelfth District: Conviction Overturned for Man Who Trained iPhone on Topless Tanning Booth Patron

Outside Salespeople Still Exempt from Minimum Wage Even After Voter-Approved Ballot Measure

Second Execution Attempt Is Not Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Estate of Wrongdoer Can Be Subject to Punitive Damages Award

Court of Claims: Inmate Who Repeatedly Fell Settles for $9,000

Michigan Attorney Who Reported His Violations Indefinitely Suspended

First District: Student’s One-Day Suspension for Staring at Girl Affirmed

Cleveland Attorney Disbarred

Two Attorneys Suspended from Practice of Law

Eighth District: Appeal from Cleveland Roller Skater Injured by Splinters Falls Flat

Cincinnati Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Second District: Jury Has to Weigh Whether Drunk Driver Intended to Harm Patrons When He Crashed Truck into Bar

Court to Decide if Teacher Turned in Her Paperwork Too Late to Appeal Termination

Tenth District: Students of Nursing College that Lost Accreditation Entitled to Hearing on Lost Earning Potential

Former Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Disbarred

Felony and Misdemeanor Sentence for Receiving Stolen Property Must Run at Same Time

Per Day Damages Charges in Public Construction Projects Are Enforceable

Court of Claims: Brothers Exonerated for Murder Granted Additional $4.38 Million for Wrongful Imprisonment

Nursing Board Hearing Examiner Had Authority to Limit Subpoenas

Documents Regarding Homes of Children With Elevated Lead Levels Not Public Records

Youngstown Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Court to Consider if Utility Company Liable for Injuries When Motorcyclist Hit by Deer Strikes Roadside Pole

Court of Claims: Family of Man Whose Airway Was Ignited by Laser Receives $800,000 in Medical Negligence Case

Sale of State Prison Constitutional

Court Clarifies Standards for Admitting Blood Test Evidence in OVI Cases

Board Must Reconsider Property Tax Valuation of Marietta Lowe’s

Two Ohio Attorneys Suspended

Court of Claims: Wrongfully Imprisoned Cleveland Man Settles for $337,000

Court to Weigh if Police Liable for Bystander Injuries Caused by Fleeing Suspect During Pursuit

Beck Energy Leases With 700 Landowners Valid Despite Years Without Drilling

Warrantless Search of Legally Parked Car Violated Man’s Constitutional Rights

Court to Determine if Public School District Must Give Private School Advocate Student Names and Addresses

Two Central Ohio Attorneys Suspended

Warrensville Heights Schools Lose Property-Tax Challenge of Thistledown Racino

Twelfth District: Trial Court Should Consider Reversing Guardsman’s Probation of No Firearms

Court to Determine if Landowner Royalties Can Be Tapped to Pay Part of Oil and Gas Marketing Expenses

Supreme Court Disavows “Unmistakable Crime” Doctrine

High School’s Nature Preserve, Commercially Farmed Land Exempt From Property Tax

Consumer Sales Law’s Penalties for Deceptive or Unconscionable Acts or Practices Does Not Apply to Insurance Repair Estimates to Company’s Own Customers

Court to Assess Whether 700 Landowners Can Break Oil and Gas Leases Where No Drilling Has Occurred

Eighth District: Prosecutor, Social Worker Not in Contempt for Failing to Obey Magistrate’s Illegal Order

Court Orders Release of Key-Card-Swipe Data from Cuyahoga County

Court Rules in Two South Euclid Cases Involving Public Records

Willoughby Lawyer Disbarred

Death Penalty Will Not Be Imposed on Hamilton County Man

Court of Claims: ODOT Settles Nixed Rest Stop Area Advertising Deal

Education Department Defends School Funding Reductions to Three Districts

Ninth District: Spouse of Officer Running Union Steak Fry Entitled to Workers’ Comp Death Benefits

Juvenile Questions Constitutionality of State Law About Recorded Interrogations

Sex-Offender Registration and Notification Mandates Are Constitutional

Supreme Court Indefinitely Suspends Two Attorneys

Separate Sentences Permitted for OVI and Aggravated Vehicular Assault

Eighth District: Court to Decide if Indians Fan Hit by Ball Was Forced to Leave His Seat

Judge Overturns Administrative Ruling, Ohio University Won’t Pay Student’s Dental Bill After Ice Fall

Solon Lawyer Suspended for Lying to Court

Oil and Gas Leases Are Title Transactions Under Ohio Dormant Mineral Act

Court of Claims: Contractor Agrees to Repay ODOT for Faulty Fuel Management System

Court of Claims: Settlements Approved in Two Lawsuits Against Ohio State University Medical Center

ODOT Not Liable for Decisions About Highway Improvements

Fifth District: Personal Assistant to Ex-Basket-Maker CEO Must Pay Her $93,000 From Retirement Accounts

Independence Attorney Receives Suspension

Amendment to Wrongful Imprisonment Statute Applies Retroactively

Assistant Prosecutor Suspended for One Year

Springfield Man’s Convictions and Death Sentence Upheld

Court to Evaluate Whether Creation of Child Pornography Infringes on Free Speech

State’s High Court To Hear Eight Cases

Seventh District: Jury Should Determine if Christian Camp Can Fire Employee for Moving In with Her Boyfriend

Tenth District: Columbus Can Close Hotel Known for Drug Deals and Prostitution for One Year

Secretary of State Can Reject Appointees to Lucas County Board of Elections

Court Vacates Death Sentence, Upholds Conviction of Youngstown Man

Court Interprets Sentencing Laws for Certain OVI Offenses

Public School Data Coordinator Not Entitled to Open Hearing Concerning Firing

Ohio Court of Claims Considers $1.8 Million Judgment Against State Agency

Former Cleveland State University Employees Lose Age Discrimination Claim

Hunter Who Illegally Killed Large Antlered Deer Must Pay Restitution

Cleveland Attorney Suspended for Stealing from Big-Box Stores

Two Attorneys Suspended from Practicing Law

Lorain County Judges Cannot Force Commission to Pay for Courthouse Security

Court Decides Charter School Case

Sewer District Permitted to Manage Stormwater and Charge Fee

Third District: $5.2 Million Verdict Against Mega-Egg Farm Overturned

Students to Observe Supreme Court at Off-Site Session in Fremont

Prisoner Seeks Credit for Jail Time Before He Was Charged

Broken Gun Is Not a Deadly Weapon

Eighth District: Ex-Nun Can Sue Lawyer with Dementia for Malpractice

Court of Claims: OSU Wexner Medical Center Settles Patient Parking Lot Trip Injury for $185,000

Third District: Fired Foreman Can Contest Termination After ‘Remarkable Recovery’ From Brain Injury

Minimum Wage Constitutional Amendment Under Scrutiny

Members in Class Action Must Show They Suffered Injury for Case to Go Forward

Parent Cannot View Records of Alleged Child Abuse Investigation

Asset Transfers Allowed During Medicaid Application Process, But Only Within Certain Limits

Man Jailed for Killing Intruder in His Home Not Eligible for Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation

Juvenile Court Laws and Rules Do Not Mandate Dismissal of Case for Venue Problems

Court of Claims: Ohio University to Pay Student’s Dental Bill After Fall

Fifth District: $975,000 Verdict Upheld for Man Injured by Hunting Arrow

Hospital Staff Throws Away Wedding Rings

Gauze Left in Woman During Botched Surgery Costs University of Toledo Medical Center $251,000

Eighth District: Family Can Pursue Privacy Invasion Claim Against Cop-Calling Neighbors

Tenth District: Second Attempt to Challenge JobsOhio’s Constitutionality Fails

OSU Wexner Medical Center Settles Wrongful Death Case for $275,000

Eighth District: Second Calabrese Accomplice’s Bribery Conviction Upheld

Eighth District: 11-Judge Panel Debates Pre-Indictment-Delay Claims that Lead to Dismissal of Rape Charges

Second District: Police Permitted to Peek Over Stall Door to Make Restroom Arrest

Grain Storage Bins Are Not Taxable As Real Property

Second District: Dayton Woman Beats the Heat for Pawning Landlord’s Air Conditioning Units

Seventh District: Construction Company Not Responsible for Bulldozed House

Eleventh District: $492,800 State Fine Erased Against Ashtabula Drilling Company

Attorney Suspended for Having Sex with Clients

First District: Trial Can Determine if Radio Maker, Pot Growers, Caused Firefighter’s Death

Dismissal Power Granted to Local Tax Boards 20 Years Ago Overruled

North Canton Attorney Suspended for Mishandling 20 Bankruptcy Cases

Eighth District: Cleveland Attorney’s Bribery Conviction Upheld

Cincinnati Attorney Receives Suspension for Using Client’s Money for Personal Expenses

Inattention to Detail Results in Suspension for Dayton Lawyer

Greater Cincinnati Attorney Suspended for Repeated Shoplifting

Court Orders New Trial in Cleveland Murder Case from 1988

Twelfth District: Bad Punctuation Puts Brakes on Parking Ordinance

Court Decides Allied Offenses Case

Worthington Attorney Indefinitely Suspended from Practicing Law

Officer Had No Authority to Make Traffic Stop Outside Jurisdiction

Court to Review Whether Groups Opposing Video Lottery Terminals and Casinos Have Right to Sue State

Heirs to Oil and Gas Below Eastern Ohio Property Filed Proper Documents to Keep Mineral Rights

Cleveland Attorney Disbarred for Practicing Law While Suspended

Seventh District: State Can Close Wilderness Boys Camp Until It Gets Operating License

Eighth District: Most of Prison Sentence for Navy Charity Scammer Affirmed, But Not Veterans Day in Solitary Confinement

Death-Row Inmate Challenges Second Execution Attempt

Unconstitutional Address-Notification Law Does Not Establish Actual Innocence for Wrongful Imprisonment Claim

Tenth District: Gahanna Taxpayers Working Outside of City Can Proceed with Class Action Lawsuit

Attorney Convicted of 27 Felonies, Including Bribery and Conspiracy, Disbarred

Courts Cannot Impose “No-Contact” Order and Prison Term for Same Felony

No-Cost Housing for Church Attendees Is Exempt from Property Tax

PUCO Wrong to Reduce Charge for AEP to Collect Deferred Fuel Costs

Two Attorneys Suspended Indefinitely from Practicing Law

Death at OSU Wexner Medical Center Leads to $132,500 Settlement

Court of Claims Approves Crash Settlement

Ninth District: City Can Seek Nuisance Order Against Foul-Smelling Factory

Police Records at Private University Are Public

Supreme Court To Hear Wrongful Imprisonment Dispute

Sixth District: Proper to Use Facebook Photo to Convict Double Murder Suspect

Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Against State Governed by 12-Year Time Limit

Cincinnati Public Golf Courses Entitled to Property Tax Exemption

First District: Failure to Supply Information in Lawsuit Leads to $646,000 Sanction

Woman Who Fell Off Operating Table Settles with The OSU Wexner Medical Center

Supreme Court to Consider Springfield Man’s Death Penalty Appeal

Cleveland Method of Taxing Pro Athletes Unconstitutional

Cleveland Cannot Tax Injured Colts Player

Former Cleveland Prosecutor Suspended for Two Years for Illegally Searching Law Enforcement Database

Court of Claims: Kent State Owes Fired Football Coach $112,000 for Breaching Contract

Search of Computer Lacked Probable Cause, Evidence Cannot Be Used

Juvenile Has Right to Counsel if Facing Possible Confinement

Proof of Right to Initiate Foreclosure Lawsuit May Be Provided After Complaint Is Filed

Fourth District: Pay Pond is Not Aquaculture; Township Justified in Shutting Operation

Third District: State Can’t Suspend License of Hammer Wielding Teacher

Cincinnati Man Settles, Can Obtain Master’s Degree for Free

Ninth District: Deputy’s Search of Bag of ‘Illegal Stuff’ Not Admissible

Court of Claims: Brothers Exonerated for Murder Granted $1.6 Million for Wrongful Imprisonment

Overruled Conviction Nets Wrongfully Imprisoned Man $220,000

Tenth District: Treasure Hunter’s Original Lawyer Can File Claim for the Gold

Eighth District: Legal Malpractice Cases Allowed to Continue

Law Enforcement Must Disclose Some Investigatory Materials in Civil Case

Northern Ohio Landlord Liable for Fire, But Damages Award Too High

Southern Ohio Judge Receives Public Reprimand

Fourth District: Hillsboro Ordinance Limiting Indigent Burial Cost Invalid; Can’t Pass Off Costs to Township

Eleventh District: Deputy’s Arrest of Son in Parent’s Home Can’t Be Used to Charge Couple for Resisting

Trial Courts Must Take Specific Steps to Enforce Settlements

When Strike Ends, Identities of Replacement Teachers Are Public Record

Court Clarifies Allied Offenses Statute

Ohio EPA Must Follow Rulemaking Process for Water Pollutant Limit

Two Appeals on Court’s Agenda During Columbus Session

Court of Claims: Exonerated Murder Suspect Granted $1 Million for Wrongful Imprisonment

Callback from 911 Operator Is Public Record

Out-of-State Attorney Suspended from Practicing Law in Ohio

Eleventh District: Trial Court Should Determine If Death Row Inmate Was Prevented from Seeing Email Evidence

Third District: No Immunity for Sheriff Who Posted Wrong Woman’s Photo for Welfare Fraud

Supreme Court to Consider Three Cases at Off-Site Session

Court of Claims: Contractor Can’t Collect $136,000 for Disputed Work at Ashtabula County School

Insurance Policy Does Not Cover Employer That Intends to Injure Workers

Fifth District: Attorney Fees in Licking County Dispute Cut by 87 Percent

Columbus Judge Reprimanded for Comments to Jury

Lodi Zoning Code Provision Found Unconstitutional

Cuyahoga County Rape Conviction Reversed

Logan Man Brings Wrongful Imprisonment Case to Supreme Court

Tenth District: Prison System Still Has to Pay For 2008 Upgrades It Deemed Shoddy

Second District: Slurred Speech, Medications Not Enough Evidence to Convict Man for OVI and Child Endangerment

Second District: Allstate Can Seek $187,000 from Handyman Accused of Cracking Nut, Flooding Physician’s House

University Hospital Settles for $225,000 in Medical Malpractice Case

Court of Claims: Prison at Fault for Inmate’s Severed Fingers While on Kitchen Duty

Sixth District: Fremont Church May Be Liable After Parishioner Trips

Court to Consider Whether Insurance Companies Are Subject to Auto-Repair Consumer Protection Law

Two Attorneys Suspended from Practice of Law

Interstate Prisoner Transfer Agreement Applies to Those Incarcerated in County Jails

Probate Judges Not Authorized to Issue Criminal Search Warrants

Firearms Charge Does Not Apply to Ottawa Hills Police Officer in On-Duty Shooting

City’s Drilling Ordinances Clash with State Oil and Gas Law

Court of Claims: Prison at Fault For Injuries of 80-Year-Old Inmate Who Fell from Bunk

Former Magistrate Disciplined for Profanity-Laced Rants

Items from Trash Pull Along with Other Evidence Showed Probable Cause

Provision in Gross Sexual Imposition Statute Found Unconstitutional

Sixth District: Township Fire Chief Dismissal Upheld on Appeal

Sixth District: Mom Involved in Toddler Son’s Death Loses Appeal

Tenth District: Marketing Firm Retains Right to Sell Disputed Shipwreck Treasure

First District: New Trial Ordered for Police Officer Impersonator Who Had Sex with Teen

Wrongfully Imprisoned Man Settles for $30,000

Eighth District: Trial Court Must Determine What Caused Patron to Tumble at Tri C Event

Convicted Juvenile To Argue 112-Year Sentence Is Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Tenth District: Nightclub Not Liable For Injuries Intoxicated Performer Caused Driving Wrong Way on Interstate After the Show

Using Client Confidences and Secrets Nets Attorney One-Year Suspension

Clerks Must Record and Send Court’s Judgment to Parties

Records May Be Unsealed Only for Exceptions Spelled Out in State Law

Pardons Deliver Forgiveness, Not Forgetfulness Under Current Law

Jury Instruction on “Foreseeability of Harm” Did Not Affect Result in Medical Malpractice Case

Supreme Court Interprets Elements Needed to Prove Corrupt Activity

Psychologist’s Testimony Violated Defendant’s Constitutional Rights

Second District: Architect Failed to Protect Miami Valley Hospital from Lawsuits Spurred by Deadly 2011 Legionnaire’s Outbreak

Twelfth District: Family of Couple Killed by Dump Truck During I-75 Night Construction Owed $4 Million

Eleventh District: $1.2 Million Judgment Against Former Departing Kent State Basketball Coach Upheld

Eighth District: Video Evidence Voids Grocery Store Parking Lot Assault Conviction

Former NFL Players Challenge Cleveland Taxes in Ohio Supreme Court

Eleventh District: Death Sentence Appeal of Accomplice to Ohio’s Only Woman on Death Row Rejected

Twelfth District: Newspaper Not Entitled To BCI’s Investigation Records of Missing Money from Goshen Township Police Property Room

First District: Hustler Founder Larry Flynt Must Pay Brother’s $170,000 Legal Fees

Eleventh District: Chardon Schools Justifiably Fired Employee Who Took Photo of Shooting Spree Aftermath

Court of Claims Lets Two State Agencies Pay $443,000 to Settle Amputation Accident Claims

Court of Claims Holds Ohio State Liable For Professor Who Ran Over Man On Highway

Non-Lawyer Pretended To Be Immigration Attorney

Employees Not Required to Report Suspected Abuse or Neglect to Ohio Director of Health

Court of Claims Approves $500,000 Settlement for Ohio State Student Hit By Dump Truck

City Appeals Process for Traffic Camera Violations Does Not Infringe on Jurisdiction of Courts

Twelfth District: Law Blocks Amputee from Suing Good Samaritan

Village Employee Not Entitled to Whistleblower Protection

Second District: City, Officer Who Struck Woman Crossing Street in Motorized Wheelchair Immune From Civil Lawsuit

Newspaper’s Appeal for Unredacted Juvenile Court Records Is Moot

Court Upholds Conviction and Death Sentence of Cincinnati Man

Tenth District: Terminated Dental Assistants Get Wrongful Discharge Hearing 12 Years after Blowing the Whistle on Intoxicated Dentist

Three Attorneys Disciplined for Misconduct

Non-Lawyer Head of Advocacy Group Practiced Law

Youngstown Man’s Death Penalty Set Aside

Private Property Owners Not Entitled to Property Tax Exemptions for Land Leased to State Community Colleges

Increase in Property Taxes Was Contrary to State Law

Court of Claims Hearing Set For Two Cleveland State University Employees Claiming They Were Fired Based on Their Age

Second District: Victim of Barroom Brawl Entitled to Nearly $90,000 When Club Owner Fails to Respond to Lawsuit

When Some Evidence Is Wrongly Allowed, Appeals Courts Must Decide Whether Other Evidence Supports the Verdict

8th District: Spouse Owes Development Firm $700,000 in Attorney Fees After Jailed Husband’s Deceit Revealed

Two Attorneys Receive Indefinite Suspensions from the Practice of Law

Former Municipal Court Judge Suspended

Eighth District: Casino Control Commission Wrong To Revoke Dealer’s License for Taking Can of Red Bull Without Paying

First District: Judge Questions Whether Obscene Gesture Played Too Large a Role in Awarding $303,000 in Punitive Damages

Two Attorneys Receive Suspensions With Partial Stays

'Attempted Felony Murder' Not Recognized in Ohio

Helipad Allowed on Roof of Cleveland Hospital

Courts Must Find Probable Cause Before Issuing Arrest Warrants

Fifth District: Past Reversal Guides Court’s Latest Denial of Fines Against Village That Destroyed Old Records

Tenth District: Insurance Company Not Entitled to Restitution

Jury Instructions Defining “Enterprise” Upheld

Court Upholds Conviction and Death Penalty in 2008 Shooting of Twinsburg Police Officer

First District: Changes to Condominium Common Areas Do Not Need Unanimous Owner Approval

Columbus Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Two Attorneys Receive One-Year Suspensions

Restitution Must Be Paid Before Applying to Seal Criminal Record

Court Clarifies Standards for Evaluating Workers’ Compensation Cases

Trial Court Cannot Reconsider Sentence When Defendant Does Not Comply with Plea Agreement

Parent Trying to Restore Parental Rights Not Entitled to Delayed Appeal

Norton City Council Meetings Can Be Aired Via Internet

Tenth District: Injured COTA Rider Must Get Chance to Prove Bus Jerk Was Unusual

Tenth District: State may be Liable for Injuries Inmate Sustained at Privately Operated Prison, but Company Must Pay Damages

Parole Board Obligated to Investigate and Correct Significant Errors in Record Considered for Inmate’s Release

Electric Utility May Recover Costs from Customers Who Changed Companies

Court of Claims: Police Owe $22,550 to OU Student for Broken Thumb

Dayton Lawyer’s License Suspended

California Woman Caught with Marijuana in RV Denied Appeal

Accused May Contest Test Results and Operability of Intoxilyzer 8000

Eighth District: Bamboozled Diamond Ring Shipper Cannot Sue FedEx for Collecting Bogus Payment Check

Non-Lawyer Advocate Gave Legal Advice to Criminal Defendants

Trial Courts May Instruct Juries on Lesser-Included Offenses

Part of Judicial Conduct Rule Unconstitutional, Violates Free Speech

Right to Attorney Applies at Resentencing Hearings

Charter Schools Challenge Whether Management Company Owns Property Bought for Schools

Tenth District: State Park Visitor Injured by Rock Launched from Lawn Mower can Hold ODNR Liable

Fired Amusement Park Executive Cannot Be Reinstated

$82,000 Settlement in Wrongful Imprisonment Case

Contract Does Not Prohibit Strip-Mining on ODNR Land

Stables Can’t Be Sued for Injuries Sustained in Dog and Pony Encounter

Eleven High Schools to Participate in Off-Site Court Session in Ravenna

Court of Claims: Decision Reversed in Dentures Refund Case

Court of Claims Approves Dept. of Agriculture Crash Settlement

Wendy’s Franchise Owner’s $510,000 Judgment Against Bowling Green Reversed

Dispute Over Role of Sewer District in Northern Ohio Before Supreme Court

Sheriff Improperly Suspended Man’s Concealed Handgun License Out of Alcoholism Suspicion

Supreme Court Sanctions Three Ohio Attorneys

Overwhelming Evidence Identified Alleged Perpetrator

Supreme Court Disbars Two Attorneys

Asbestos Law Requires Diagnosis by “Competent Medical Authority”

PUCO Correctly Limited How Much Ohio Power Could Charge Customers

Washington Court House in Contempt of Court for Not Paying Ohio EPA Fines

Mortgage Holders Can Redeem Properties in Foreclosures for Delinquent Taxes

Proving Intent to Use Force Not Required to Convict for Third-Degree Robbery

Death Penalty Upheld for Cleveland Man Convicted of Murder in Three-County Crime Spree

Who’s Liable for Real Estate Agent’s Conduct Should Have Been Reviewed By Jury

Public Employees Not Liable for Employment Discrimination in Certain Cases

Cleveland Judge Receives Public Reprimand

Threats to Governor Are Not Public Record

Eighth District: Drunk Man Who Punched Firefighter Loses Appeal

Parents of Teen Killed on Repaved Wayne County Road Can Sue County for Negligence

Court Overturns OMVI Ruling for Pulling Over a Driver Making a Ruckus

Court Upholds $1.3 Million Takings Judgment Against Westerville for Streetscape Project

Ninth District: State Court Can Hear Dispute Among Authors of Part of Black Eyed Peas Hit Song

First District: Proof As to Who is At Fault Required for Slipping Street Plate Accident

Supreme Court to Consider Two Mineral Rights Cases from Eastern Ohio

Court of Claims Approves Highway Patrol Assault Settlement for $110,000

Third District: Pastor Driving to Work Wins Citation Appeal

Prisoner Settles for $10,000 in Personal Injury Suit

Court Should Make Statutory Findings at Sentencing Hearing and Include Findings in Sentencing Entry to Impose Consecutive Prison Terms

Current Law Requires Presentence Investigation Report Before Community-Control Sentence

Twelfth District: Appeal Denied for Man Seeking Acquittal in Child Endangerment Case Where Pedestrian Was Killed

Supreme Court Decides When Juveniles May Be Classified as Sex Offenders

Former Westlake Judge Connected to Cuyahoga County Corruption Scandal Indefinitely Suspended

Certain Contract Language Explicitly Transfers Risk of Nonpayment by Client to Subcontractor

Changes in Drug Possession Penalties Apply to Defendants Convicted Before, but Sentenced After, 2011 Law’s Effective Date

Ohio Supreme Court’s Decision on Cell Phone Searches

Former Fairfield County Fire Chief’s Appeal Denied

Convictions and Death Penalty of West Chester Man Upheld

Court of Claims Approves Highway Patrol Crash Settlement for $235,000

Akron Judge Receives Public Reprimand

Rule Mandating 10 Percent Cash Payment for Bail Is Unconstitutional

Supreme Court to Consider Constitutionality of Mandatory Transfer of Juveniles to Adult Court

July 4th-Related Case Centered on Shipping Fireworks Out of State

Threats Made By Employee at Center of Case Before Supreme Court

Teen’s Constitutional Rights Not Violated by Excluding Her from Custody Hearing

Supreme Court Suspends Willoughby, Columbus Attorneys

Court Decides Payday Loan Case

Progressive Group Does Not Have Right to Challenge the Constitutionality of JobsOhio

Toledo Asks Supreme Court to Uphold Hearing Process for Camera Enforcement of Traffic Laws

Supreme Court Orders Reopening of Sealed Records in Rape-Flier Case

Court of Claims Awards $350,000 in Wrongful Death Claim of Inmate

Court of Claims approves UTMC botched kidney transplant settlement for $650,000

For Tampering Conviction, Evidence Must Be Related to Ongoing or Likely Investigation

Cleveland’s Curfew Ordinance for Public Square is Constitutional

Judge Receives One-Year Stayed Suspension from Supreme Court

Supreme Court Suspends Two Northeastern Ohio Attorneys

Court of Claims approves Ohio Lottery Commission winning ticket settlement for $710,000

Supreme Court to Consider Whether Outbound 911 Calls and Threats to Governor Are Public Record

Supreme Court Issues Stayed Suspension for Law Director

Court Reconsiders Property Tax Case Valuing Central Ohio Condos

Court of Claims Approves Ohio State University Settlement for Damaged Airplane

Convictions and Death Sentence in 2009 Triple Murder in Canton Upheld

In RICO Cases, Threshold Amount for Corrupt Activity Applies to Each Individual not to Criminal Enterprise

Supreme Court Rejects Death Penalty Appeal of Hamilton County Man in Murders of Two Women and Two Girls

Convicted Murderer’s Appeal is Denied

State Opposes Sealing of Convictions Before Restitution is Paid

Supreme Court Publicly Reprimands Former Rep. Mecklenborg

Supreme Court Upholds Conviction and Death Penalty in Perrysburg Double Murder

Court Rules That Collections Company and Non-Lawyer Civil Rights Advocate Practiced Law

Sex Offender’s Case Is Sent Back by Third District Appeals Court

Court to Consider Timeframes for Filing Lawsuits in Child Sex Abuse Cases

Cincinnati Attorney Suspended

Death Sentence of Butler County Man Upheld

Student Hit by Bus Settles Suit with The Ohio State University

Formal Request to Suppress Evidence Does Not Need Highly Detailed Statement of Facts and Law

Property Appraisal Amount Trumps Remote Sale Price When Setting Property Tax Values

Appeals Court Makes Ruling in Former Kalida Coach’s Case

Supreme Court to Consider Death Penalty Appeal from Man Who Shot Twinsburg Police Officer

Toledo Law School to Host Supreme Court Oral Arguments

Cincinnati Attorney Who Falsified Documents Indefinitely Suspended

Two Central Ohio Attorneys Suspended from Practice of Law

Unvested Military Retirement Benefits Earned During Marriage Qualify as Marital Asset

Supreme Court Disbars Attorney, Suspends Attorney

Common Pleas Court Did Not Have Jurisdiction to Review Legality of Court Costs Paid to Municipal Courts

Nontestimonial Autopsy Report Did Not Violate Sixth Amendment Confrontation Rights

Akron Official Not Improperly Holding Offices in Police Department

Cincinnati Attorney To Be Indefinitely Suspended

Supreme Court Rules on Minimum and Consecutive Sentences for Certain Juvenile Offenses

Courts Must Expressly Consider Youth as Mitigating Factor Before Imposing Life-Without-Parole Sentence on Juvenile

Supreme Court Suspends Cleveland, Minford Attorneys

Youngstown Man Appeals Death Sentence for 1985 Murder of Neighbor

Appeals Court Reverses Insurance Policy Cancellation Notice Before Premium Due Date

Supreme Court Rules Ohio’s Child-Enticement Law Too Broadly Written

New Appellate Counsel Entitled to Obtain Client’s Presentence Investigation Report For Appeal

Court of Claims approves $2.5 million Ohio Reformatory for Women Settlement

City to Argue for Local Laws Governing Oil and Gas Drilling

Appeals Court Must Reconsider Damages in Public Records Case

Man’s Appeal Challenging Sixth Trial Will Be Heard

In Three Cases, Supreme Court Finds that Non-Lawyers Practiced Law

Reduced Penalty Applies When Amended Statute Takes Effect Before Sentencing

PUCO Decision Allowing Electric Charges Stands

Tenants’ Guests Protected by Ohio’s Landlord-Tenant Law

Appeals Court Finds Problems in Marion Arsonist’s Case

Supreme Court Case Had an Olympic Connection

Co-Worker Entitled to Fellow Employee Immunity in Parking Lot Accident

Cleveland Man Convicted of Aggravated Murder Asks Court to Reverse His Death Sentence

1980 Hail Mary Pro Football Case Decided in Supreme Court

Court of Claims approves UT Medical Center Settlement

Former Candidate for Prosecuting Attorney Receives Public Reprimand

Court Lifts Use Tax On Transient Boater

Tow-Truck Law Hits Legal Bump

Euclid Man’s Assault Falls Within Domestic Violence Law

Court Reinstates Felony Domestic Violence Conviction

Mason Attorney Suspended

Appeals Court Upholds Woman’s Multi-Year Sentence

Supreme Court to Consider Death Penalty Appeal of Butler County Man

Eighth District: No Blanket Protection for Lead Hazard Public Records

Sixth District: Insurance Company Acted in Bad Faith with Delayed Payment

Texas Tax Services Firm Improperly Practiced Law in Ohio

Dayton Attorney Suspended Indefinitely

State Controlling Board Had Legal Authority to Approve Request for Federal Medicaid Funds

Appeals Court Denies Malpractice Suit Against Akron Doctor and Hospital

Court Upholds 1990 Conviction and Sentence

Juvenile Court Did Not Follow Interstate Child Custody Laws

Court of Claims Denies Negligence Claim in OSU Elevator Death

Cleveland’s Residency Bonus Points Ruled Unconstitutional

Admission of Evidence from Traffic Stop Unconstitutional

Canton Man Convicted and Sentenced to Death for Three Murders Asks Supreme Court for New Trial

Wrongfully Imprisoned Cleveland Man to Receive $600,000 from State

In Separate Cases, Supreme Court Finds that Two Non-Lawyers Practiced Law

Trial Courts Not Required to Consider Pleadings When Deciding Whether to Grant a Directed Verdict

Supreme Court Denies Request to Compel JobsOhio to Release Documents

Summit County Man’s Conviction Overturned in Lost Dog Reward Case

Right to Confront Witnesses Not Violated When Defendant Stipulates to Report from Expert Witness Who Does Not Testify at Trial

Second District Court of Appeals Denies Second Retrial for Convicted Murderer

Two Attorneys Suspended Indefinitely from Practice of Law

Resentencing for Postrelease Control Cannot Be Imposed if an Offender Has Already Completed Prison Term

Jury Verdict Forms Must List Degree of an Offense or Elements that Justify a Conviction of a More Serious Crime

Gallia County Judge Receives Stayed Suspension for Misconduct

Worthington Couple Entitled to City Income Tax Refund

Science Teacher Cannot Display Religious Material in Classroom

City of Cleveland and Occupy Cleveland Protesters to Argue First Amendment Case at Supreme Court

Decision Not to Allow a Motion for New Trial Overturned in Convicted Murderer’s Case

Drug Conviction Sent Back to County Court

Courts Must Consider Information Presented at Sentencing Hearings When Determining Whether to Merge Multiple Crimes

School Construction Dispute Settled for Nearly $1 Million in Court of Claims

Grandfathering Provision in ’70s Zoning Law Applies to Long-time Property Owners

Stark County Sheriff Not Qualified to Hold the Office

Appeals Court Reverses Part of Murderer’s Conviction

Windshield Repair Case Does Not Meet Requirements for Class Action

Paralyzed Woman Settles Medical Negligence Case with University of Cincinnati for $2.3 Million

Some Records of Internet Sweepstakes Café Investigation Must Be Produced

Supreme Court to Determine Whether an Advocacy Group Has Standing to Challenge JobsOhio Act

Supreme Court Revises Restitution Order in Discipline Case

Cincinnati Attorney Suspended for One Year After Mental Health Suspension Lifted

Teacher’s Testimony Recounting Child’s Allegations of Abuse Violates Confrontation Clause

Columbus Attorney Suspended

Doctor in Medical Malpractice Case to Receive New Trial

Informational Picketing Does Not Fall Under Ten-Day Statutory Notice Requirement

Death Sentence Upheld in 2008 Akron Murder Case

Akron Judge’s Sanction Reversed Following Supreme Court Ruling

Criminal Convictions Are Not Automatically Sealed After a Pardon by the Governor

Death Sentence Vacated, Returned to Trial Court for Second Time

Hamilton Man Appeals Death Sentence to Court for Third Time

Independent Candidate for Akron City Council Must Be Added to November Ballot

Doctor Acting Within the Scope of His or Her State Employment Is Immune from Liability

Westlake Attorney Connected with Cuyahoga County Corruption Scandal Has Been Indefinitely Suspended

Income Calculations for Child Support May Include Employer Benefits

Trial Courts Have Authority to Expunge and Seal Record of a Dissolved Protection Order

Hazard in City Park Does Not Affect City’s Recreational Use Immunity

Hamilton County Must Amend Ballot Language in November 5 Issue

Three Cases Will Be Argued Before the Supreme Court at Off-Site Court Session in Crawford County

Tenth District Court of Appeals: No Invasion of Privacy with Inmate Medical Records Release

Man Facing Sixth Trial for Murder Argues Appeal on Constitutional Grounds Must Be Allowed

State Law Cannot Be Applied Retroactively to Keep Sex Offender from Living Near School

Attorney Not Admitted to the Practice of Law in Ohio Is Not Subject to Ohio Disciplinary Rules

Convicted Arsonist’s Appeal Turned Down

Canton Attorney Disbarred

Law in Effect When a Claim is Filed Determines How to Calculate Pre-Judgment Interest

Nonsealable Conviction Prevents Sealing Of Connected Criminal Charge That Is Dismissed

When Trial Court’s Improper Judicial Notice Is Only Evidence That Proves State’s Case, Double Jeopardy Bars a Retrial

Appeals Court Sends Deadly Crash Case Back to Trial Court

Injured Worker Must File Application During Lifetime to Receive Certain Benefits

Appeals Court Rules Fourth Amendment Rights Violation

Court of Claims Hears Wrongfully Imprisoned Cleveland Man’s Claim for Compensati

Collateral Recovery Reduces Award Family Will Receive in Wrongful Death Case to $1.8 Million

Candidates Ordered On the Ballot in Summit, Richland Counties

Supreme Court to Consider Different Interpretations of Corrupt Activity in Ohio’s RICO Law

Defendant’s Constitutional Right to Confront Witnesses Was Violated When Out-of-Court Comments by an Alleged Accomplice Were Allowed

Custodian of Public Records has Burden to Show Why Materials are Exempt from Disclosure Under Public Records Law

Appeal Denied in Father’s Day Murder Case

Three Attorneys Suspended From Practicing Law

Man Who Attacked and Injured Sheriff’s Deputy Loses Appeal

Marked Lanes Violation Overturned for Lack of ‘Reasonable’ Suspicion

Supreme Court to Hear Death Penalty Appeal Questioning Competency Determination in Trial for 2007 Toledo Murders

Woman Hit By Hockey Puck Loses Court of Claims Case

Man Convicted in Crash Deaths Fails to File Timely Appeal, 11th District Rules

Pay That Worker Deferred to Flexible Spending Account Does Not Count As ‘Wages’ in Determining Unemployment Eligibility

Supreme Court Accepts Five Cases for Review

Tax Commissioner’s Wrong Filing Instructions Creates Ambiguity for Taxpayer to Treat Assessment as Preliminary or Final

Party’s Statement Non-Privileged in Suit Filed, Raised In Different Case

Court Clarifies Law on Criminal Restitution Awards

Trial Court Did Not Err by Considering Merit Issues in Ruling That ‘Phone Cramming’ Lawsuit Cannot Be Pursued as Class Action

Construction Company Not Liable for Employee’s Death, 10th District Affirms

Parma Firefighter to Receive Back Pay, Benefits

Stop Sign Violation Overturned for Lack of Evidence at Trial

Results of Urine Test Should Be Suppressed for OVI Conviction

Convicted Armed Robber Should Get a New Trial

OSU Medical Center Settles Lawsuit for $5.25 Million in Case of Brain-Dead Infant

Does State ‘RICO’ Statute Allowing for Fine Apply to Attempted Conviction Too?

Driver Being Ticketed Not Liable for Injuries to Police Officer Struck by Vehicle While Writing Citation

Failure to Pay Court Courts Does Not Make Expungement Automatically Ineligible

Man’s Family Receives $500,000 Settlement from University Hospital in Cincinnati

Appeals Court Upholds ‘Adam Walsh Act’ Provision Extending Juvenile Sex Offender’s Registration Requirement Beyond Defendant’s 21st Birthday

Supreme Court Upholds Police Officer’s Conviction For Witness Intimidation, Reinstates Conviction for Abduction

Cincinnati Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Cleveland Man Wins Sentencing Appeal

Three-Judge Panel May Determine Whether Intra-District Conflict Exists, En Banc Review Required

Supreme Court: “RICO” Sentencing Statute Not Ambiguous, Mandatory Ten-Year Sentence Applies When Pattern of Corrupt Activity Includes Any First Degree Felony

Summary Judgment ‘Inappropriate’ for Negligence Claim

Supreme Court Asked to Decide If Company-Paid Employee Benefits Are Countable as ‘Income’ In Calculating Child Support Obligation

Steubenville Teacher, Football Coach Wins Defamation Appeal

Cleveland Attorney Disbarred

Workers’ Compensation Covers Injured Employee’s Mental Condition Only If Caused by Physical Injury

Supreme Court to Hear Death Penalty Appeal in 2005 Cleveland Murder

A Defendant’s Guilty Plea That Is Vacated on Appeal Continues to Bar Eligibility for Wrongful Imprisonment Damages

Supreme Court: Statements Obtained From ODNR Employees Under Threat of Job Loss Properly Suppressed in Criminal Proceedings

Supreme Court: Foreclosure Action May Not Be Dismissed Under Civil Rule After Court Enters Judgment Granting Foreclosure, Order of Sale

Court of Claims Awards Family Nearly $4 Million

Ohio Supreme Court: Insurance Policy Language Does Not Preclude Uninsured Motorist Coverage For Damage Caused by Government Driver

Massillon Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Columbus Attorney Disbarred

Criminal Defendant’s Public Records Request for Information that is Subject to Discovery Triggers State’s Right to Demand Reciprocal Discovery

Residential Mortgage Servicing Company is Not “Supplier” Subject to Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act

Supreme Court to Reconsider Woman's Death Sentence

Akron Attorney Suspended

Supreme Court Clarifies Requirements for New DNA Testing of Biological Material In Criminal Cases

Dayton Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Felonious Assault by Causing ‘Serious Physical Harm’ Is a Lesser Included Offense of Attempted Murder

State Must Prove Protection Order Was Served on Respondent Prior to Alleged Violation

Appeals Court Rules Police Violated Man’s Fourth Amendment Rights

Rents Charged To Vendors Are Trade Secrets, Exempt From Disclosure Under Public Records Act

Euclid Attorney Suspended Indefinitely

Evidence of Doctor’s Sympathetic Statement to Patient Barred by ‘Apology Statute’ in Any Malpractice Suit Filed After 2004

Appeals Court Reverses Sex Offender’s Conviction, Can’t Be Reclassified under the Adam Welsh Act

Supreme Court to Hear Arguments in Seven Cases April 23-24

Toledo Attorney’s License Suspended

Northfield Attorney Disbarred

Supreme Court: ‘At Cost’ Provision of Public Records Act Does Not Trump $5 BMV Fee

Akron Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Dayton Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Interlocutory Appeal Must Precede Post-Acquittal Appeal in Juvenile Cases

Columbus Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Appeals Court: Burglary and Kidnapping Convictions Should Be Merged, Resentenced

Appeals Court Vacates Man’s Sentence After Plea Deal Violation

Probate Court to Determine How Much of $3.3 Million Award Family Will Receive in Wrongful Death Case

Supreme Court To Consider Whether Doctors Employed by University Hospitals Are Immune From Malpractice Liability As State Employees Regardless of Educational Context

Court of Claims Approves $210,700 Settlement in 14 Year-Old Case

Imposition of Less Severe Discovery Rule Sanctions Apply to State Violations

Supreme Court Suspends Painesville Attorney

Supreme Court Suspends Cleveland Heights Attorney

Prisoner Who Fell from Top Bunk Wins Appeal, Court Reexamines Discretionary Immunity Precedent

Michigan Attorney Suspended From Practice in Ohio

Court Upholds Appellate Ruling That Worker’s Firing For Conduct That Caused On-the Job Injury Does Not Constitute ‘Voluntary Abandonment of Employment’

Supreme Court To Review Case of Police Detective Convicted of Abduction, Witness Intimidation For Abuse of Arrest Powers

Court Permanently Denies Applicant Permission to Take Ohio Bar Examination

Supreme Court Rules County Engineer’s Response Met Requirements of Public Records Act

Cleveland Attorney Disbarred

Eaton Attorney Suspended

Court of Claims Approves UT Medical Center Patient’s Settlement

Appeals Court Finds Court Cannot Issue Lifelong Ban to Man from State of Ohio

Appeals Court Reverses Trial Court Over Suppression of Evidence

Trial Court Should Have Considered Breathalyzer Results, Appeals Court Rules

Appeals Court Finds Child Enticement Statute Unconstitutional

Supreme Court To Hear Appeal of Public School Teacher Fired for Religious Displays and Teaching

Appeals Court Reverses Trial Court Over Intoxilyzer 8000 Results

Cleveland Attorney Suspended

Columbus Attorney Suspended

Court of Claims approves OSU Medical Center Patient’s Settlement

Supreme Court To Decide If Applying 2004 “Apology Statute” to Statements Made By Doctor in 2001 is Unconstitutional Retroactive Application of Law

State Oil & Gas Commission Lacks Jurisdiction to Hear Appeals of Drilling Permits Issued by Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management

Appeals Court Reverses Trial Court Over Deficient Search-Warrant Affidavit

Partial Payment for Wrongfully Imprisoned Cleveland Man Sent to Controlling Board

Former ODNR Employee Receives Damages in Age Discrimination Case

Appeals Court Rules Lawsuit Settlement Received From a Different Defendant is Not a ‘Benefit’ That Must Be Subtracted from Malpractice Victim’s Award from State University

Appeals Court Upholds Health Department Finding of Smoking Ban Violations, $2,500 Fine

ODRC Settles Former Inmate’s Medical Negligence Claim

Cincinnati Attorney Disbarred

Supreme Court Rules Use of Commercial Activity Tax Revenues From Sale of Motor Vehicle Fuel For Non-Highway Purposes Is Unconstitutional

Supreme Court Announces Decisions in Nine Cases

Supreme Court Announces Decisions in 17 Cases

Supreme Court Announces Decisions in 18 Cases

Supreme Court Affirms Death Sentence In 2007 Akron Rape, Murder

Supreme Court Announces Decisions in 15 Cases

Drug Trafficking Indictment Is Valid Without Naming Specific Drug If It Identifies Statutory Schedule In Which Drug Appears

ODNR Must Demonstrate Why It Shouldn’t Be Held in Contempt of Court

Columbus Attorney Suspended

Cincinnati Attorney Suspended

Warren Attorney Suspended

Columbus Attorney Disbarred

Trial Court’s Waiver of Mandatory Fine Without Affidavit of Indigency Requires Resentencing to Impose Waived Fine

Central Ohio Lawyer Suspended from Practice

Columbus Lawyer Suspended for Disclosing Information Obtained from Prospective Client

Owners of All-Electric Homes Must Pursue Fraud Claim Against FirstEnergy Corp. Before Public Utilities Commission

Cleveland Lawyer Suspended from Practice

Supreme Court Upholds 2011 Legislative Redistricting Plan as Constitutional

Award of Attorney Fees and Costs to Successful Workers’ Compensation Appellant Not Dependent on How Many of Claimed Conditions Approved/Denied

County May Use Motor Vehicle/Gas Tax Funds to Pay Portion of Self-Insurance Pool Premium That Covers Operations of County Engineer’s Highway Department

Court of Claims approves nearly $600,000 OSU Medical Center wrongful death settlement

Cleveland Attorney Suspended

Legal Bills Not Entirely Exempt from Public Records Law

Former Attorney General Dann’s Law License Suspended

Court Rules Supervisor’s Advice That Electrical Worker Not Wear Protective Gloves Was Not ‘Deliberate Removal of Equipment Safety Guard’ Under Intentional Tort Statute

Court Rules City Not Immune From Liability For Injury Suffered by Patron at Indoor Municipal Swimming Pool

Skier Injured in Collision May Recover from Other Skier Only If Other Skier’s Actions Were Reckless or Intentional

Cleveland Lawyer Disbarred

Supreme Court Rules City Must Pay for Moving Overhead Electric Lines in Public Right of Way Underground

Court of Claims approves $300,000 ODOT motorcycle wreck settlement

City of Cincinnati Can Reduce Retirees’ Health Benefits, Appeals Court Rules

Trumbull County Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Court Rules Prisoner May Pursue Collateral Attack on Escape Conviction When Charge Was Based on Violation of Invalid Postrelease Control Sentence

Columbus Attorney indefinitely Suspended

Prior Domestic Violence Conviction May Be Proved By Means Other than Journal Entry, But When a Judgment Entry is State’s Proof, It Must Comply With Criminal Rule 32(C)

Supreme Court Rules DNA Profile of Criminal Defendant May Be Retained For Future Use Despite Acquittal on Charge for Which Sample Was Obtained

Galloway Attorney indefinitely Suspended

Supreme Court Holds Foreclosure Action Void If Party Filing Suit Did So Before Becoming Actual Party in Interest

Kentucky Lawyer Suspended from Practice in Ohio

Supreme Court Upholds Statutory Process for Invoking Adult Portion of ‘Blended’ Sentence In Serious Youthful Offender Cases

2nd District: Defendant Not Required to Disclose Incriminating Information In Investigator’s Report

Supreme Court Holds That Indigent Parent Does Not Have Right to Appointed Counsel in Purge Hearing

Pardon by the Governor Doesn’t Entitle Defendant to Sealed Criminal Record

Massillon Judge Receives Stayed License Suspension

Common Pleas Court Must Defer To Zoning Appeals Board’s Interpretation of Ambiguous Language in Zoning Ordinance

Defective Workmanship Claims Not Covered by General Commercial Liability Policy Coverage for ‘Property Damage Caused by an Occurrence’

Court of Appeals Remands Case for Resentencing Based on Judge’s Failure to Make Required Findings Supporting Consecutive Prison Terms

City May Adopt Tax Increment Financing Plan That Temporarily Exempts Improvements to Annexed Land From Both City and Township Property Taxes

Add-On Sentence for Discharging Gun ‘From Motor Vehicle’ Does Not Apply to Shots Fired While Defendant Was Outside Vehicle, Behind Open Car Door

Court Reconsiders, Modifies Ruling on Enforceability of Employee Noncompete Agreements

In Determining Whether Information in Search Warrant Affidavit Is ‘False,’ Courts Must Allow for Nontechnical Language Used by Nonlawyers

Former Columbus Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Cleveland Heights Attorney Suspended

Pepper Pike Attorney Disbarred

Supreme Court Sets Guidelines for Waiver of ‘Amenability’ Hearing In Juvenile Bindover Cases

Seventh District Holds Legal Separation Agreement With Final Property Division Terminates Spouses’ Rights to Elect Against Each Others’ Wills

Former Cincinnati Attorney Suspended from Practice

Supreme Court Holds That Statute Does Not Entitle Juvenile Offender to Legal Counsel During Interrogation Prior to Filing of Charges

Appeals Court Upholds Restitution Order Against Former Toledo Schools Official

Supreme Court Dismisses JobsOhio Mandamus Action Without Ruling on Merits

Cleveland ‘Legal Services’ Company Ordered to Cease Unlicensed Law Practice, Assessed $30,000 Civil Penalty

Juvenile Court May Grant Temporary Child Visitation Rights to a Nonparent During Litigation of Custody Suit

Cleveland Attorney Disbarred

County Prosecutor Lacks Authority to Enter Into Plea Agreement For Crimes Committed Wholly In Another County

Court of Claims approves Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction $2 million settlement

Court Recognizes Limited Exception to Time Limit to Notify Employer of Retaliatory Discharge Claim

East Liverpool Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Supreme Court Affirms, Reverses Portions of Multi-Million Dollar Civil Judgment

Appeals Court: Child Support for Disabled Child May Be Imposed After 18th Birthday

Appeals Court: Conviction Vacated Based on Improper Admission of Evidence at Trial

Appeals Court: Traffic Stop Must Reasonably Warrant Police Intrusion

Supreme Court Orders State Ballot Board to Replace Ballot Language Describing Proposed Redistricting Amendment

Appeals Court: Liquor Agent's Gambling Complaint Valid

Third District Rules Injuries from Hotel Fall not Covered by Workers’ Comp

Next Week’s Oral Arguments Include Attorney Discipline Case Related to OSU Football Sanctions

Columbus Attorney Suspended

Posting Details of Sheriff’s Sale on Website Does Not Give Required Notice of Sale to Party With Interest in Foreclosed Property

Norwalk Attorney Suspended

Supreme Court Holds Private Landfill is Not a ‘Public Utility’ Exempt From Township Zoning Authority

OVI Conviction Reversed by Eleventh District Because Defendant Not Properly Advised of Consequences of Guilty Plea

State May Cite ‘No Contest’ Plea In Postconviction, Habeas Corpus Proceedings Where Defendant Attacks Conviction Based on That Plea

Former Columbus Attorney Indefinitely Suspended

Highway Patrol’s Search Did Not Violate Suspect’s Rights

Supreme Court Rules Owner of Land Adjacent to Rezoned Property May Have Standing to Challenge Rezoning Through Declaratory Judgment Action

Deputy Court Clerk Who is also Deputy Sheriff is not ‘Neutral Magistrate’ Who May Determine Whether There is Probable Cause to Issue Arrest Warrant

Delaware Attorney Suspended From Practice

Supreme Court Rules County is Immune From Civil Suits Based on its Failure to Upgrade Storm Sewer

Cincinnati Attorney Disbarred

Appeals Court Rules in Second Amendment Case

Appeals Court Throws Out Conviction Based on Castle Doctrine

Tenth District Appeals Court Reverses Judgment in Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Case

Court of Claims approves $1.25 million OSU Medical Center settlement agreement

Appeals Court Strikes Down State Law Due to Home-Rule Conflict

Three of Nine Cases at Supreme Court Next Week Examine Sex Offender Law

Appeals Court Reverses Sex Offender’s Sentence

Appeals Court Rules Juvenile's Statements Should Have Been Supressed

Appeals Court Rules Bond Reduction Motion Does Not Toll Speedy Trial Requirement

Appeals Court Reverses Trial Court, Rules Statements Admissible

Court of Claims Approves $600,000 UC Settlement Agreement

Cincinnati Zoning Hearings Must Have Transcribable Record, First District Rules

Appeals Court Throws Out Traffic Stop Convictions

Appeals Court Limits Tuscarawas County Easement Use

Full Eighth District Reverses 3-Judge Panel, Overrules 2009 Precedent on Ohio Criminal Sentencing Law

Supreme Court Orders Judge to Unseal Records in Youngstown Corruption Case

Columbus Firm Agrees to Cease Preparing Immigration Forms, Other Activities That Constitute Unauthorized Practice of Law

Appeals Court Strikes Down Cincinnati Residency Ordinance

Supreme Court Rules Judge’s Error in Declaring Mistrial Barred New Trial of Defendant in Springfield Murder Case

Court of Claims Approves $1.5 Million ODOT Settlement Agreement

Supreme Court Clarifies Standard of Review When Appeals Courts Review Declaratory Judgement Actions

Court of Claims Awards More Than $1 Million in Damages for Botched Shoulder Surgeries

Cease and Desist Order Against Supreme Court Candidate Reversed