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July 6, 2012
Supreme Court Proposes Specialized Docket Certification Procedures

The Supreme Court of Ohio will accept public comments until August 7 on amendments that outline the procedures to receive Supreme Court certification for a specialized docket program.

Last year the Supreme Court adopted rules that require specialized docket programs to be certified and meet minimum standards by January 1, 2013.

Under the proposed amendments announced today, courts operating specialized dockets would be required to submit an application, undergo a site visit and submit specific program materials to the Specialized Docket Section as part of the certification process.

In addition, specialized dockets that comply with the initial stages of the certification process would be initially certified pending a final review.

The amendments also would create a new Commission on Specialized Dockets and amend the definition of a specialized docket in the Code of Judicial Conduct.

View the text of the proposed amendments.

Comments on the proposed amendments should be submitted in writing to:

Melissa Knopp, Specialized Dockets section manager
Supreme Court of Ohio
65 S. Front St., Sixth Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

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