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May 21, 2012
Supreme Court Adopts Amendments to Juv. R. 3 and Other Rules of Practice and Procedure

The Supreme Court of Ohio has adopted amendments to the rules of evidence, appellate procedure, civil procedure, criminal procedure, and juvenile procedure, including changes to Juv. R. 3, which mandates that juveniles consult with legal counsel before waiving their right to an attorney in specific cases.

Initially published for comment on October 24, the amendments were revised by the Commission on the Rules of Practice and Procedure and approved for filing by the Ohio Supreme Court. The commission and the court considered all comments received during a second round of public comment that ended March 6, revised the amendments and filed the revisions with the General Assembly on April 30. Unless the General Assembly passes a concurrent resolution of disapproval, the rules take effect on July 1.

Except for the changes to Juv. R. 3, the court concurred in submitting all of the amendments to the General Assembly. Justice Terrence O’Donnell did not concur with submitting Juv. R. 3.

Many of the proposed changes target inconsistencies, allow for electronic means of service, remove outdated concepts, or move certain rules to other sections that make more sense. There are, however, a few new rules.

Other amendments to existing rules include:

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