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April 20, 2012
Ohio Middle Schools Participate in Mock Trial Showcase

Students from Arts Impact Middle School in Columbus and St. Hilary Middle School in Akron participate in the 2012 Middle School Mock Trial State Showcase at the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center April 19-20.More than 300 Ohio middle school students from 30 schools competed in the 10th Annual Middle School Mock Trial State Showcase at the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center on April 19-20. The mock trial is hosted by the Ohio Center for Law Related Education (OCLRE).

Tim Kalgreen, with OCLRE, said the students are participating in the newly written case State of Ohio v Frankie Hunter, based on the novel Lord of the Flies. Middle school mock trial cases are written by teachers and attorneys who craft the trial from literature taught in middle school English classes. Kalgreen said OCLRE chose this case because most middle school students read Lord of the Flies in class.

“From this book, these students are learning about the themes of acceptance and bullying during the entire mock trial process. It really starts the discussion of tolerance and working together,” Kalgreen said.

The 6th- through 8th-grade students also improve their public speaking and critical thinking skills as well as learn more about legal processes and procedures, he said.

About 30 volunteer attorneys from across the state helped judge the two-day showcase. There is no overall winner; instead the students received a superior, excellent, or outstanding score from the judges.