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May 4, 2012
Jury Service Reform

The Ohio Supreme Court Judicial College hosted a seminar Thursday with the Ohio Jury Management Association to learn more about jury trial management for high profile trials. Nearly 80 court personnel, magistrates and judges attended the event where they also learned about the new Jury Modernization Act.

The new Jury Modernization Act was enacted by the Ohio General Assembly as House Bill 268 at the recommendation of the Jury Service Committee of the Ohio Judicial Conference. The law takes effect May 22. Some of the changes include letting municipal courts set their own juror fees, decide when to start the jury year, make changes in the number of jurors drawn during cases, and update terminology.

Led by Judge Reeve W. Kelsey of Wood County Common Pleas Court and co-chair of the Jury Service Committee, attendees were educated about the new statutory modifications that give courts more flexibility.

“It is an outgrowth of extensive work completed by the Jury Service Committee over the last four years,” Judge Kelsey said. “The revisions of House Bill 268 modernize, reorganize and clarify the sections of the Ohio Revised Code as applicable to jury service.”

The bill replaces outdated practices with “best practices” in the jury service field, he added.

In addition to the seminar, the association presented an “Award of Excellence” to Judge Kelsey for his contribution in the field of jury management.