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Feb. 1, 2012
Association Elects Municipal, County Judges as Officers

Municipal and county court judges took the oath of office today after being elected to leadership positions by the membership of their association. Supreme Court of Ohio Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton conducted the swearing-in ceremony during the group’s annual three-day winter meeting. She also delivered a presentation on veterans and the criminal justice system.

The 2012 officers of the Association of Municipal/County Judges of Ohio include:

Judge Reddin has been serving as president since May. Former Napoleon Municipal Court Judge John S. Collier, who served as president of the association for three months last year, was elected in 2010 to the Henry County Court of Common Pleas bench effective May 9, 2011.

Beginning his 17th year on the bench, Judge Reddin served as a municipal prosecutor for 10 years and worked in private practice before election to his first term in 1995. He was subsequently re-elected twice.

“I am honored to represent our member judges who are dedicated to judicial excellence,” Judge Reddin said. “Our association not only provides outstanding educational and professional opportunities to its members, but fosters the meaningful exchange of experiences and ideas between judges.”

The educational portion of the winter conference includes sessions devoted to sentencing changes contained in House Bill 86; the Ohio Risk Assessment System in municipal court; and a U.S. and Ohio supreme courts criminal case law update.