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Feb. 28, 2012
Intercourt Conference

Ohio’s longest-running juvenile court conference took place on Feb. 23-24 in Columbus.

More than 250 juvenile court staff, supervisors and judges from 37 counties met to examine issues impacting the future of juvenile justice at the 28th Annual Intercourt Conference.

The Intercourt Conference was originally developed to target the needs of small and medium-sized juvenile courts. This year a few urban courts participated in Intercourt, as conference organizers realized that all courts, regardless of population or geography were facing similar issues.

The two day program focused on impacted youth and family-focused approaches in dealing with delinquent behaviors, including seminars on the impact of out-of-home placement on youth, understanding self-mutilation, how to be street smart with drugs, and experiential therapies with youth.

The juvenile court personnel also discussed topics on the physiology of addiction and Ohio youth and family programs, such as multidimensional-treatment foster care.

“This conference is a great way for court personnel to share what works in their courts or gather ideas to improve how to best work with Ohio’s youth, who unfortunately end up in the court system,” said Kristopher Steele, an education program manager at the Supreme Court of Ohio and one of the conference’s organizers.

Steele said the conference is put together by members of 10 juvenile courts across Ohio with the help of the Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College.