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March 1, 2012
Franklin County Law Library Moves

The Franklin County Law Library is in the midst of moving to its new temporary location and will be closed through Monday, March 5.

The library is moving down the street from 369 South High Street, known as the “Hall of Justice” due to housing several court entities, to the sixth floor of the Municipal Court Building at 375 South High Street.

“Everybody has to leave that building because they are going to renovate it, including asbestos removal,” said Franklin County Law Library director Keith Blough.

The new location contains about 30 percent less space than what Blough is used to working with, but he said it shouldn’t matter.

The Franklin County Law Library has served county residents since 1887. The library used to have more than 100,000 volumes of books and microform sets. Blough said the number of hard copies has been reduced to 30,000.

“There’s virtually no market for law books, such as reporters and digests, which are really expensive to subscribe to at this point with the computers, with Westlaw, with Lexis,” Blough said.

Blough said he plans to reopen the law library on Tuesday, March. 6. He said the library will return to the “Hall of Justice” in two to three years.

The new law library telephone number will be 614.525.4971 effective March 6.