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March 14, 2012
Ohio Foreclosure Filings Drop 16 Percent in 2011

After experiencing a drop in the number of Ohio foreclosure case filings for the first time in 15 years in 2010, that number declined even further in 2011 by 16 percent, according to data released today by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

For 2011, common pleas courts across Ohio reported 71,556 new residential and commercial foreclosure case filings to the Ohio Supreme Court, or 13,927 fewer foreclosure cases than 2010.

The Ohio Supreme Court began collecting foreclosure data in 1990, and for 14 consecutive years through 2009 the number of foreclosure new filings rose. Not since 2006 have the foreclosure filings been in the range as the numbers recorded for 2011.

Only two counties saw increases in the number of year-over-year foreclosures in 2011. Coshocton County reported 317 foreclosures in 2011 compared with 163 in 2010 for a 94.5 percent increase. Guernsey County reported 198 foreclosures in 2011 compared with 188 in 2010 for a 5.3 percent increase.

On the other end of the spectrum, 75 of Ohio’s 88 counties reported double-digit decreases in 2011, and 10 counties reported 30 percent or greater declines.

Cuyahoga County continued to lead the state in the number of foreclosures with 11,544, although this figure represents a 10 percent annual decline, which followed a 9 percent decline in 2010.

Information contained in the reports is provided to the Ohio Supreme Court on a monthly basis by all county common pleas courts.

By collecting case data, the Ohio Supreme Court attempts to assist in the efficient administration of justice by measuring the pace of incoming litigation for case management purposes. The Ohio Supreme Court does not examine or analyze larger social and governmental trends that may contribute to or influence changes in the number of foreclosure case filings. The foreclosure data submitted by common pleas courts does not break down the number of residential versus commercial foreclosures.

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