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March 2, 2012
396 Prospective Lawyers Took Ohio Bar Exam This Week

Nearly 400 prospective lawyers took the February 2012 Ohio Bar Examination Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Franklin County Veterans Memorial, 300 W. Broad St.

The bar exam features various components, including 12 essay questions covering 11 topics, the Multistate Performance Test and the Multistate Bar Examination.

Of the two annual bar exams, fewer attorney hopefuls take the February exam than the exam in July.

Results from the exam will be announced on May 4, and individuals who passed the exam and meet all other requirements for admission will be sworn in as attorneys on May 14 during a special session of the Supreme Court of Ohio at the historic Ohio Theatre.

The bar exam is administered by the Ohio Supreme Court, which regulates the practice of law in Ohio, including the admission of new attorneys, the biennial registration of current attorneys, attorney discipline in cases of misconduct, and the administration of continuing legal education.

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