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Jan. 5, 2012
Supreme Court Creates New Dispute Resolution Commission

The Supreme Court of Ohio on Tuesday voted to create a new Commission on Dispute Resolution. Two of the programs formerly operated by the disbanded Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management will be assumed by the Supreme Court.

Those include managing the former commission’s truancy mediation program and the conflict resolution services program for government officials. Additionally, the Court has been identified as the repository for all original paperwork and other intellectual property of the former commission.

Through new Rules 16.01 through 16.14 of the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio, the Court will reconstitute the current Advisory Committee on Dispute Resolution and elevate its status to a commission. The 21 members of the new commission will be nominated by various judicial, legal, and Ohio government-related associations and organizations and appointed by the Chief Justice and Justices of the Court.

“Elevating the status of the dispute resolution advisory body reflects the importance of this work throughout Ohio’s courts,” said Chief Justice O’Connor. “We look forward to incorporating additional responsibilities into the work of the new commission.”

The Court has been a leader in this field since the establishment of the Dispute Resolution Section in 1992 to promote statewide rules and uniform standards concerning dispute resolution programs and the development and delivery of dispute resolution education and professional development activities for judges, magistrates, court personnel, attorneys, and court-affiliated dispute resolution professionals.

One of the most recent efforts resulted in developing a model foreclosure mediation program in 2008 to help Ohio courts manage the burden of an increase in foreclosure cases. In addition, the Supreme Court and the Ohio State Bar Association also formed a joint effort in 1992 to encourage businesses to explore alternative methods of dispute resolution. The advisory committee was established in 1989.